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The Durutti Column

Sunlight To Blue... Blue To Blackness

    “Sunlight to blue … Blue to blackness” - This was one of the more upbeat title suggestions for the very bare, back to basics, reflective album from The Durutti Column. Originally released in June 2008, Sunlight to Blue… was a conscious response to the previous two polished and ‘studio-based’ releases. Here he created some sparse, simply beautiful 'sketches' as he once called them, more reminiscent of his work from the early eighties. Many of the pieces are instrumentals played on his Juan Montero flamenco guitar, and he returns to 'Without Mercy' for the last track 'Grief' whilst reinventing 'Never Known' from LC. Now, for the first time, the LP is available remastered and re-packaged as a gatefold double 12” 180gram vinyl release.

    This album also saw the debut of the then talented young pianist and singer, Poppy Morgan, who co-wrote the melancholy Ananda as a duet with what Reilly dryly called 'intrusive guitar'. For the uninitiated, Vini was the first artist signed to Manchester’s influential Factory Records, co-wrote and played on Morrissey’s first solo album ‘Viva Hate’, and was heavily featured in the Manchester music culture film, ’24 Hour Party People’. Vini Reilly has recorded under the name The Durutti Column since 1978 and has a rich portfolio of work, releasing over twenty albums in this time. Ever critical of Vini’s voice, but ever a fierce champion of his talent, the late Tony Wilson would surely appreciate this return of The Durutti Column.


    1. Glimpse
    2. Contact
    3. Messages
    4. Ged
    5. Ananda
    6. Never Known Version
    7. So Many Crumbs And Monkeys!
    8. Head Glue
    9. Demo For Gathering Dust
    10. Cup A Soup Romance
    11. Grief

    Durutti Column

    A Paean To Wilson (Deluxe Edition)

      A Paean to Wilson is still arguably Vini Reilly and the Durutti Column's most important and consistent piece of work since the demise of the original and seminal Factory Records in the early 1990's. On this release we have the ‘F4 Heaven Sent’ tracks released on vinyl for the first time. They first appeared in 2005 via Wilson's project F4, as being the fourth version of Factory Records. Originally it was download-only release, Heaven Sent (It Was Called Digital, It Was Heaven Sent). A six track CD of personal dedications by Vini ironically the last piece is titled Anthony. Originally this was commissioned for the MIF (Manchester International Festival) where it was premiered in July 2009. Vin had already composed pieces for Tony to listen to whilst he was ill in hospital and it was from here that the project developed.

      This release belatedly coincides with the new Paul Morley Biography ‘Manchester with Love: The Life and Opinions of Tony ...’Ever critical of Vini's voice, but ever a fierce champion of his talent, the late Tony Wilson would surely appreciate this instrumental tribute by The Durutti Column. ‘Near the beginning of the final night of the Durutti Column's 70-minute international festival tribute to Tony Wilson, A Paean to Wilson, guitarist Vini Reilly announced that he wouldn't be singing: "So you won't have to put up with my awful voice and schoolboy lyrics." If Wilson was with us, he would have chuckled. The Granada presenter-turned-Factory Records boss spent years urging his first signing to stop singing, and concentrate on the virtuosity that led Red Hot Chili Pepper John Frusciante to call Reilly "the greatest guitarist in the world". Two years after his death, Wilson got his way, one of many lovely touches in a very personal, emotional and often warmly funny musical tribute. Wilson signed Joy Division and Happy Mondays, yet never gave up on this cult band he adored, working with them even after his legendary label went bankrupt.

      A complex man, Wilson was an academic thinker who revelled in Steve Coogan's affectionate, Alan Partridge-style send-up of him. And this tribute was no different. At one point, Reilly known for melancholy launched into something resembling an Irish jig. "Tony loved to laugh," he explained. "He loved absurdities." After the humour came exquisitely mournful music. With Reilly and drummer Bruce Mitchell augmented by bass, keyboard, violin, electric piano, drum machine and trumpet, the band's beautiful pieces reflected Wilson's love of rock and classical. Reilly's plangent guitar work showed grief's emotional spectrum, from sadness to overdriven anger. As in life, Wilson had the last word, his recorded voice expounding thoughts on socialism with an eerie echo. Silence followed as Manchester pondered the loss of one of its truly larger-than-life characters. Then everybody cheered.'


      I/Or Are You Just A Technician
      III/Quatro Two
      V/Stuki VI/Along Came Poppy Three
      VIII/Duet With Piano
      IX/Darkness Here Four
      X/Catos Revisited
      XI/The Truth
      XII/How Unbelievable Five
      XV/Neil Six

      Durutti Column

      Deux Triangles Deluxe (RSD21 EDITION)



        Factory Benelux presents a deluxe double vinyl gatefold edition of Deux Triangles, originally a 1981 EP by acclaimed Factory Records group The Durutti Column, which can be considered a companion set to their signature second album L.C. Just 1000 copies have been pressed on blue and clear coloured vinyl for Record Store Day 2021

        The Durutti Column

        Sex And Death

          Factory Benelux presents an expanded double vinyl edition of Sex and Death, the 11th studio album by lauded Manchester ensemble The Durutti Column. Originally released on CD only in 1995, the album has now been newly remastered with several bonus tracks.

          The writing and recording of Sex and Death closed an uncertain period for Vini Reilly and the group following the collapse of Factory Records in 1992. Factory founder Tony Wilson remained in post as manager of the band, but Sex and Death would be their last album with producer Stephen Street, famed for his work with Morrissey, The Smiths and Blur.

          Writer and master guitarist Vini Reilly remained philosophical. “People say the Durutti Column is this or that. I don’t care, so long as we make good music. There’s screaming feedback on some tracks, heavy metal guitar, Spanish picking. It’s not just this ethereal trip. Don’t listen to the form, never listen to the form. Listen to the content.”

          Stand-out tracks include Anthony, dedicated to Wilson. Guest musicians include viola player John Metcalfe, vocalist Ruth-Ann Boyle (later to form hitmakers Olive with Tim Kellett), programmer Martin Jackson (Magazine, Swing Out Sister) and bassist Peter Hook, then on furlough from New Order post-Republic.

          All 5 bonus tracks on the vinyl are previously unreleased, having been retrieved from a long-lost DAT demo tape located in Tony Wilson’s personal archive. 

          All tracks are newly re-mastered in 2021 by Peter Beckmann at Technology Works. All formats feature liner notes and interview material with Vini.


          A1. Anthony
          A2. The Rest Of My Life
          A3. For Colette
          A4. The Next Time
          B1. Beautiful Lies
          B2. My Irascible Friend
          B3. Believe In Me
          B4. Fermina
          C1. Where I Should Be
          C2. Fado
          C3. Madre Mio
          C4. Blue Period
          C5. War Torn
          D1. Picking Guitar For The Shrimp
          D2. The Celestial Bar
          D3. Jumble Drums, Growling Bass And The Whammy Bar
          D4. For Cameron De La Isla

          Durutti Column

          Another Setting

          Factory Benelux presents an expanded edition of Another Setting, the third studio album by cult Manchester ensemble The Durutti Column, originally issued in 1983.

          Another Setting was recorded at Strawberry Studio in Stockport with production by Chris Nagle, a favourite engineer of Martin Hannett. The 11 track album contains several acknowledged Durutti classics, notably haunting instrumental Prayer (burnished with cor anglais by Maunagh Fleming) and The Beggar, an unusually muscular vocal song and probably the closest Vini Reilly has edged to rock music. Elsewhere, Smile in the Crowd would be covered by Depeche Mode mainman Martin Gore on his 1989 solo project Counterfeit.

          Bonus tracks on FBN 30 CD include exemplary live versions of The Beggar and Bordeaux, plus non-album single I Get Along Without You Very Well, a Hoagy Carmichael cover sung by Lindsay Reade, the former wife of Factory foreman Tony Wilson. Also included are two tracks issued on a highly collectible Japan-only 7” single, Love Fading and For Noriko, as well as Piece for Out of Tune Grande Piano from an earlier EP on Factory Benelux, Deux Triangles.

          This extended remaster of Another Setting is packaged in a 6 panel digipack on white reverse board, restoring the original cover artwork by Mark Farrow with cover paintings by Jackie Williams.


          1. Prayer
          2. Response
          3. Bordeaux
          4. For A Western
          5. The Beggar
          6. Francesca
          7. Smile In The Crowd
          8. You’ve Heard It Before
          9. Dream Of A Child 
          10. Second Family
          11. Spent Time
          12. I Get Along Without You Very Well
          13. Love Fading
          14. For Noriko
          15. Bordeaux (Live At WOMAD)
          16. The Beggar (Live At La Cigale)
          17. Piece For Out Of Tune Grande Piano 

          Durutti Column

          Circuses And Bread - Reissue

            Factory Benelux presents a remastered CD edition of Circuses and Bread, the seventh studio album by Manchester ensemble The Durutti Column. Originally released by Factory Benelux and Factory in 1986, the original 9 tracks have now been expanded with 6 bonus pieces. Self-produced by Vini Reilly at Strawberry and Revolution studios, the album saw Durutti playing as a quartet, with Reilly on guitar, vocals and keyboards, Bruce Mitchell in drums and percussion, John Metcalfe (viola) and Tim Kellett (trumpet). ‘The music ends up being very simple,’ Vini told NME. ‘People can dismiss it as being very simplistic, easy listening or whatever.

            It’s very honest, it’s very personal. People say it’s ambient, and it’s like Eno. I don’t like that, because the music’s made to be listened to, it’s not wallpaper.’ Of extended piece Blind Elevator Girl – Osaka, Vini adds: ‘The music really writes itself. For example, we’re in Osaka, in Japan, getting in this elevator. It’s very crowded with all these Japanese businessmen talking about distribution deals, and going on and on. On this lift was a beautiful Japanese girl, in an immaculate uniform. Each floor we arrived at, she’s starting talking Japanese, obviously saying what was on each floor. We went higher and higher, and finally we get to the top. And then, sort of walking out of the elevator, I suddenly realised she was blind... It got to me, this girl. It was incredible. So maybe a day later, I was thinking about that, and the whole tune came out. And every single piece of music is like that.’ Bonus tracks include Italian-only EP Greetings Three, scarce compilation track The Aftermath, and a previously unreleased working version of 1987 single Our Lady of the Angels produced by the late Stuart ‘Jammer’ James. Cover art retains the original design by 8vo. The remastered set is housed in 6 panel card digipack, with liner notes and rare band images. A double vintl version of FBN 154 will be issued in March 2021.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. For Pauline
            2. Tomorrow
            3. Dance II
            4. For Hilary
            5. Street Fight
            6. Royal Infirmary
            7. Black Horses
            8. Dance I
            9. Blind Elevator Girl - Osaka
            10. All That Love And Maths Can Do
            11. Florence Sunset
            12. San Giovanni Dawn
            13. For Friends In Italy
            14. The Aftermath
            15. Our Lady Of The Angels (Stu ‘Jammer’ James Mix)

            The Durutti Column

            Someone Else's Party

              Demon Records presents the first ever vinyl pressing of The Durutti Column’s 2003 studio album “Someone Else’s Party”.

              Formed in Manchester in 1978, The Durutti Column were one of the first acts signed to the iconic Factory Records by Tony Wilson. Primarily the project of guitarist and vocalist Vini Reilly, the group have a cult following with notable fans including Brian Eno and John Frusciante.

              Recorded after the passing of Reilly’s mother, the melancholic “Someone Else’s Party” explores themes of loss and reflection. Highlights include the trip hop influenced ‘Vigil’, and ‘Spanish Lament’ which weaves together Reilly’s signature shimmering guitar sounds with a sample from David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive.

              TRACK LISTING

              Side 1
              1. Love Is A Friend
              2. Spanish Lament
              3. Somewhere

              Side 2
              1. Somebody’s Party
              2. Requiem For My Mother
              3. Remember

              Side 3
              1. Vigil
              2. Blue
              3. No More Hurt
              4. Spasmic Fairy

              Side 4
              1. American View
              2. Drinking Time
              3. Woman
              4. Goodbye

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