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Beware Believers

    London four-piece Crows will release their highly anticipated second album, ‘Beware Believers’, via Bad Vibrations Records. Conjuring a dark and visceral post-punk that’s been hardened by years of notoriously rowdy live shows, Crows have amassed a legion of die-hard fans since they formed back in 2015 and cultivated a singular, much-adored presence in the British alternative music scene. Equal parts ferocious and hedonistic, the incoming ‘Beware Believers’ LP arrives off the back of their critically acclaimed 2019 debut ‘Silver Tongues’, international touring and festival appearances, and shared stages with the likes of IDLES, Wolf Alice, Girl Band, Metz, Slaves and Protomartyr.

    Following the release of their long-awaited debut album on the IDLES-run Balley Records back in 2019, Crows immediately set to work on its follow-up and by January 2020 they were already back in the studio tracking what would become the ‘Beware Believers’ LP and then Covid hit. “Once we knew Covid was here to stay, we took the first break we’ve taken since we released our first single ‘Pray’ in 2015. Being locked down for three months unable to finish the last bits of the record was very frustrating but it did mean we could come back to the album with fresh ears and make sure it sounded like it should: a true representation of Crows.” Loud, cathartic and abrasive a quintessential Crows record it certainly is.

    “Beware Believers has felt like a marathon, a real endurance test that’s been a long, winding road filled with highs and lows and plenty of twists and turns”, frontman James Cox says: “The majority of the themes on the album came from what was going on in the world around Summer 2019 when we started writing the album. Covid wasn't in our lives and the biggest impact was Brexit and the madness our government were putting us through. I was reading a lot of J.G. Ballard and Kurt Vonnegut, mad dystopian novels, whilst all this craziness was going on around us and it was a weird headspace to get into.”


    Side A
    1. Closer Still
    2. Garden Of England
    3. Only Time
    4. Slowly Separate
    5. Moderation
    6. Healing
    Side B
    7. Room 156
    8. Meanwhile
    9. Wild Eyed & Loathsome
    10. The Servant
    11. Sad Lad

    London's Crows are the latest signing to Balley Records (IDLES, Heavy Lungs, Lice) and will deliver their long-awaited debut album "Silver Tongues" on March 22nd. The album's thrilling first single "Chain Of Being", was recently Lamacq's Livener on 6 Music, is a real statement: a widescreen slice of post-punk that combines heaviness and brooding melody in equal measures. Joe Talbot said the following of his decision to sign Crows to his Balley Records label: "I saw them play at the Louisiana in Bristol a few years ago and both the performance and the quality of their songs blew me away. Everything about them excites me; so when I heard they were looking to release an album, I had no choice but to chase them. It's a dream to work with them.”. 


    1. Silver Tongues
    2. Demeanour
    3. Empyrean
    4. Wednesday's Child
    5. Hang Me High
    6. Crawling 
    7. Chain Of Being 
    8. Tired And Failed
    9. First Light / False Face
    10. Dysphoria

    Ethan Johns is renowned for the vividness and purity of his productions with the likes of Ryan Adams, Ray LaMontagne, Laura Marling and Paul McCartney. But Johns has always worn more than one hat; for starters, he’s an accomplished musician on a variety of instruments. He first came into view as the drummer/guitar player with Crosby, Stills and Nash and then as a guitarist in Emmylou Harris’ band, and subsequently, as a producer, Johns frequently contributed on both sides of the control room glass. Everything Johns has done during the course of his distinguished and varied career has led him to this deep, enthralling album. “The fact that I’ve been playing and performing as much as I have the last few years is showing in the performances that we got on this record, and I’m happy to be progressing". Ethan Johns’ musical explorations to continue to warrant—and reward—our rapt attention.


    1. Silver Liner
    2. The Sun Hardly Rises
    3. I Don't Mind
    4. Juanita
    5. It Won't Always Be This Way
    6. Open Your Window
    7. Six And Nine
    8. Dark Fire
    9. I'm Coming Home

    If the measure of a true artist is their inability to stand still then Ethan Johns easily fits the bill. Having achieved the upper reaches of success as a producer (Ray Lamontagne, Kings of Leon, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Laura Marling) the artist’s voice inside Johns’ head could not be quieted. His first solo record, If Not Now Then When? Released in Summer 2013 was received with acclaim by fans and critics alike.

    For his subsequent record, Johns trades places behind the glass with long-time friend and collaborator Ryan Adams. The Adams-produced album, The Reckoning, was born on tour in the UK, Europe and the US, inspired by the landscapes of the countryside and snippets of life in each stop along the way.


    1. Go Slow
    2. Dry Morning
    3. The Fool
    4. Among The Sugar Pines
    5. The Roses And The Dead
    6. Talking Talking Blues
    7. The Lo Down Ballad Of James Younger
    8. Black Heart
    9. You Changed
    10. This Modern London

    Coming seven years after the release of the previous full-length record, Every Eleven Seconds (5 Rue Christine), and two since the their split LP with Woods (Shrimper), Canyons Cars and Crows is a proper resurrection for Amps for Christ. Recorded at Equation Road in the beautiful Pomona Valley, the record upholds the band’s traditions of mixing folk with hardcore and noise with music—known as folkcore and musnik, respectively— and covers familiar sonic territories from ragas and Basho folk to dirges and jigs. The songs, dire but hopeful, examine man’s relationship to nature.

    Henry Barnes, the force behind Amps for Christ, was a founding member of Man Is the Bastard. The group’s first release was the cassette-only album The Plains of Alluvial, released by Shrimper in 1997; since then there have been many full-length and split albums on a number of labels. Outside of Amps for Christ, Barnes has collaborated recently with Man Is the Bastard’s Eric Wood on a Bastard Noise / Brutal Truth split LP on Relapse Records, a split with Bizarre Uproar, and a pair of splits with Japanese artists Outermost and Government Alpha. Look for live shows across one or two oceans following the release of Canyons Cars and Crows.


    1. Sailor's Searching
    2. Miss You Mother
    3. Earth Is Spinning
    4. Chieftains I
    5. Hills Of Padua
    6. Chieftains II
    7. Barely Breathe
    8. Everyone Drives
    9. All Messed Up
    10. Scottish Country Dance

    Cold Crows Dead will release their debut album ‘I Fear A New World’ through Raygun Records on 2nd December. A collaborative project from Murray Macleod, the charismatic frontman of The Xcerts, and gifted producer/songwriter Paul Steel (Mika, Empire of the Sun, Pnau, Saint Raymond), the album also features lyrics by poet/songwriter Stephen John Kalinich, famous for his work with The Beach Boys and on Dennis Wilson’s classic ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’. Backed by the rest of The Xcerts, the band will embark on a UK tour in December. Inspired by the melancholic psychedelia of Sparklehorse, former housemates Murray and Paul began writing music together a few years ago. A short time later Mark Linkous, leader of Sparklehorse, committed suicide and what began as one song evolved into an eleven-track album. Recorded at Paul's home studio, ‘I Fear A New World’ features a myriad of instruments including theremin, mellotron, horns, strings, vintage drum machines, analogue synthesizers and everything in between. Utilising 'found sounds' and unconventional recording techniques, Cold Crows Dead recorded themselves drowning in a bathroom sink, recruited an OAP choir to perform at the end of the track 'Gone', distorted their vocals, “reversed everything that didn't work” and recruited Stephen John Kalinich to exhibit his poetic mastery on 'Man In Bleak'.


    1. Ghost That Burned Your House Down
    2. Killer Party
    3. Loves In, Loves Out
    4. Deadheads
    5. Man In Bleak
    6. Hold It Together
    7. Scarred And Thoughtless
    8. My Shovel
    9. Screaming At Shadows
    10. Gone
    11. Devils Won

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