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Melbourne’s got it (goin’ on)! Returning back to the city we hauled in yet another producer. M5K fixes us up with three edgy House tracks together with smooth, synthesized melodies and a wicked kick.
M5K has built up quite the resume, with releases on Melbourne recordlabels. Not just some new kid on the block, eh! Exactly the reason we’re excited to have him featured on Dopeness Galore.
The A side will get the party started. ‘We Got It (Goin’ On)’ reels you in with the synthesized boogie and sci-fi sound effects the Melbourne sound is known for. The track steadily climaxes to a high-energy war of sounds, making you want to get on
down by laying the track down with a double kick. Now, get ready for the flip side! We kept the artwork black, because this release
just feels dirty. Just listen to how grimy the bass gets and let Shawty tell you why. The final and title track is layered with repeating chords over a groovy baseline. M5K really breaks it down with ‘Healin Feelin’.

Sounds like Mike Dunn from Melbourne, if you like the edge of MD X-press you shouldn’t miss this!

With previous releases on Rythm Section, Echovolt and Les Yeux Orange, Earth Trax & Newborn Jr. return with a selection of tracks of Dopeness Galore. Kicking off with the goosebump inducing shimmer of "Maze", which seems to tip its hat to Omar S and his FXHE label and build into a crescendo of synthy goodness. "Where There's A Will, There's A Way" sees a tumbling breakbeat met with neon keys, bringing to mind a heady and ecstasy-fuelled night in Manchester's Soup Kitchen nightclub. "Acid Burn" sees those thick analogue waveforms return under a backdrop of starry sky pads and galloping delay fragments. "TechNoir" is a futuristic reprise, resplendent with fluorescent fauna and suspended in time. A really nice EP showcasing the multifaceted skills of this dynamic duo. 

Weirdest Dream land on Dopeness Galore for a supernova of atmospheric sounds called "White Worms". Weirdest Dream is the moniker and sonic playground of Stockholm-based galactic explorers Daniel Fagerström & Luciano Leiva. With a history of releases on RVNG and Permanent Vacation, the duo plays around in a constellation of all analogue and early digital synthesizers such as the TR-909, Waldorf Microwave, Yamaha DX7, Roland Juno-60 and Akai MPCs. There are echoes of Patrick Cowley, Sensations Fix and Tangerine Dream, but this stands alone as its own entity. Across seven tracks we hear their idiosyncratic, stripped back technoid biotica - new life emerging from more primitive planets than ours. Simple rhythmic expressions propel the tracks, as innocent but though provoking keyboard patches and pad presets guide is directly into nearby star clusters. Throughout the EP tracks glisten with that retro-futurist glow, like watching a science education program from the early 80s as they predict what will happen in the 21st century. Proper!

Jorge C arrives on Dopeness Galore via his native hometown of Santiago in Chile. Associating himself with the late 90s minimal house scene, especially what was going on in Detroit, we see a skewiff, pliable sound that pays tribute to that classic vibe whilst injecting it with something decidedly fresh and enticing. If you like Rick Wade, Hieroglyphic Being & DJ Sprinkles but also the French Cassius and fellow countryman, Ricardo Villalobos, then I reckon there's plenty to be getting stuck into here. Seven tracks too, so lots to get stuck into and giving us a wonderful insight into this skilled, multifaceted producer. Excellent stuff.


Patrick says: Chilean Jorge C lands on Dopeness Galore with a whole load of hot house wonk here, firing up the MPC and letting loose with a set of seriously groovy club cuts inspired by Detroit, Paris and loads of ket. Ace!

It's been a little while since Stump Valley wowed us with their "Magica Movida" double pack, a sizzling collection of hardware boogie, cosmic disco and futuristic house music which felt a bit like taking 2CB in your 2CV. Rumour has it that the mystifying Italian duo moved their whole studio offline and into the woods, harnessing nature's finest fungi to bring us the rhythmic positivity and healing frequencies of this latest EP. "Monkey Flutes" opens the set with the trademark vibration of the club ready SV kick drum and the optimistic sound of smooth synth chords. A percolating bassline soon joins the party and we're lost in a low slung groove, shoulders rolling in complete Balearic house bliss. Mediterranean melodies, African percussion and Oriental synthesis all rolled into one unique serving of Stump Valley quirk - bliss. One far-out future funk interlude later and we're perfectly prepared for "Tales Of Heike", a bass heavy, proto-tribal roller complete with starry-eyed synth vox, humid electro-flute and plenty of wavy, martians on the beach vibes. The flipside throws us back to the old school with what sounds a lot like a cheeky drum sample from Electra's "Feels Good" powering "Pagoda Forest" to a ceremonial throwdown on a misty mountaintop. Swelling sinewaves and gurgling fx create a disorienting atmosphere while the electro-funk bassline plays merry hell with your hips, wriggling wildly as the dreamy melodies take control of your higher faculties. The soporific house heat continues on the steam room swelter of "Black Sun (Above Japan)", a cut so sensual it makes your goosebumps quiver. Before the boys head back into the heart of the woodland there's just enough time to trip us out with the post-apocalyptic, proto-industrial dub of "Tokio Robot Rise", and then it's sayonara suckers, catch you next time.


Patrick says: Prime proto-house weirdos Stump Valley come through with a sultry set of dream house winners here, supplying all the weaponry you'll need for your next Balearic house session...

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