Dave Maze

Disco Essentials Vol. 2

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Disco Essentials

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More choice cuts from Dave Maze on the wonderful Disco Essentials. Four tracks of authentic disco / boogie flavour, surgically enhanced for your listening and dancing pleasure. Dave Maze is proving to be quite the knife wielder, up there with Edit & Dub, Theo Parrish, MCDE etc when it comes to the cut-n-splice aesthetic. Not only that, he digs the deepest and lesser known recesses of the audio pool, resulting in source material that only the frankly obsessive are gonna recognize. Vol. 2 in the series and it's nowt but essential. Limited copies!


Matt says: More obsessive chops from the amazing Dave Maze who is fast becoming the number one knife wielder on the scene. Four tracks that'll get any disco lover jivin'. TIP!


Side 1
1. Track 1
2. Track 2
Side 2
1. Track 3
2. Track 4

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