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Chuwanaga continue their buy-on-sight, imperative form with another completely essential release for dance music lovers across the globe. Setting excitement levels soaring towards the end of last year with their Brit funk comp - "In The Red", now the label are back with young French artist Koji Ono who drops four tracks of stone cold OG business that skirt between Metro Area-esque disco-house and back to the Brit funk sound elevated on the label's first release. Brilliantly mixed by Greita from Disques Flegon, "Incognito" displays a producer fully in tune with his process, and able to turn his hand to a variety of styles effortlessly. It's a trait that's common with Japanese producers, who seem to be able to meticulously re-create styles and genres with an authentic and credible air. We believe this could be the beginning of a great story for this talented musician - don't miss out!

Discomatin co-founder and all-round Parisian selector don Saint James co-launches his new Chuwanaga label with this expertly curated compilation. "In The Red" is a deep dive into the exciting funk fusion coming out of London between 1980-83 as a new movement of black British musicians honed a sound that owes as much to soundsystem culture as it does disco. From the glistening instrumental flare of Index to the lavish synths and slap bass of Equa, this captures a unique and currently under-documented moment in groove history. Complete with detailed liner notes, this is a fantastic way to launch a new label. Not to be slept on.

Currently the in-vogue sound of Mancunia, as popularized by crews such as Full Beam!, The Social Service, Red Laser and Doodle. What sets this bad boy comp apart is that all the music is 100% BRITISH! Now, I'm no patriotic Brexiteer but I do love it when we nurture a sound and a scene that we can completely call our own, and this is one such occasion! Let's hope that Saint James has got his licensing game down, cos there's some pure $$$ and fire contained within here. The first track alone will set you back a cool fiddy bucks and it's uphill from there! If you liked the recent Full Beam! comp on Red Laser, or have a penchant for all things boogie, then this is an essential purchase right here. 

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