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The Wallflowers

Exit Wounds

    Rock ‘n’ roll is often hard to define, or even to find, in these fractured musical times. But to paraphrase an old saying, you know it when you hear it.And you always hear it with The Wallflowers.

    For the past 30 years, the Jakob Dylan-led act has stood as one of rock’s most dynamic and pur - poseful bands - a unit dedicated to and continually honing a sound that meshes timeless songwriting and storytelling with a hard-hitting and decidedly modern musical attack. That signature style has been present through the decades, baked into the grooves of smash hits like 1996’s Bringing Down the Horse as well as more recent and exploratory fare like 2012’s Glad All Over.

    But while it’s been nine long years since we’ve heard from the group with whom he first made his mark, The Wallflowers are silent no more. And Dylan always knew they’d return. “The Wallflowers is much of my life’s work,” he says simply. That life’s work continues with Exit Wounds, the brand-new Wallflowers studio offering. The collection marks the first new Wallflowers material since Glad All Over.

    Exit Wounds, which, true to its title, is an ode to people - individual and collective - that have, to put it mildly, been through some stuff.

    “I think everybody - no matter what side of the aisle you’re on - wherever we’re going to next, we’re all taking a lot of exit wounds with us,” Dylan says. “Nobody is the same as they were four years ago. That, to me, is what Exit Wounds signifies. And it’s not meant to be negative at all. It just means that wherever you’re headed, even if it’s to a better place, you leave people and things behind, and you think about those people and those things and you carry them with you. Those are your exit wounds. And right now, we’re all swimming in them.”


    1. Maybe Your Heart’s Not In It No More
    2. Roots And Wings
    3. I Hear The Ocean (When I Wanna Hear Trains)
    4. The Dive Bar In My Heart
    5. Darlin’ Hold On
    6. Move The River
    7. I’ll Let You Down (But Will Not Give You Up)
    8. Wrong End Of The Spear
    9. Who’s That Man Walking ‘Round My Garden
    10. The Daylight Between Us


    Pylon Box

      Pylon were born in 1979 in Athens, Georgia. Throughout their brief history they were able to create influential work that would help foster the post-punk and art-rock scene of the early 1980s. Their 1979 single ‘Cool’ / ‘Dub’ has reached legendary status, with Rolling Stone calling it one of the 100 Greatest Debut Singles Of All Time and was followed by their albums ‘Gyrate’ (1980) and ‘Chomp’ (1983). The band would break up upon ‘Chomp’’s arrival but their music would continue to influence genres, musicians and fans for years to come.

      New West Records are proud to present ‘Pylon Box’, a comprehensive look at the band that includes their studio albums ‘Gyrate’ and ‘Chomp’, both of which have been remastered from their original tapes, the 11-song collection ‘Extra’, which features rarities and previously unreleased studio and live recordings and ‘Razz Tape’, Pylon’s first-ever recording: a 13-song unreleased session that pre-dates the band’s seminal ‘Cool’ / ‘Dub’ debut.

      ‘Pylon Box’ also includes a hardbound, 216-page full colour book featuring pieces written by the members of R.E.M., Gang of Four, Steve Albini, Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, Sonic Youth, Interpol, B-52’s, Bradford Cox of Deerhunter, Mission of Burma, Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening and K Records, Anthony DeCurtis, Chris Stamey of the dB’s, Steve Wynn of the Dream Syndicate and many more. It also features never before seen images and artifacts from the band’s personal archives as well as items now housed at the Special Collections Library at the University of Georgia and the Georgia Museum of Art, UGA.


      Feast On My Heart
      Weather Radio
      The Human Body
      Read A Book
      Driving School
      Gravity Danger
      Working Is No Problem
      Stop It

      Italian Movie Theme
      No Clocks

      Recent Title
      Danger!! (Danger Remix)
      Crazy (Single Mix)
      Reptiles (Channel One Version)
      No Clocks (Channel One Version)
      Spider (Alternative Mix)
      3 X 3 (Live)
      Danger III (Live)

      ‘Razz Tape’
      The Human Body
      Modern Day Fashion Woman (Version 1)
      Read A Book (Instrumental)
      Working Is No Problem
      Modern Day Fashion Woman (Version 2)
      Feast On My Heart (Working Version)

      Steve Earle & The Dukes


        On August 20, 2020 the world lost an amazing light with the passing of Justin Townes Earle. Justin was a vibrant songwriter who could play the blues, country, and rock n roll all in the same song. In his short career, Justin released eight albums and one EP that all manage to sound classic and yet inventive.

        Justin's father, Steve Earle, pays tribute to his son by recording an album of songs written by Justin titled, J.T. The album consists of ten Justin Townes Earle songs as well as one song written by Mr. Earle shortly after Justin's passing. J.T. features fan favorites such as "Harlem River Blues," "Far Away In Another Town" and "Champagne Corolla" along with lyrically heavy songs like, "The Saint of Lost Causes" and "Turn Out My Lights."

        J.T. is a loving tribute to a loved son and beautiful songsmith who left this earth too early. But in his wake, Justin left a wealth of beauty. All proceeds from this release will be put into a trust for Justin’s 3 year old daughter, Etta.


        says: A heartbreaking but equally gorgeous collection of covers from Justin Townes Earle's father, Steve. It's a hard listen at points, but a stunningly effecting and beautiful rendition of these classic JTE songs. A warming but heartbreaking tribute.


        1 I Don't Care
        2 Ain't Glad I'm Leaving
        3 Maria
        4 Far Away In Another Town
        5 They Killed John Henry
        6 Turn Out My Lights
        7 Lone Pine Hill
        8 Champagne Corolla
        9 The Saint Of Lost Causes
        10 Harlem River Blues
        11 Last Words

        Drive-By Truckers

        Plan 9 Records July 13, 2006

          On July 13 2006, the Drive-By Truckers set up shop at Plan 9 Records in Richmond, VA. It was the 25th Anniversary of the store. The band performed to a packed house and played a blistering set of fan-favourites featuring the songs, ‘18 wheels of Love’, ‘Let There Be Rock’, ‘Goddamn Lonely Love’ and ‘Daddy’s Cup’. The performance was also set up to benefit the Bryan and Kathryn Harvey Family Memorial Endowment. The foundation provides, among other things, music scholarships in the Richmond area. Lead vocalist and songwriter Patterson Hood ended up writing the song ‘Two Daughters and A Beautiful Wife’ about Bryan Harvey and his family.


          Tales Facing Up
          One Of These Days
          Easy On Yourself
          Feb. 14
          Aftermath USA
          Gravity's Gone
          Sink Hole
          My Sweet Annette
          Marry Me
          A World Of Hurt
          Why Henry Drinks
          The Day John Henry Died
          Shut Up And Get On The
          Ronnie And Neil
          Moonlight Mile
          Let There Be Rock
          Zip City
          Goddamn Lonely Love
          18 Wheels Of Love
          Nine Bullets
          Daddy's Cup
          Decoration Day
          Lookout Mountain



            In the late-1970s Athens, Georgia was buzzing with a raw but sophisticated music scene. Traditional Southern rock had been the Georgia musical export for years before but the turn of the decade began producing new sounds from bands like the B-52’s, REM and Alt Rock luminaires Pylon. Before they were a band, Pylon were art-school students at the University of Georgia: four kids invigorated by big ideas about art and creativity and society. However, Pylon were less of a band and more of an art project, which meant they had very specific goals in mind, as well as an expiration date.

            While their time together as a band was short lived (1979-1983), Pylon had a lasting influence on the history of rock and roll. Throughout their brief history, they were able to create influential work that would help foster the post-punk and art-rock scene of the early 80s. Artists like R.E.M., Gang of Four, Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, Interpol, Deerhunter and many more claim inspiration from the band. Their 1979 single ‘Cool’ / ‘Dub’ reached legendary status, with Rolling Stone titling it one of the 100 Greatest Debut Singles Of All Time.

            In 1980 the band released their first record, ‘Gyrate’, and began touring across the country in support of the release. The band would soon develop a following across the country and specifically in the bustling music scene in New York City. One of their earliest gigs was opening for the Gang of Four in the Big Apple. Following the critical acclaim of their debut release, Pylon went back into the studio. They gleefully pulled their songs apart and put them back together in new shapes, revealing a band of self-proclaimed nonmusicians who had transformed gradually but noticeably into real musicians. The resulting album, ‘Chomp’, was barely off the press when Pylon were booked to open a run of dates for a hot new Irish band called U2 (after previously playing two arena shows with them in the month leading to the album release). Most bands would have jumped at the opportunity but Pylon were sceptical. At a critical point in the life of Pylon, they opted to become a cult band rather than stretch their defining philosophy too far.

            “We fully intended Pylon to be an almost seasonal thing that we were gonna do for a minute and then get on with our lives,” says Curtis Crowe, drummer for the band. “But it just never went away. It still doesn’t go away. There’s a new subterranean class of kids that are coming into th

            TRACK LISTING

            Feast On My Heart
            Weather Radio
            The Human Body
            Read A Book
            Driving School
            Working Is No Problem
            Stop It



              In the late-1970s Athens, Georgia was buzzing with a raw but sophisticated music scene. Traditional Southern rock had been the Georgia musical export for years before but the turn of the decade began producing new sounds from bands like the B-52’s, REM and Alt Rock luminaires Pylon. Before they were a band, Pylon were art-school students at the University of Georgia: four kids invigorated by big ideas about art and creativity and society. However, Pylon were less of a band and more of an art project, which meant they had very specific goals in mind, as well as an expiration date.

              While their time together as a band was short lived (1979-1983), Pylon had a lasting influence on the history of rock and roll. Throughout their brief history, they were able to create influential work that would help foster the post-punk and art-rock scene of the early 80s. Artists like R.E.M., Gang of Four, Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, Interpol, Deerhunter and many more claim inspiration from the band. Their 1979 single ‘Cool’ / ‘Dub’ reached legendary status, with Rolling Stone titling it one of the 100 Greatest Debut Singles Of All Time.

              In 1980 the band released their first record, ‘Gyrate’, and began touring across the country in support of the release. The band would soon develop a following across the country and specifically in the bustling music scene in New York City. One of their earliest gigs was opening for the Gang of Four in the Big Apple. Following the critical acclaim of their debut release, Pylon went back into the studio. They gleefully pulled their songs apart and put them back together in new shapes, revealing a band of self-proclaimed nonmusicians who had transformed gradually but noticeably into real musicians. The resulting album, ‘Chomp’, was barely off the press when Pylon were booked to open a run of dates for a hot new Irish band called U2 (after previously playing two arena shows with them in the month leading to the album release). Most bands would have jumped at the opportunity but Pylon were sceptical. At a critical point in the life of Pylon, they opted to become a cult band rather than stretch their defining philosophy too far.

              “We fully intended Pylon to be an almost seasonal thing that we were gonna do for a minute and then get on with our lives,” says Curtis Crowe, drummer for the band. “But it just never went away. It still doesn’t go away. There’s a new subterranean class of kids that are coming into th

              TRACK LISTING

              Italian Movie Theme
              No Clocks

              Ben Lee

              Grandpaw Would (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

                LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                This is the 25th Anniversary reissue of Ben Lee's debut solo record, originally released on Grand Royal in 1995. The first disc is the remastered version of ëGrandpaw Wouldí. The 2nd disc is a mix of covers, demos, previously unreleased recordings as well as songs from an EP and a 7" single. This will also come with a deluxe package booklet that features testimonials from the likes of Mike D (Beastie Boys), Damian Abraham (Fucked Up), Sean Tillman (Har Mar Superstar) and others. Pressed on ëBirthday Cake Splatterí 2LP vinyl. Limited to 500 copies for the UK and Ireland.

                Pokey LaFarge

                Rock Bottom Rhapsody

                  “The man singing these songs isn’t exactly the same man who wrote them,” says Pokey LaFarge of Rock Bottom Rhapsody, his eighth and latest studio release. “This album is about the story of who I used to be.” In early 2018, LaFarge - searching for the sort of artistic freedom and inspiration he wasn’t finding in the Midwest - relocated from his longtime home base of St. Louis, Missouri, to Los Angeles, California. New songs came quickly to LaFarge in his new environment but new temptations soon found him, as well. Though he declines to get into specifics, LaFarge admits that he experienced a significant “fall from grace” during the last months of 2018. “Things sort of started to unravel in my mind.” Shortly before the recording of ‘Rock Bottom Rhapsody’ began, LaFarge experienced a spiritual awakening - and the faith he re-embraced in his hour of darkness helped to buoy him through the making of the album.

                  Though he was struggling for spiritual equilibrium at the time, LaFarge at least had some rock-solid musical support to lean on. Recorded primarily at Reliable Recorders on Chicago’s Northwest side, ‘Rock Bottom Rhapsody’ was produced by LaFarge’s friend and collaborator Chris Seefried (who also cowrote several of the album’s tracks) and features the considerable talents of guitarist Joel Paterson, keyboardist Scott Ligon, upright/electric bassist Jimmy Sutton and drummer Alex Hall.

                  Musically, LaFarge continues to mix and match a wide variety of styles and traditions, while never losing track of his own vision “This record is kind of like Roy Orbison and Bob Dylan hanging out with chanson singers and French jazz bands in like the forties, but I was never trying to make it sound like a particular person.” Despite the trying period that preceded its recording, ‘Rock Bottom Rhapsody’ is ultimately far more uplifting and life-affirming than its title would suggest. “That desperation, that struggle,” LaFarge ponders, “Did it add something to the record? It certainly did. I mean, I don’t know if it made it better; it just is what it is. It’s not up to me to decide if people are going to feel that…”

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Rock Bottom Rhapsody
                  End Of My Rope
                  Fuck Me Up
                  Rock Bottom Reprise
                  Lucky Sometimes
                  Carry On
                  Just The Same
                  Fallen Angel
                  Ain’t Comin’ Home
                  Lost In The Crowd
                  Rock Bottom Finale

                  Sam Doores

                  Sam Doores

                    “Recording in a foreign environment like Berlin, I was inspired to experiment with more cinematic, psychedelic sounds,” says Sam Doores, “but my love for old-school New Orleans R&B, Memphis Soul & Rock n’ Roll, Detroit Motwon & Gospel, Doo-Wop, Early Blues & Folk music will probably always bleed into whatever I do. Recording this album was an opportunity to explore the space between these worlds.”

                    With his captivating self-titled debut, Sam Doores has done precisely that. Written on-and-off over the course of several years, the collection is classic and contemporary all at once, blending traditional southern roots with adventurous sonic landscapes as it reckons with heartache and loss, love and gratitude, fresh starts and, ultimately, a whole lotta change. The performances are infectious in their ease, simple on the surface but built on foundations of deep emotional and harmonic complexity that belie their amiable exteriors.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Tempelhofer Dawn
                    Let It Roll
                    Other Side Of Town
                    Cambodian Rock N’ Roll
                    Wish You Well
                    Had A Dream
                    This Ain’t A Sad Song
                    Solid Road
                    Red Leaf Rag
                    Push On
                    Must Be Somethin’
                    Nothing Like A Suburb
                    Chicago To Illinois

                    The Secret Sisters

                    Saturn Return

                      Grammy-nominated The Secret Sisters’ new album ‘Saturn Return’, produced by Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth.

                      “As we age, we face obstacles that are beyond our control. Some forces are internal: insecurity, anxiety, fear. Some are external: the loss of loved ones, an unjust system and the fragility of time. Yet the mark of maturity is how you respond when you realize you’re not in control. Where do you find your resilience?

                      “This album is a reflection of us coming to terms with how to find our power in the face of an unfair world. These songs lead listeners past ‘where happy man searches, to a place only mad women know.’ We question our purpose, our relationships, our faith. Trading the fears of our youth for the dread that rages within us as mature women.

                      “With ‘Saturn Return’, our hope is that women can feel less alone in their journey through the modern world. We need each other more than we ever have; the less competition and the more inclusiveness and understanding, the better. We are southern women in the 21st century, convicted by our beliefs.” - The Secret Sisters

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      says: The Secret Sisters are a bastion of folky calm in an otherwise chaotic world, sent to relieve stress with their soaring harmonies and elegant combination of stadium country-rock drive and touching acoustic bliss.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Late Bloomer
                      Hand Over My Heart
                      Tin Can Angel
                      Nowhere, Baby
                      Hold You Dear
                      Water Witch
                      Healer In The Sky

                      JD McPherson

                      Holly, Carol, Candy & Joy / Red Bows For A Blue Girl

                        This new 7" features the original song from 2018’s ‘Socks’, called ‘Holly, Carol, Candy & Joy’, as well as an unreleased song, ‘Red Bow For A Blue Girl’ on the B-side. Both are Christmas tracks.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Holly, Carol, Candy And Joy
                        Red Bows For A Blue Girl

                        Kacy & Clayton

                        Carrying On

                          The music Kacy & Clayton make is inextricable from where they grew up. They sing about the kind of people you’d find in Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan (population very few.) The hills, barns and remoteness of the area are in these songs, with a bittersweet acknowledgement that this music has taken them far from home. ‘Carrying On’ follows the international acclaim for their previous records ‘Strange Country’ (which Q magazine called “A beautiful album that nudges a classic past into a brave future”) and 2017’s ‘The Siren’s Song’ (described by Uncut as “Ageless and beguiling. A classic record for this or any other time.”)

                          Their sound is equal parts homespun, coming from a family and community where playing music is an ever present part of social gatherings and the rare country, blues and English folk rock these second cousins obsess over and collect. For ‘Carrying On’, Clayton cites as influences: Bobbie Gentry’s Delta Sweete, Hoyt Axton’s ‘My Griffin Is Gone’, Cajun fiddle music and the steel guitar of Ralph Mooney, who played on many of the records that defined the Bakersfield country music scene of the 1950s. Sixties psych has also woven its way into these new songs.

                          Having toured almost nonstop for the last two years, ‘Carrying On’ was conceived and honed on the road and recorded immediately after a jaunt across Western Canada - the songs having been tried and tested before audiences each night. The album was produced once again by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and Uncle Tupelo fame, at his Loft studio in Chicago.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          The Forty-Ninth Parallel
                          Carrying On
                          High Holiday
                          In A Time Of Doubt
                          Mom And Dad’s Waltz #2
                          Providence Place
                          The South Saskatchewan River
                          Spare Me Over One More Year
                          That Sweet Orchestra Sound

                          Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit

                          Live At Twist & Shout 11.16.07

                            Now fully available on vinyl for the first time ever, 'Live at Twist & Shout 11.16.07’ is a live mini album from the former Drive-By Trucker and his new backing band, The 400 Unit.

                            Recorded at a Twist & Shout instore, the release serves as a significant artefact documenting the nascent stage of Isbell’s solo career and includes standout tracks ‘Outfit’, Goddamn Lonely Love’ and a cover of Van Morrison’s ‘Into The Mystic’.

                            180g vinyl with digital download.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Goddamn Lonely Love
                            Hurricanes And Hand
                            Danko Manuel
                            Into The Mystic

                            Hamell On Trial

                            Choochtown - 20th Anniversary Edition

                              Ed Hamell on ‘Choochtown’: “I was living in Brooklyn, constantly on the road, and been dropped from my major label deal on Mercury/Universal. I really had nothing to lose and I was very inspired, if I remember, by the movie Pulp Fiction and the Biggie Smalls record: Ready To Die. I recorded anywhere I could. My friend Billy Nicgorski had an analog one inch studio in his basement, his younger brother had a band and I would use them. I also did a bunch of it in my basement in Brooklyn which had a dirt floor and I set the recording gear up on plastic paint pails. Used them as drums sometimes too. I released it on my own label Such-A-Punch and it got licensed to Evangeline in the UK where it got rave reviews and established my career over there. After all the press I got for my first two albums on a major I couldn’t get shit over here in the States, only that CMJ magazine which took their silliness pretty seriously who basically said, ‘We don’t know what it is but it’s art.’ Duh. I’m pretty proud of all my records, I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve always been able to maintain complete creative control but this one I was particularly proud of because every inch of it, from the recording which one track as you’ll see was recorded on my boom box, to the artwork, was all mine.”

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Go Fuck Yourself When Bobby Comes Down Hamell’s Ramble
                              I’m Gonna Watch You Sleep Uncle Morris Disconnected Nancy’s Got A New Boyfriend Choochtown
                              Shout Outs The Lottery
                              The Long Drive
                              Joe Brush
                              The Mall Bill Hicks (Ascension) Bill Hicks Nancy’s Got A New Boyfriend
                              (Nicgorski Basement Outtakes) *
                              The Mall (Nicgorski Basement Outtakes) *
                              Hamell’s Ramble (Nicgorski
                              Basement Outtakes) * Choochtown (Nicgorski Basement Outtakes) *
                              Bobby Comes Down (Nicgorski
                              Basement Outtakes) *
                              Uncle Morris (Nicgorski Basement Outtakes) *
                              Nancy’s Got A New Boyfriend
                              (Nicgorski Basement Outtakes Version 2) *
                              Bobby Comes Down (Nicgorski
                              Basement Outtakes Version 2) *
                              Joe Brush (Nicgorski Basement Outtakes) *
                              The Lottery (Nicgorski Basement Outtakes) *
                              Hamell’s Ramble (Nicgorski
                              Basement Outtakes Version 2) *
                              * = CD Only

                              ‘The Saint Of Lost Causes’ is the eighth album from American roots troubadour Justin Townes Earle. Earle’s latest album finds a songwriter and artist who is unflinching and unequivocal in his truth.

                              When writing this album, Earle focused on a different America - the disenfranchised and the downtrodden, the oppressed and the oppressors, the hopeful and the hopeless. There’s the drugstore-cowboy-turnedcop- killer praying for forgiveness (‘Appalachian Nightmare’) and the common Michiganders persevering through economic and industrial devastation (‘Flint City Shake It’); the stuck mother dreaming of a better life on the right side of the California tracks (‘Over Alameda’) and the Cuban man in New York City weighed down by a world of regret (‘Ahi Esta Mi Nina’); the ‘used up’ soul desperate to get to New Orleans (‘Ain’t Got No Money’) and the ‘sons of bitches’ in West Virginia poisoning the land and sea (‘Don’t Drink The Water’). These are individuals and communities in every corner of the country, struggling through the ordinary - and sometimes extraordinary - circumstances of everyday life.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              The Saint Of Lost Causes
                              Ain’t Got No Money
                              Mornings In Memphis
                              Don’t Drink The Water
                              Frightened By The Sound
                              Flint City Shake It
                              Over Alameda
                              Pacific Northwestern
                              Appalachian Nightmare
                              Say Baby
                              Ahi Esta Mi Nina
                              Talking To Myself

                              Steve Earle And The Dukes


                                Steve Earle was nineteen and had just hitchhiked from San Antonio to Nashville in 1974. Back then if you wanted to be where the best songwriters were, you had to be there. Guy Clark had moved to Nashville and if you were from Texas, Guy Clark was king. Years later, Steve would be playing bass guitar in Guy’s band and flying high on what would become an indelible friendship of like- minded musicians who bonded in a kinship of stories told through song.

                                Flash forward more than forty years to May 2016. Guy Clark had just succumbed to cancer after a long battle with Lymphoma. Guy had lived with his disease and had continued to write songs until the day he died. He also painted, built instruments and owned a guitar shop in the Bay Area. According to Earle, “You hung around with him [Guy] and knew why they call what artists do disciplines. Because he was disciplined.”

                                The same can be said of Earle. In the fall of 2018, Steve and The Dukes went into House Of Blues studio in Nashville and recorded ‘Guy’ in six days. “I wanted it to sound live... When you’ve got a catalog like Guy’s and you’re only doing sixteen tracks, you know each one is going to be strong.”  Earle and his current, perhaps best-ever, Dukes line up take on these songs with a spirit of reverent glee and invention. The tunes are all over the place and so is the band, offering max energy on such disparate entries as the bluegrass rave- up ‘Sis Draper’ and the talking blues memoir of ‘Texas 1947’. Earle’s raw vocal on the sweet, sad ‘That Old Time Feeling’ is heartbreaking, sounding close enough to the grave as to be doing a duet with his late friend and mentor.

                                You can hear little hints of where Earle came from. The stark ‘Randall Knife’ has the line “a better blade that was ever made was probably forged in Hell,” which wouldn’t be out of place in a Steve Earle original. Also hard to beat is ‘The Last Gunfighter’, a sardonic Western saga to which Earle offers a bravura reading of the chorus: “the smell of the black powder smoke and the stand in the street at the turn of joke.”

                                In the end, however, ‘Guy’ leads the listener back to its beginning, namely Guy Clark, which is what any good ‘tribute’ should do. ‘Guy’ is a saga of friendship, its ups and downs, what endures. We are lucky that Earle remembers and honours these things, because like old friends, 'Guy' is a Diamond.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                says: As protracted as 12-bar gets, it's comforting to hear someone pulling blues influences so wholeheartedly into swooning Americana, rich in southern charm and beautifully accomplished by a mix of great songwriting and mindblowing musicianship.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Dublin Blues
                                L.A. Freeway
                                Texas 1947
                                Desperados Waiting For A
                                Rita Ballou
                                The Ballad Of Laverne
                                And Captain Flint
                                The Randall Knife
                                Anyhow I Love You
                                That Old Time Feeling
                                The Last Gunfighter
                                Out In The Parking Lot
                                She Ain’t Going Nowhere
                                Sis Draper
                                New Cut Road
                                Old Friends

                                Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz create candid music with deep emotional and personal resonance. The sisters, who record under the moniker Lily & Madeleine, boldly explore what it means to be women in the 21st Century and aren’t afraid to use their music to call out injustice or double standards. This fearless approach has permeated their three albums, which are full of insightful lyrics and thoughtful indie-pop.

                                With their fourth studio album, ‘Canterbury Girls’, named after Canterbury Park, located in their hometown of Indianapolis, the sisters are coming into their own as women and musicians. Using an eclectic playlist of songs as sonic inspirations - soul tunes and waltzes, as well as cuts from Midlake, ABBA and Nancy Wilson - Lily & Madeleine worked quickly, recording ‘Canterbury Girls’ in just 10 days.

                                Although the record contains plenty of Lily & Madeleine’s usual ornate music - including the languid ‘Analog Love’, on which twangy guitars curl around like a kite twisting in the wind - the album also finds the siblings exploring new sonic vistas. ‘Supernatural Sadness’ is an irresistible slice of bubbly, easy-going disco-pop; the urgent ‘Pachinko Song’ hews toward interstellar synth-pop with driving rhythms and ‘Can’t Help The Way I Feel’ is an effervescent, Motowninflected number.

                                Vocally, the sisters also take giant leaps forward. The dreamy waltz ‘Self Care’ is a rich, piano-heavy track on which their voices intertwine for soulful harmonies, while the meticulous ‘Just Do It’ has a throwback 70s R&B vibe. “This is the first record Lily and I have ever done where we have full control over all of the songwriting,” says Madeleine. “We did co-write with some people that we really love. But everything on this record is completely ours. I feel like I have full ownership over it, and that makes me feel very strong and independent.” With this growing self-confidence and musical poise, it’s clear that Lily & Madeleine are positioned for even greater things going forward.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                says: Lil & Mads' last outing, 'Keep It Together' was a big hit in the shop, and their latest, 'Canterbury Girls' will surely meet the same reception. Slightly more upbeat this time around, we get an infectious smattering of neo-soul, shimmering synth-pop and even the odd inkling of classic-rock melodies and the ever-present addictive two-part harmonies we've come to know and love. Beautiful stuff.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Self Care
                                Supernatural Sadness
                                Just Do It
                                Canterbury Girls
                                Bruises Pachinko Song
                                Can’t Help The Way I Feel
                                Analog Love

                                “Hello. I’m Robert Ellis, The Texas Piano Man. I wanted to take a moment to say a few words about this record and what you might expect from it. ‘Texas Piano Man’ is a collection of songs specifically written for my piano driven Rock & Roll band from the great state of Texas. Myself and the guys bring these songs to you in the very spirit of Texas itself; loudly, confidently, over the top, larger than life, at times deadly serious and yet always with a wink and a smile. We invite you to come on in, stay a while, and when you leave take with you the spirit of these songs, the spirit of Texas, and the spirit of The Texas Piano Man himself. Adios!” - Robert

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                says: From the grand, cinematic soundtrackery of Elton John or off-kilter college-rock keyfoolery of Ben Folds, Robert Ellis skilfully weaves heartfelt piano minimalism into grand classic rock opuses (opii?) within the space of a couple minutes. Perfectly constructed and brilliantly conceived rock and/or roll.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Fucking Crazy
                                When You’re Away
                                Nobody Smokes Anymore
                                Passive Aggressive
                                There You Are
                                Let Me In
                                Aren’t We Supposed To Be In Love
                                He Made Me Do It
                                Topo Chico

                                Daniel Romano

                                Finally Free

                                  ‘Finally Free’ marks Daniel Romano’s eighth long playing album in the last eight years. He has had what understatedly would be considered a prolific output of incredibly entrancing, poignant and creative records in this span of time. Recording, producing, designing and landing his records into the minds and hearts of scores of fans the world over. He has been called a shapeshifter, contrived, a chameleon, a charlatan, the best living songwriter, an asshole and a genius. His last record, ‘Modern Pressure’, received outstandingly high acclaim and praise from every notable publication out there and was acknowledged by a plethora of voguish year-end lists. Despite being the bronze placeholder in most of these dogfights, he is most often noted as a person of astounding influence on all of his musically economic successors.

                                  “No matter what he does, everything he puts out is better than anything else being put out by anyone else.” - Unnamed Subjugate

                                  Romano’s new effort, ‘Finally Free’, could stand alone as being pivotal if it were only its profound and breath-taking prose on paper. Writing now like an agnostic Whitman in his prime, Romano explores and uncovers new language and meaning for old sentiments grown tired, stating, “these poems are most certainly my finest and most principled efforts to date.”

                                  ‘Finally Free’ sings like a radical revelation, exploring the concepts of music as a celestial being, flora as a consequential ancestor and singing, no matter its quality or sound, as the endmost important output of our species. This record contains a vivid religious articulation despite its clear condemnation of a god as a singular ruling white male. New words have replaced old words for new meaning and the definitions have been left up to interpretation.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Empty Husk
                                  All The Reaching Trims
                                  The Long Mirror Of Time
                                  Celestial Manis
                                  Between The Blades Of Grass
                                  Rhythmic Blood
                                  Have You Arrival
                                  Gleaming Sects Of Aniram
                                  There Is Beauty In The Vibrant Form

                                  JD McPherson presents "A Christmas Album: Socks". Featuring 11 original tracks written by JD McPherson and his friends. "Socks" is an album of holiday songs sure to be standards while you are decorating the tree. Come get warm by the fire with songs such as , “All The Gifts I Need” and “Every Single Christmas.” Or, burn the cookies to “Socks” and “Ugly Christmas Sweater.” There is something for everyone on this record to enjoy whether you are in the Christmas spirit or if you just wanna say, 'Bah Humbug.'

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Side 1
                                  1. All The Gifts I Need
                                  2. Bad Kid
                                  3. Hey Skinny Santa!
                                  4. Socks
                                  5. Every Single Christmas
                                  6. Ugly Sweater Blues
                                  Side 2
                                  1. Holly, Carol, Candy & Joy
                                  2. Santa's Got A Mean Machine
                                  3. What's That Sound?
                                  4. Claus Vs Claus" (with Lucie Silvas)
                                  5. Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights)

                                  Caroline Rose


                                    The songs and narrative’s on LONER reflect my life over the last couple years––I joined Tinder, I got my first apartment and painted it teal, I went to par¬ties, I discussed politics, I had a girlfriend, we traveled the country, we broke up. I learned, for better or worse, how to be a member of the modern world. Turns out the modern world is terrifying.

                                    Tired of the bottomless pit of sad songs, I decided to put a spin on my greatest songwriting inspirations––misogyny, unplanned pregnancy, Capitalism, anxiety, loneliness and death––and wrap such depressing subject matter in a sprightly, angsty pop burrito…Because it’s hard being serious all the time and sometimes sad songs just need a cocktail. Loner reflects the styles of music I love––pop, folk, punk, electronic, and surf music––all thrown into a blender with a ladle full of cheeky satire. I call it Schizodrift. It sounds like Blondie drunk on mai tais.

                                    Loner was co-produced by myself and the wonderful Paul Butler (Deven¬dra Banhart, Michael Kiwanuka, St. Paul & The Broken Bones) and recorded in freezing Northern California, in addition to my parent’s attic and my last apart¬ment. It was mixed by sound guru Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Nick Hakim, Show Me The Body) in Brooklyn, NY.

                                    All Them Witches


                                      By most bands’ fifth album, the sound is pretty set. Parameters established. Refinement dissipated in favour of formulaic execution of what’s worked in the past. Fair enough. All Them Witches take a harder route. In 2017, the Nashville four-piece offered what might’ve otherwise become their own template in their fourth album, ‘Sleeping Through The War’. Their second for New West Records following 2015’s mellow-vibing ‘Dying Surfer Meets His Maker’, ‘Sleeping Through The War’ brought larger production values to dug-in heavy psych blues jamming with oversight from producer Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson). After exploring new ground on 2013’s ‘Lightning At The Door’ and 2012’s ‘Our Mother Electricity’ as well as ‘Dying Surfer Meets His Maker’, with ‘Sleeping Through The War’ the band had arrived at something new, something sprawling, and grander-feeling than anything before it.

                                      So naturally, in a year’s time they’ve thrown that all to the Appalachian wind, turned the process completely on its head and reversed paths - recording in a cabin in Kingston Springs, about 20 miles outside of Nashville on I-40, with guitarist Ben McLeod at the helm. The result, mixed by Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith, Kurt Vile), is the most intimate, human- sounding album All Them Witches have ever recorded and another redefinition of the band. Introducing keyboardist / percussionist Jonathan Draper to the fold with McLeod, bassist / vocalist Charles Michael Parks, Jr., and drummer / graphic artist Robby Staebler, the new eponymous record isn’t self-titled by mistake. It’s the band confirming and continuing to develop their approach, in the shuffle of ‘Fishbelly 86 Onions’, the organlaced groove of ‘Half-Tongue’, the tense build of ‘HJTC’ and the fluid jam in closer ‘Rob’s Dream’.

                                      From the sustained consonants in Parks’ vocals to McLeod’s commanding slide in ‘Workhorse’ and drifting melancholy at the outset of ‘Harvest Feast’, All Them Witches are laying claim to the essential facets of their identity.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      says: From the driven, psychedelic opening half of the album to the more tender later moments, all them witches have crafted a bracing and brilliant outing full of unexpected twists and exponential crescentic growths. Head-nodding psychedelia, soaring Hammond organs and fuzzed-out solos.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Fishbelly 86 Onions
                                      1st Vs. 2nd
                                      Harvest Feast
                                      Rob’s Dream

                                      Aaron Lee Tasjan

                                      Karma For Cheap

                                        Most people know Aaron Lee Tasjan as one of the wittiest, most offbeat, brilliant, weed-smokin’ and LSD microdosin’ Americana troubadours writing and singing songs today. The New York Times, NPR and Rolling Stone will all gladly corroborate. Steel yourselves, folk fans, because he’s about to follow his restless muse straight out from under the weight of everyone’s expectations into the kind of glammy, jingle-jangle, power-pop and psych-tinged sounds he hasn’t dabbled in since his younger days playing lead guitar for a late-period incarnation of The New York Dolls.

                                        ‘Karma For Cheap’ is Tasjan’s third album and second for New West Records. The record was coproduced by Aaron and his friends Jeff Trott (Stevie Nicks, Liz Phair, Meiko, Joshua Radin) and Gregory Lattimer (Albert Hammond Jr.) and features Aaron Lee’s road band - guitarist Brian Wright, bassist Tommy Scifres and drummer Seth Earnest - with whom he’s been touring heavily for the last two years.

                                        While the stylistic shift from Tasjan’s palpably stoned 70s-country-channeling 2015 debut, ‘In The Blazes’, to his more sophisticated, introspective and lushly produced 2016 follow-up, ‘Silver Tears’, was relatively incremental, Karma’s rocked-up Brit-pop-influenced Beatles-Bowie-Badfinger vibes underscore a significant departure. The album boldly reimagines these vintage sounds, pushing the boundary of what can be considered Americana.

                                        The roots of Tasjan’s ‘Karma For Cheap’ stretch deep, drinking up the sounds of a Southern California childhood spent listening to The Beatles while riding around with his mom at the wheel of their navy blue Volvo station wagon - back to the very first pre-teen year he picked up a six-string and started figuring out all the pretty little chords in those Lennon-McCartney tunes. Back to the pure, blissful unfiltered innocence of falling in love with music for the first time. A huge sonic touchstone for Aaron’s new record is ‘The Beatles Anthology’, one of his childhood favourites. In songs like ‘If Not Now When’, ‘Songbird’ and ‘The Rest Is Yet To Come’ you can hear echoes of George Harrison’s vibrant guitar riffs and Jeff Lynne’s lavish production on those lo-fi John Lennon demos the surviving Beatles dug up and polished off in the mid 90s.

                                        Perhaps the most poignant moment on ‘Karma For Cheap’ is the anthemic, hypnotic ‘Heart Slows Down’, a tune rife with musical and lyrical references to The Beatles and Tom Petty, anchored by an unforgettable chorus with a Traveling Wilburys vibe that finds the sweet spot between Tasjan’s two earliest musical heroes. “When I was a kid, my favorite CD to fall asleep to was Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ ‘Greatest Hits’, and the last song is a cover of that Thunderclap Newman song ‘Something In The Air’. From the time I was a little kid to when I was teenager, I used to listen to that song on headphones almost every night - I heard it in that space between wake and sleep so many times. And Tom’s passing - he was a really big hero of mine, so it hit me pretty hard. We were in Seattle playing a show when I heard, and it was a heavy thing to process. But all of those elements are there in ‘Heart Slows Down’. The chorus, ‘I will always be around,’ is a reminder that all the good you ever got out of listening to this music is still around you. You’ll always have that.”

                                        Aaron Lee Tasjan says he aims to use his music for good but he’s no protest singer. And ‘Karma For Cheap’ isn’t some heavy-handed, didactic political record cramming a set of talking points down anyone’s throat. It’s a finely tuned rock & roll seismograph measuring the dark and uncertain vibrations of the time in which it was created. A cracked mirror reflecting back the American zeitgeist. With ‘Karma For Cheap’ Tasjan establishes himself as an artist who not only evolves over time but isn’t afraid to risk reinventing himself completely from one record to the next.

                                        For fans of Tom Petty, Harry Nilsson, The Beatles, David Bowie.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        says: Off-kilter blues-tinged ballads, whimsical but direct and comprised of huge slide guitars, White Stripes-y thumping drums and swinging, swaggering rock and/or roll.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        If Not Now When
                                        The Truth Is So Hard To Believe
                                        The Rest Is Yet To Come
                                        Heart Slows Down
                                        End Of The Day
                                        Dream Dreamer
                                        Strange Shadows
                                        Set You Free
                                        Crawling At Your Feet

                                        Jason Isbell

                                        Sirens Of The Ditch: Deluxe Edition

                                          The debut album from accomplished guitarist and songwriter Jason Isbell, formerly of Drive By Truckers, is reissued with four unreleased tracks from the original recording sessions. The addition of those extra songs finds ‘Sirens Of The Ditch’ clocking in at 15 total tracks.

                                          ‘Sirens Of The Ditch’’s mystical quality can be partially attributed to the FAME recording studio (Aretha Franklin, Duane Allman, Otis Redding) in Isbell’s hometown of Muscle Shoals, AL, where the album was recorded.

                                          Co-produced by Isbell and Patterson Hood (Drive By Truckers), ‘Sirens Of The Ditch’ features Isbell singing lead vocals and playing guitar throughout, joined by Shonna Tucker (formerly of Drive By Truckers) on bass and Brad Morgan (Drive By Truckers) on drums. Several musicians pop in for cameos including Spooner Oldham and David Hood (Patterson’s father) on ‘Down In A Hole’, John Neff (formerly of Drive By Truckers) on ‘Dress Blues’ and Patterson himself guests on ‘Shotgun Wedding’.

                                          “A strong debut, full of the kind of confident, charismatic songwriting that just can’t be taught.” - Pitckfork

                                          Arthur Buck

                                          Arthur Buck

                                            Sometimes the catalyst for creating great art is simply being in the right place at the right time. For Arthur Buck, the new collaboration between singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur and guitarist Peter Buck, that place was Mexico and that time was the fall of 2017. Specifically, a little town off the Baja coast named Todos Santos, with the Sierra de la Laguna mountains to the east and the bright blue Pacific stretching out infinitely to the west. It is here that Buck has held the Todos Santos Music Festival for the last several years, which he created in 2012 with his wife, Chloe Johnson, shortly after R.E.M. called it a day.

                                            Among the many artists who have played the festival is Joseph Arthur, who also happened to leave behind a guitar - a Dobro, specifically - after his last appearance there. And so last year he made the trek down to Todos Santos to pick up the instrument. Which is where he ran into Peter Buck. That was the beginning of Arthur Buck.

                                            The creative result of this relationship is a vibrant 11-song collection that captures the spontaneity at the heart of the project - right down to the 1-2-3-4 count off from Buck that opens the record - with sounds and styles meshed together in an easy, almost playful manner.

                                            Tchad Blake was brought in to mix the proceedings and the product is the new Arthur Buck - the outcome of a shockingly productive burst of inspiration.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            I Am The Moment
                                            Are You Electrified? The Wanderer
                                            Forever Waiting
                                            If You Wake Up In Time
                                            American Century
                                            Forever Falling
                                            Before Your Love Is Gone
                                            Wide Awake In November
                                            Can’t Make It Without You

                                            Guided By Voices

                                            Live From Austin TX

                                              “Twenty-plus years... two dozen albums... twice that many bandmates... the mad genius that is Robert Pollard finally decided it was time to bring down the curtain on one of indie rock’s most innovative and, well, outrageous live bands. Certainly nobody could accuse Guided By Voices of being too tame, too mainstream, too predictable. Ever since Pollard created the ‘gang’ in Ohio in the early 1980’s with the help of his brother Jimmy and Pete Jamison (with the help of a loan to pay for the first few records), ‘lo-fi’ may be the best descriptor for their brand of bursting, raw, no-holds-barred shout-out songs.

                                              “The end came in 2004, after the release of their final, critically acclaimed Half Smiles of the Decomposed, and this Austin City Limits recorded on November 9, 2004 was one of their last performances. “I love the guys in the band, but I’m getting too old to be a gang leader,” Pollard said, who’s now focusing on his solo work.

                                              “And what a finale it was. Much of it couldn’t, wouldn’t ever be broadcast on television - public or otherwise - but it’s all here for GBV fans to savor forever. Pollard was in rare form, with buckets of beer literally and liberally decorating the stage. He always said he wanted to end the band’s decades of music on a high note. And this is it!” - Terry Lickona (producer ‘Austin City Limits’)

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Demons Are Real
                                              Pimple Zoo
                                              Everybody Thinks I’m A Raincloud (When I’m Not Looking)
                                              Exit Flagger
                                              Sleep Over Jack
                                              Girls Of Wild Strawberries
                                              Navigating Flood Regions
                                              Gold Star For Robot Boy
                                              Window Of My World
                                              Redmen And Their Wives
                                              Dayton, Ohio - 19 Something And 5
                                              My Impression Now
                                              Do The Earth
                                              Game Of Pricks
                                              Secret Star
                                              My Kind Of Soldier
                                              Sad If I Lost It
                                              Cut Out Witch
                                              Gonna Never Have To Die
                                              Best Of Jill Hives
                                              Watch Me Jumpstart
                                              Tractor Rape Chain
                                              Buzzards And Dreadful Crows
                                              Murder Charge
                                              Fair Touching
                                              Teenage FBI
                                              Glad Girls
                                              I Am A Scientist
                                              Echos Myron

                                              David Byrne

                                              Live From Austin, TX

                                                “David Byrne is a modern renaissance man - and that’s not just a cliché. From the heady days as co-founder of the celebrated art new-wave group Talking Heads (1976-88) through his own constantly evolving and innovative solo music career, he has pursued his muse on many different artistic fronts. He’s been the driving force behind a body of work that has been both intellectually daring and commercially successful... and he shows no signs of slowing down decades later.

                                                “This show, captured on November 28, 2001, came on the heels of his hit single, ‘Like Humans Do’ and the release of the album ‘Look Into The Eyeball’, which was another typically eclectic musical stew reflecting a variety of styles and influences, from Philly soul to a D.C. Go-Go inspired groove and his first-ever Spanish composition, ‘Desconocido Soy’. Critics at the time called it his best work in years, and his performance on the Austin City Limits stage shows why. Joined by Austin’s own eclectic tango ensemble Tosca, Byrne takes us down many different musical roads in his ACL debut.” - Terry Lickona (producer, Austin City Limits)

                                                Neko Case

                                                Live From Austin, TX

                                                  “This debut ‘Austin City Limits’ performance on August 9, 2003, captures songs from Neko Case’s three seminal solo releases at the time, combining elements of country, gospel and punk for a very unique sound. That’s why pundits often find the music hard to classify. Which is a good thing. Her voice has been described as lush, torchy, melancholic - even scary (someone once wrote that ‘she sings like Patsy Cline’s ghost’). She certainly doesn’t sound like anything else on today’s hit parade.

                                                  “Neko began her career as a drummer in a punk band, but it wasn’t long before she started experimenting with songwriting and singing. She also continues to perform as a member of The New Pornographers, but her solo work is where her songwriting skills shine most. As she herself says, ‘I want to write songs that are timeless... maybe just something more like a novel than a short story.’” - Terry Lickona (producer ‘Austin City Limits’)

                                                  All Them Witches

                                                  Sleeping Through The War

                                                  Produced by Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Rival Sons) and mixed / engineered by UK-bred young-gun Eddie Spear, All Them Witches’ ‘Sleeping Through The War’ is the quartet’s most bold and well-crafted record to date.

                                                  The album’s creation marks the first time in the band’s history that a record was written before entering the studio. This process allowed for an alignment of the band’s art, desire and time. Convening in Nashville for only six days after a year of relentlessly touring their New West Records debut ‘Dying Surfer Meets Their Maker’, the band’s spirit coalesced in a rhythm of statement and melody that simply needs to be heard... repeatedly.

                                                  With the guidance of Cobb and Spear, ‘Sleeping Through The War’ captures the truest energy of the group, full blast, fun and contemplative. The record was made with volume in mind. ‘Sleeping Through The War’ is meant to be played loud, cranked up and without reservation. Feel it live through your stereo system or listen to it speak in tongues through your headphones.

                                                  The sounds are nothing without the songs and the songs are nothing without the lyrics. This record is a result of constant touring, world travel, overstimulated / divided humanity and a learning of awareness and compassion.

                                                  “They are the real deal - psychedelic blues-rock warriors who pray at the altar of Black Sabbath, space out like Pink Floyd and shred away their bummers like Blue Cheer.” - Spin

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1 Bulls
                                                  2 Don't Bring Me Coffee
                                                  3 Bruce Lee
                                                  4 3-5-7
                                                  5 Am I Going Up?
                                                  6 Alabaster
                                                  7 Cowboy Kirk
                                                  8 Internet

                                                  Demo Tracks
                                                  1 Bruce Lee (Tascam 388 Demo)
                                                  2 Cowboy Kirk (Tascam 388 Demo)
                                                  3 Alabaster (Tascam 388 Demo)
                                                  4 Bulls Intro (Tascam 388 Demo)
                                                  5 Punk Jam (Tascam 388 Demo)
                                                  6 3-5-7 (Tascam 388 Demo)
                                                  7 Internet (Tascam 388 Demo)

                                                  Nikki Lane

                                                  Highway Queen

                                                    Nikki Lane’s remarkably dazzling third album, ‘Highway Queen’, sees the young Nashville rebel emerge as one of country and rock’s most gifted songwriters. Produced by Lane and fellow singer-songwriter Jonathan Tyler and recorded in Denton, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee, ‘Highway Queen’ is an emotional tour-de-force. Blending potent lyrics, unbridled blues guitars and vintage Sixties country-pop swagger, Lane’s new music will resonate as easily with Black Keys and Lana Del Rey fans as those of Neil Young and Tom Petty.

                                                    ‘Highway Queen’ starts with the whiskey-soaked restlessness of ‘700,000 Rednecks’, a rowdy call to action and ends on the profoundly raw ‘Forever Lasts Forever’, where Lane belts freely, mourning a failed marriage - the “lighter shade of skin” left behind from her wedding ring.

                                                    Lane’s journey to heartbreak takes exquisite turns. ‘Companion’ is pure Everly Brothers dreaminess (“I would spend a lifetime / Playing catch you if I can”). Elsewhere, she goes on a Vegas bender on the rollicking ‘Jackpot’, fights last-call blues (‘Foolish Heart’) and tosses out brazen one-liners at a backroom piano (‘Big Mouth’).

                                                    Lane, a Greenville, South Carolina native, is a unique songwriter who didn’t take the traditional country artist path. Her backwoods roots are undercut by her chosen career as a fashion entrepreneur (she’s the owner of vintage clothing boutique High Class Hillbilly) who has lived - and been heartbroken - Los Angeles, New York and Nashville. So it’s no surprise that her music seamlessly crosses musical genres with lyrics steeped in the doomed perseverance only a true dark horse romantic knows.

                                                    Lane’s rapid rise in music is thanks to the fervent critical acclaim of her debut record ‘Walk Of Shame’ and 2014’s Dan Auerbach-produced ‘All Or Nothin’’. With ‘Highway Queen’, 2017 is poised to be Lane’s major mainstream breakthrough.

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    says: Classic modern Americana, completed with Lane's soulful and swooning vocals. Slide guitar, weighty percussion and shimmering acoustic guitar mix together into driving anthemic rock-and-roll. If you liked the recent Courtney Marie Andrews album, this one is a must.

                                                    Daniel Romano


                                                      Daniel Romano refuses to be confined to narrow classification - in fact, out of necessity he created his own genre: Mosey Music.

                                                      With the release of Daniel’s fifth solo record ‘Mosey’ on New West Records, we get a fresh new vista into the mind of the prolific singer songwriter, the masterful lyricist and the multiinstrumentalist.

                                                      His most ambitious affair to date, Mosey will undoubtedly catch many by surprise. New sonic territories are mapped, genres are splintered, conventional rules discarded.

                                                      Imagine ‘Rolling Thunder Revue’-era Bob Dylan conspiring with Lee Hazlewood, Tom Waits and Peter Green. You’ll hear heavy swells of fuzzed out electric guitar, horns and keys delivered with a fury that demands your close attention. There are even some surprise guest cameos to boot.

                                                      Kacy & Clayton

                                                      Strange Country

                                                        New West Records present ‘Strange Country’, the new full-length album from the young and gifted cousin-duo Kacy & Clayton.

                                                        The ten-song collection was recorded over seven freezing Canadian winter days at Ghetto Box Studios, a historic community hall turned studio. The product of a lifetime of deep kinship, the record showcases the purity and astounding beauty of Kacy Anderson’s voice, one that has been notably compared to Fairport Convention’s Sandy Denny. Only Clayton Linthicum's intricate guitar work, expert time changes and vocal harmonies could forge the foundation for Kacy’s voice to soar even higher - the result being an enormously satisfying and organic album.

                                                        Drawing a wide swath of inspirations ranging from the Greenwich Village folk scene to the ancestral music of Southern Appalachia and the British Isles, the cousins fashion songs steeped in those traditions, simultaneously paying homage and building on those sounds.

                                                        Lily & Madeleine

                                                        Keep It Together

                                                        ‘Keep It Together’, the third album in just over three years by Indianapolis-based sisters Lily & Madeleine, is set for release via esteemed New West Records.

                                                        The spellbinding ten-song statement is the dynamic product of two distinct musical personalities, bound by kinship, melding seamlessly into one ephemeral and dreamy collection.

                                                        The sisters have come a long way since they began making YouTube videos in 2012, releasing two critically acclaimed albums on Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kitty Records and selling out myriad shows both in the US and overseas.

                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                        says: Cheery jangly Summer-pop on the newest album from singer-songwriting sisters Lily & Madeleine. Upbeat but slightly introspective, minimal pop-pieces for hazy days and sunsets. Beautiful stuff.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        Not Gonna
                                                        For The Weak
                                                        Hotel Pool
                                                        Smoke Tricks
                                                        Midwest Kid
                                                        Small Talk

                                                        All Them Witches

                                                        Dying Surfer Meets His Maker

                                                          All Them Witches present their New West Records debut ‘Dying Surfer Meets His Maker’. The collection of songs was crafted in a remote cabin in Pigeon Forge, TN where the band lived and recorded over the course of five days.

                                                          ‘Dying Surfer’ finds the band embracing their past with a nod to the future. In every swell and breakdown, every riff and groove there is a story. The narratives are often unspoken, sourcing musical touchstones from across the States, offering an almost cinematic experience wrapped up in their propulsive rhythms and subtly funky anthems.

                                                          For All Them Witches, music is the conduit to channel experience into sound, creating filmic landscapes rendered by guitars, keys and drums.

                                                          Ben Folds

                                                          So There

                                                            Ben Folds takes a turn on his forthcoming album, So There, available September 11th. He embraces strings and chamber music yet still maintains a passion for his love of pop. So There consists of eight chamber pop songs with the very talented yMusic Ensemble and a 21 minute piano concerto performed with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. Ben Folds meeting and recording with yMusic became the bridge between the classically themed concerto and the contemporary chamber rock songs that live in harmony on So There. The combination is an inspired body of work on both small and grand scales.

                                                            Daniel Romano

                                                            If I've Only One Time Askin

                                                            Not quite country, Americana, folk, songwriter or pop, Daniel Romano’s exquisite and expansive new album - ‘If I’ve Only One Time Askin’’, released on New West Records - is pieces of each but ultimately the work of asingular mind.

                                                            As hailed by Rolling Stone, the 11 self-produced and largely self-performed new songs “lead their baritone-voiced creator down a path filled with countrypolitan crooning, honky-tonk heartache and midcentury melodrama.”

                                                            In the two years since his critically acclaimed third full length ‘Come Cry With Me’, Romano has toured North America and Europe extensively, collaborating with and supporting a wide spectrum of artists, including Old Crow Medicine Show, Wanda Jackson, Hurray For The Riff Raff and Caitlin Rose.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            I’m Gonna Teach You
                                                            Old Fires Die
                                                            Strange Faces
                                                            All The Way Under The Hill
                                                            If I’ve Only One Time Askin’
                                                            The One That Got Away (Came Back Today)
                                                            There’s A Hardship
                                                            Learning To Do Without Me
                                                            Two Word Joe
                                                            If You Go Your Way (I’ll Go Blind)
                                                            Let Me Sleep (At The End Of A Dream)

                                                            The latest album, 'Heartbreak Pass', by seminal alt-country / rock band Giant Sand marks their 30th anniversary. Individually, each track on the record looms large on its own but, when heard as one complete offering, you know that you are listening to something very, very special.

                                                            The Arizona desert has been a predominate theme and source of inspiration for Howe Gelb, the indie rock pioneer and frontman for Giant Sand. The group can also be looked at as Howe’s one-man-band with many guests and collaborators. The album features Steve Shelly (Sonic Youth), Grant-Lee Phillips and Ilse DeLange (Common Linnets). 

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1. Heaventually
                                                            2. Texting Feist
                                                            3. Hurtin' Habit
                                                            4. Transponder
                                                            5. Song So Wrong
                                                            6. Every Now And Then
                                                            7. Man On A String
                                                            8. Home Sweat Home
                                                            9. Eye Opening
                                                            10. Pen To Paper
                                                            11. Bitter Suite
                                                            12. House In Order
                                                            13. Gypsy Candle
                                                            14. Done
                                                            15. Forever And Always

                                                            From just south of the Appalachian mountains, in the rolling hills of Athens, GA., comes the roaring young four-piece, New Madrid. Following the critical acclaim of their 2012 independently released album Yardboat, the band signed with Normaltown records and promptly began work on their sophomore album Sunswimmer.

                                                            Recorded during a cool, rainy july, under the direction of David Barbe (Deerhunter, Drive-by Truckers), the aural landscapes forged in sunswimmer become almost palpable. Combining reverb-drenched vocal harmonies, soaring underwater noise and floating, meandering melodies, the sounds don't exit the speakers as much as they condense and hang in the air like the humid athens summer that birthed them.

                                                            For their fifth album, the Athens-bred/Nashville-based power trio the Whigs wanted to find the exact midpoint between raw and rehearsed. After more than a decade together - during which they’ve released four critically lauded studio albums and toured constantly as either headliners or openers for the likes of the Drive-By Truckers, Kings of Leon, and MGMT - the three members all agreed that they wanted to flex their muscles a bit: write some good songs, get them down as tight as possible, hit , and tear shit up.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1. You Should Be Able To Feel It
                                                            2. Asking Strangers For Directions
                                                            3. The Particular
                                                            4. Hit Me
                                                            5. Modern Creation
                                                            6. Friday Night
                                                            7. She Is Everywhere
                                                            8. Too Much In The Morning
                                                            9. I Couldn't Lie
                                                            10. The Difference Between One And Two

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