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The second E2-E8 release comes from newcomer Hems. A regular punter at underground festivals such as Freerotation and Labyrinth, Hems introduced the first of his sonic utterances from his East London cave.

This release covers a wide spectrum of sounds. The almost beatless title track “Post Radiance” opens things up, followed by the subtle dub techno of “I Know This Road” and by the raw, engine grinding and relentless beat of “Dirty Chords”. On the B side, “Let It Go” is a suspended 15-minutes journey clocking in at 140bpm – arguably the highlight of the EP, sounding like little else out there. “Madsituation” closes the EP, with a nod at lighter atmospheres and a hint at Detroit-influenced moods.

Techno heads will be pleased to hear that the record has already got praises from techno talent Refracted and from Jane Fitz. And E2-E8 continues to be a top new label for futurists to keep an eye on. TIP! 


A1. Post Radiance
A2. I Know This Road
B1. Dirty Chords
B2. Let It Go (live)
B3. Madsituation

"One EP" is the first release from newly-born E2-E8 Records out of London. From Luca’s E2-E8 show on Netil Radio came the idea to launch an independent imprint with the same concept: putting good new electronic music into people’s ears that they might not otherwise run into.

On the A side we have “Rising Sun”, from the mind of Netil Radio founder Miro Sundaymusiq. This suspended, emotive number perfectly encompasses Miro’s world, where ambient rooms and rapturous deep trance seamlessly bond together. The “Pacifist Techno Version” is purely for the mind, while the “Non Pacifist Trance Version” engages your body and translates the same emotions to the dance floor.

The B side is home to two meditations from the creative flare of Avsluta, one of the most fascinating sound artists recently appearing on London’s scene. With performances at Cafe Oto and collaborations with David Toop already on her back, we are witnessing her charting a groundbreaking path. “Meditation 03” and “Meditation 18” are part of that path – two rich and articulate works that will sit easily in many ambient sets.

Early support for this record comes from Vladimir Ivkovic, who played Meditation 18 as the opening track of one of his Noods Radio shows, and from Jane Fitz who played “Rising Sun” on her Rinse FM show.


A1. Miro Sundaymusiq – Rising Sun [Pacifist Techno Version]
A2. Miro Sundaymusiq – Rising Sun [Non Pacifist Trance Version]
B1. Avsluta – Meditation 03
B2. Avsluta – Meditation 18 [On A Summer’s Day]

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