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Real tasty various artists EP showcasing the best of the Devoted roster. Based in Liverpool this underground label has been knocking around for the last 15 years or so, touching in deep Detroit and UK house flavours.

First up is a deep and percussive rehash of Apologist & Unsettled's "Zabriskie Point" by Inbetween DJs. Techy and stylish, it'll warm up the more forward leaning dances superbly. Followed by "Maybrook" a sublime, smokey downtempo affair by French producer Each which should appeal to the DJ Shadow fans with its heady, stoned emotion. Next up is Mike Rez '"The Diary": a moody dubby techno affair which swells and plumes with an unnatural radiance.

We finish off with Barry Wenham presents Jean Bon Bon bringing us a slice of early 90s New York house with his track "Brooklyn". 4 Tracks of varying styles showcasing the labels versatility.


Matt says: Nice EP from our mates over in Liverpool. All unbeknownst producers to me until now. A tasteful smattering of house, dub-tech and downbeat. Check!


Apologist & Unsettled - Zabriskie Point (Inbetween DJ's Remix)
Each - Maybrook
Mike Rez - The Diary (Askani Remix)
Barry Wenham Presents Jean Bon Bon - Brooklyn

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