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Giant Sand

Center Of The Universe (RSD23 EDITION)



    Expanded double LP edition of the early ë90s Giant Sand gem, including a second previously unreleased disc featuring live recordings from Sub Pop's Vermonstrous Festival, 1992. With new liner notes and commentary from Howe Gelb. An everyday tale of answering machines, petroglyphs and a Takamine guitar; true stories from Joshua Tree: ìAnother fascinating set of desert-fried rock ëní roll, serving up one winner after another.î (AllMusic). A masterpiece of psychedelic desert-rock, a spiritual cousin to the Meat Puppets' ëUp On The Suní and Kyuss's ëSky Valleyí.

    Giant Sand

    Heartbreak Pass - 2022 Reissue

      “Gelb's semi-surreal observations lace things together perfectly.” UNCUT

      Filled with loud and lucky abandon; heady steady and direct singalongs for the heart in constant turmoil. Giant Sand’s esoteric journey to ‘Heartbreak Pass’ is an exotic journey through hails of Youngian guitars, off-the-cuff jazz piano rounds and beautiful alt-country yearning. While containing only new songs for this album, this feels like a greatest hits and as such is a perfect entry point for Giant Sand neophytes. Fire Records give ‘Heartbreak Pass’ a long overdue repress on white vinyl, with new liner notes and updated artwork.

      There’s a roll of the tongue, a couplet and some convolution underpinning Giant Sand’s 2015 opus ‘Heartbreak Pass’. So the story goes, so legend has it, a mere 30 years into their career, almost ten years ago, Giant Sand were regrouped and, for a fleeting second, someone made sense of it all (the words, the genre swapping sound, the roll call of friends and accomplices, the majesty of polar opposites attracting).

      On ‘Heartbreak Pass’ the result from this lengthy travelogue is a memoir filled with trinkets exchanged along the way. Sure, the Arizona desert is there, gritty and unforgiving but Howe's one-man-band is joined by a throng of well-wishers, this time around including Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), Grant-Lee Phillips and Ilse DeLange (Common Linnets), The Voices Of Praise Choir, oft-time collaborator John Parish, Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle, Maggie Bjorklund on pedal steel, Italian singer/songwriter Vinicio Capossela and many more. It’s an album that travels far and shows its road weariness in places but it’s a celebration in all its ragged glory.

      In his original sleevenotes Howe pondered the fact that “The album is roughly broken into three volumes - loud and lucky abandon; heady steady and direct (Gelb's vision of Americana); and the heart in constant turmoil and something about a transponder.” He summarised: “I can't recommend it, nor do I regret it. It's been one life split into two.”


      A1 Heaventually
      A2 Texting Feist
      A3 Hurtin' Habit
      A4 Transponder
      A5 Song So Wrong
      A6 Every Now And Then
      A7 Man On A String
      B1 Home Sweat Home
      B2 Eye Opening
      B3 Pen To Paper
      B4 House In Order
      B5 Gypsy Candle
      B6 Done

      Giant Sand


        A Deluxe remastered edition of Giant Sand’s 1991 album ‘Ramp’ with a second disc featuring the Mad Dog sessions from earlier that same year. “Convertino's brush-work and Burns' upright bass provide the perfect foundation for Gelb's parched voice and chaotic guitar, and guests include Rainer, Victoria Williams and country veteran Pappy Allen. It’s one of Giant Sand's strongest and most complete albums.” The Quietus // Featuring piano lounge music for an off-world colony interrupted by an onslaught of guitar when needed, it’s light and dark and the better for it, a musical journey on a road less travelled. With Gelb’s lyrical invention to the fore: “His thoughts unfold in long, rolling sentences that don't always follow conventional rules of grammar or syntax.” The Quietus // The Tucson sound at it very best.


        Disc 1

        1 Warm Storm
        2 Romance Of Falling
        3 Wonder
        4 Welcome To My World
        5 AntiShadow
        6 Neon Filler
        7 Jazzer Snipe
        8 Z.Z. Quicker Foot
        9 Seldom Matters
        10 Resolver
        11 Nowhere
        12 Always Horses Coming
        13 Patsy's Blues

        Disc 2 - Live At Mad Dog Studios – 30th January 1991:

        1 Back To The Black And Grey
        2 Trickle Down System
        3 Bible Black, Book II
        4 Still Too Far
        5 Romance Of Falling
        6 Can’t Find Love
        7 Shadow To You

        Giant Sand


          A conceptual masterpiece, complete with a second disc capturing a classic KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic session just prior to the original album’s release in 1994, plus five bonus tracks available for digital download. An epic windswept desert dry encounter with one of America’s greatest bands that traverses genres and styles to create a complete masterpiece. “While the guitars still squall and roar, they're used more sparingly, erupting to devastating effect in gloomy, low-key songs.” The Quietus // Emotional and uplifting, and always thought provoking, the band’s line up of Howe Gelb, latter day Calexico’s Joey Burns and John Convertino are joined by Victoria Williams, Pete Holsapple, Chris Cacavas, Pappy Allen and Lisa Germano, the whole shebang produced by Daniel Lanois protégé Malcolm Burn. “Giant Sand move to the darker side of their emotional stew. Within is jazz, country, folk, blues even Glam, we’re led to believe the mainstay is downbeat but the result is monumental


          A1 Glum
          A2 Yer Ropes
          A3 Happenstance
          A4 Frontage Road
          A5 Painted Bird

          B1 1 Helvakowboy Song
          B2 Spun
          B3 Left
          B4 Faithful
          B5 Bird Song
          B6 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

          C1 World Stands Still – KCRW SESSION
          C2 I Wish You Love - KCRW SESSION
          C3 Interview - KCRW SESSION
          C4 Lester Lampshade - KCRW SESSION

          D1 Get To Leave - KCRW SESSION
          D2 Left - KCRW SESSION
          D3 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - KCRW SESSION
          D4 Interview - KCRW SESSION
          D5 Instrumental - KCRW SESSION

          Giant Sand

          Recounting The Ballads Of Thin Line Men

            It’s 33 and a third years since the seminal Giant Sand and its country cousin The Band Of… Blacky Ranchette entered the studio to lay down their second albums. Yes. Both bands had recorded their second albums each. Two sides of the multi-faceted hyper-productive Howe Gelb. “I was turning 28,” he recalls, “and had been wanting to make and release albums since my early 20s, but only recently had figured out how. It was time to make up for lost time.”

            Time was of the essence. That thin line between then and now has seen journeymen Giant Sand release 27-ish albums, their latest, ‘Recounting The Ballad Of The Thin Line Men’ turning the clock back to 1986’s ‘Ballad Of A Thin Line Man’, picking over the bones and making a whole new soup. All these years on, the latest incarnation of Giant Sand: Howe Gelb (guitars, piano) Tommy Larkins (drums) and Thøger Lund (bass), have dusted off the old vinyl and re-imagined those heady days – they’ve polished these buried gems, reignited some truculent tirades and rekindled an ageless angst. The revamp re-orders the tracks, drops a couple and adds ‘Reptillian’, a previously lost song hailing from their album’s 25th anniversary re-issue, a tune that opens proceedings and basks in all its crinkly glory. There’s also two takes of ‘Tantamount’. The unique thing about Giant Sand’ is they make it all their own, they sound like no-one else. The songs remain the same, but somehow completely different. Howe: “We were a fine storm. The greatest storm in terms of tumultuous velocity and pelting bluster. It proved unstoppable... for a minute”.

            TRACK LISTING

            1 Reptillian
            2 Hard Man To Get To Know
            3 Desperate Man
            4 You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory
            5 Tantamount
            6 Who Am I
            7 Body Of Water
            8 Graveyard
            9 The Chill Outside
            10 Thin Line Man
            11 Tantamount Blast (Bonus Track)

            The latest album, 'Heartbreak Pass', by seminal alt-country / rock band Giant Sand marks their 30th anniversary. Individually, each track on the record looms large on its own but, when heard as one complete offering, you know that you are listening to something very, very special.

            The Arizona desert has been a predominate theme and source of inspiration for Howe Gelb, the indie rock pioneer and frontman for Giant Sand. The group can also be looked at as Howe’s one-man-band with many guests and collaborators. The album features Steve Shelly (Sonic Youth), Grant-Lee Phillips and Ilse DeLange (Common Linnets). 

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Heaventually
            2. Texting Feist
            3. Hurtin' Habit
            4. Transponder
            5. Song So Wrong
            6. Every Now And Then
            7. Man On A String
            8. Home Sweat Home
            9. Eye Opening
            10. Pen To Paper
            11. Bitter Suite
            12. House In Order
            13. Gypsy Candle
            14. Done
            15. Forever And Always

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