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The inimitable San Proper returns with his second album “Ferotones” following up his debut 2012 long play smasher “Animal” (on Rush Hour). It’s been a tumultuous and colorful journey since, and although the sound might have changed, San still delivers a collection of songs off the cuff and straight from the heart.

The eight tracks collected here are odes to lost love, as San tries to win back the heart of that very special someone. Penned deep in the pit of emotion, San recorded the songs in only a handful of sessions. With the assistance of Amsterdam stalwart and Safe Trip regular Darling, San could lean more towards the wavey guitar sounds and danceable disco workouts he had in mind.

It’s certainly a varied, sincere and emotionally raw excursion. Starkly honest and utilizing, not hiding behind electronic production; these are proper songs in the most part, a departure from his more dancefloor-centric club arrangements. There’s disco, house, downbeat and punk-funk all tastefully sequenced across eight intimate and personal tracks. 


Matt says: I've always loved San for his house productions, but this shows off a very different side of him. Sexy, funky, disco-leaning songs in the traditional sense. Some nice flurries of baggy downbeat and gloosy Balearica too. Well good!


Best Seller
Remember The Future?
The Return
Buck Wild
Never Gonna Turn

A dreamy diary of an enchanting duo "Modern Ways of Treating Insomnia" is a sonic journal that chronicles how the lives of Annjet and Newborn Jr. gradually become intertwined. While the latter already has a record of solid releases (Phonica, Rhythm Section, Rekids, Dopeness Galore) among which several with collaborator and friend Earth Trax, we’ve only recently been introduced to Annjet’s mesmerizing vocals through the moody burner "If You" on Shall Not Fade.

"Modern Ways of Treating Insomnia" however, is an interaction between Annjet and Newborn Jr. without any preset set roles or rituals. Much like our real-life experiences of companionship, the record shows an interplay between two individuals while we witness them explore the world and its horizons on a shared wavelength.

The record’s atmospheric dub influences and laidback breaks are bound to incite some memories of Massive Attack and Morcheeba etched into our minds, though the enchanting story of Annjet and Newborn Jr. sounds like one that will survive its time.

Long live the Warsawian gang!


Sil says: Warm synth and freestyle experimentation on this rather good downtempo record that some will relate to ancestors in Bristol!


To Nie Jest Fajne
At Poppa-Cabana
Washing Machine Dub
Smooth Summer
Le Rayon Vert
Ocean Edition
In The Nap Zone Feat. Agata

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