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More choice cuts from Dave Maze on the wonderful Disco Essentials. Four tracks of authentic disco / boogie flavour, surgically enhanced for your listening and dancing pleasure. Dave Maze is proving to be quite the knife wielder, up there with Edit & Dub, Theo Parrish, MCDE etc when it comes to the cut-n-splice aesthetic. Not only that, he digs the deepest and lesser known recesses of the audio pool, resulting in source material that only the frankly obsessive are gonna recognize. Vol. 2 in the series and it's nowt but essential. Limited copies!


Matt says: More obsessive chops from the amazing Dave Maze who is fast becoming the number one knife wielder on the scene. Four tracks that'll get any disco lover jivin'. TIP!


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Side 2
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Serious rare disco and boogie from Chicago's D&E Recordings' main man Dave Maze. This 4 track EP contains some of DM's most sought after and exclusive remixes, finally getting a proper release via limited edition heavy weight colored vinyl. The kinda tracks you'd hear Theo Parrish or MCDE debut, causing an online stampede as keen disco trainspotters and club kids attempt to decipher the source material. Dave's cleanliness and dexterity with the knife results in a highly desirable sound that's gonna sound great played in the bar, in the club or back at the afters! Highly recommended, US import copies - won't hang around long! 


Matt says: Immense and rare disco-boogie edits from Chicago legend Dave Maze. Essential if you're into Strictly Jaz Unit, Ugly Edits, Lumberjacks In Hell etc etc.


1. Last One D&E Chicago Remix 
2. Dramatics D&E Remix 
3. Lady D&e Chicago Remix 
4. You Cant Fight Love D&E Chicago Remix

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