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1 - FXHE 10 Year Mix CD

    FXHE going for the professional look on this killer mix CD celebrating a decade of operations. Stone-cold classics like "Oasis#13" and the Omar S remix of Gunnar Wendal's "578" rub up against recent hits such as O.B Ignitt's "Oh Jabba", "SEX" and "Wayne County Hill Cops Pt.2". Vital!

    Norm Talley


      Detroit producer Norm Talley shares his debut album, “Norm-A-Lise” out October 9th on FXHE Records. From a prolific dance floor career comes this debut full length album.

      Featuring 14 original tracks with influences of disco, house, and beyond taking his signature infectious style deeper. The album includes a track written by FXHE label boss Omar S aka Alex Smith featuring L ‘Renee.

      More about Norm Talley :
      Having started his career when disco was king, Talley’s real life influences over his 25+ year career have included the originations of house through various iterations. His reference points as one of the original members of the West 6 Mile Detroit crew and his dedication to his Analog only studio position him as one of the more dynamic Detroit artists who’s finally taking the time to release a complete project for his long awaiting fans. 

      Omar S

      That's Me

      Holy smokes pop pickers! Alex Smith revisits the classic sample from AOS004's "Day" track. A total revamp, it finds our favourite Detroiter slap bang in the middle of pure purple - every track he's released over the last 12 months has been completely essential! It might only be one track on one side (and at twelve English pounds no less! - ed) but I can't help think its worth it! Funky, gritty, soulful and deep - all four corners of Omar's impeccable style displayed across one fine track. Sure be played at all the biggest parties over the holiday season.

      Limited quants so get those orders in quick! 


      Matt says: Yes yes, one of Omar's early classics gets expanded upon for 2018. This has anthem written all over it, and is destined for end-of-set selfie moments across the festival circuit...

      Mega new release by Norm Talley on FXHE. One of the lesser celebrated producers from Detroit, Norm's style is rugged and unique, possessing an unearthly charm and powered with those Motor City dynamics. The five tracks presented here aptly demonstrate the depth of his musical psyche, playing with shadowy techno nuggets, beatdown house and an advanced level of sound design which place him very much at the top of his set. Much like Ob Ignitt and Generation Next, Norm Talley seems set on advancing Detroit's musical legacy, adding to, rather than replicating the vast cannon of advanced technological music from this fine North American city. Limited quants and super hot so get those orders in quick folks. Highly recommended. 

      Alex Smith - back on top form here with two absolutely killer tracks. Remember!: it can be done, but only he can do it! "Your Socially Awkward Criminal" is CLASSIC AOS material, emotive AF with a sizzling perc section and beautiful keyboard lines. Undeniably from the FXHE with its raw, hardware-powered sound but riddled with emotion, churning out at full volume of all the best pinball arcades across the east side. "Games That We Play" features vocalist Diviniti and is powerful, soul crushing beatdown soul; again resplendent in Omar S-patented goodness. The Detroit producer has done it again, reminding us just how effortlessly he creates magic sometimes. Highly limited and most recommended, do not sleep!

      Our favourite Detroiter is back once again with Nite Jewel for another smasher! Following on in the same vein as "Sky Train" from last year's "Side Trax #5" we get another gloriously sunny offering, resplendent with pop sensibilities, a strong song structure and a stunning vocal performance by the Los Angeles star. Two mixes, one beefy than t'other but both rich with Omar S-patented hardware working overtime in the background & NJ's vocal sexy and scintillating in the foreground. Another sterling addition to FXHE's impeccable catalogue and another reason to love Omar S. We Heart Alex Smith!


      Ltd 12" Info: Double groove release. Tracks play from the inside out.

      Omar S likes to keep things in the family for his pioneering FXHE label. Big Strick is his cousin and this double pack features the dark brooding sounds of Detroit's underbelly that the label has popularized over the course of its catelogue. "Old E 800 (Omar S Mix)" opens proceedings and is a squelchy, acid-tinged 4/4 groover with those clicky, motorik hi-hats that typify FXHE releases. Over the course of the track a driving, searing synth line dramatically changes its course, conjuring up Blade Runner style soundscapes and menacing tones. "100% Hustler" is also mixed by Omar S and is a straight up jacker with rolling hats, catchy bass hook and minor key piano lines - don't even think about leaving the lights on when this drops. "Whatup Doe" harks back to very early Omar S styles; lo-fi, flanging hats, sharp resonating percussion hits and pure Motor City pads gluing everything together. The second plate comes with originals of "Old E" and "100% Hustler" and are less stripped back and brighter in tone than Omar S's head-down, smoky versions. Final track "Click It Or Ticket It Niggic" (strange title I know) tops things off with a driving beat and a cavernous, Berlin-esque sound palette. A bit Newworldaquarium with its submerged production and a bit Maurizo with its straight-up, heavily jacked groove. A solid addition to any FXHE / Sound Signature / KDJ fans record box


      Matt says: First time back in stock since 2010. One of Strick's finest moments to date and with Omar S in full support - you know what to do!

      Omar S

      I Wanna Know Feat. James Garcia

      Omar S returns on FXHE, aided by the talents of James Garcia. This one sees our man from the D go on a bit of a Chicago-inspired, Robert Owen-era tip, Garcia dripping liquid soul vocals all over a rich, frenetic arrangement. Omar's trademark analogue gear is firing on all cylinders as we'd expect, and sounding as good as ever! The arrangement's drawn out nice and long, with a proper song like structure full of emotive verses and anthemic choruses. Backed with instrumental - 'Extramental' mix! We find Omar in top form for 2015 - get those orders in quick on this one.

      The boy racer from the D returns with three typically raw and jacking cuts referencing some of the older FXHE material, hitting the hardware hard and rolling out some celestial jams. "Don't Let Dis Be Hapnin" kicks off with red hot drum boxes and big, sweeping atmospheres. Perfect for warming up that spacious aircraft hanger or bringing people slowly back down to Earth after a relentless session. The A-side has a Detroit spoken word thing at the end - all deep throated gruff Afro-American speal. Onto the flip and its some big subby 808 kick drums that instantly grab our attention on "You Heard What Da Man Said Muthafukka!". Some foreboding pads slowly converge on the track while echoing claps bounce around the mix. Finally, Omar S saves the feel-good money shot till the very end. "Nelson County" is bouncy, bright-eyed Deetroit house at its finest. Just a simple, swinging 4/4 groove, catchy bass and the odd little vocal refrain. It's a simple formula that many try to emulate but few seem to get it as well as the Detroit cats. One to get everyone dancing on the tables and forming group hugs on the dancefloor. Recommended.

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