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Cristina Camargo

Moral Tem Hora / Minas Do Rei Salomão

New Parisian label, Disques Messager aims to present rarities and sought-after gems of the international rare groove scene. A mission which begins rather well, with the official reissue of these two stirring titles by Brazilian singer and composer Cristina Camargo.

Native of Rio De Janeiro, Cristina Camargo had quite a short career, releasing only 2 albums in 1980 and 1981, but still enough to collaborate with some of the best composers, musicians and producers at that time. Her first self-titled album was therefore produced by Robson Jorge & Lincoln Oliveti and recorded with some of the finest musicians.

“Moral Tem Hora” comes from this same LP and is a perfect example of the unique alchemy that emerged when disco and boogie invaded the Brazilian music scene. A rare and irresistible boogle-disco killer, composed by famous brothers, Marcos and Paulo Sérgio Valle and containing a clever arrangement which keeps you hooked till the very end.

On side B comes “Minas Do Rei Salomão”, a more chilled-out title extracted from Cristina’s 2nd album, “Santa Maravilha”. With its funky slapped bass, airy keyboards and the sweet vocals of Cristina, the song seems made to sip a nice cocktail at Ipanema.


Matt says: Effortless glory from this lesser known Brazilian star. Perfect for sauntering around without a care in the world when you're on your jolly bobs.


Moral Tem Hora
Minas Do Rei Salomão

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