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In The Red Vol. 1 & 2

    Parisian label Chuwanaga is really proud to announce the final volume of the In The Red compilation series with this CD bringing together Volume 1 & 2. In The Red Volume 1 & 2 is an in depth musical focus on the Britfunk genre - or British Jazz-Funk - mainly produced in London between the end of the seventies and the eighties.

    Back in the days, it defined a unique mix of Jazz-Funk & Disco including Reggae & Dub techniques from Afro-Caribbean communities who were at the heart of the movement. These young musicians gave their music a unique British flavor and raw energy pushing the needle "In The Red". Almost four decades later on these powerful tracks are again ready to burn up dancefloors.

    Parisian DJ, activist and producer Saint-James has selected the most exciting, rare and powerful tracks from that era (1980-1988). Expect powerful synth solos, crazy slap bass grooves, lovely vocals on the top, strong and melodic horn sections… The CD features also an insert with photos & interviews of different members of the bands featured here.

    Parisian label Chuwanaga follow up 2017's 'In The Red', with the imaginatively titled  'In The Red Vol. 2' (A Britfunk Selection by Saint-James). This second volume continues the focus on the Britfunk scene of the early eighties. Although mainly produced in London (with a few VERY notable Mancunian exceptions) its unique mix of Jazz-Funk, Disco and Boogie still sounds fresh forty years on.
    Parisian DJ, activist and producer Saint-James selection can't be faulted, if you were to splash out for this lot as individual 12"s you'd have a £300 hole in your pocket, and brother, I think we can all agree, that's one expensive hole.
    Stikki Stuff spent the early eighties touring with Level 42. Potion, feature none other than Brit Funk LEGEND, Everton McCalla, who, aside from being a member of FREEZ, also played with Side On, whose classic 12 'Magic' was recently reissued on Bewith Records.
    So, if you like your bass slapped and your horns, erm...horny best get your hand in your pocket, this is the album for you.


    Matt says: Chuwanaga return with their essential Brit Funk compilation. Part 2 sees more unfathomably rare gems from the UK underground proffered up on fresh wax. Funky!

    Various Artists

    In The Red

      Discomatin co-founder and all-round Parisian selector don Saint James co-launches his new Chuwanaga label with this expertly curated compilation. "In The Red" is a deep dive into the exciting funk fusion coming out of London between 1980-83 as a new movement of black British musicians honed a sound that owes as much to soundsystem culture as it does disco. From the glistening instrumental flare of Index to the lavish synths and slap bass of Equa, this captures a unique and currently under-documented moment in groove history. Complete with detailed liner notes, this is a fantastic way to launch a new label. Not to be slept on.

      Currently the in-vogue sound of Mancunia, as popularized by crews such as Full Beam!, The Social Service, Red Laser and Doodle. What sets this bad boy comp apart is that all the music is 100% BRITISH! Now, I'm no patriotic Brexiteer but I do love it when we nurture a sound and a scene that we can completely call our own, and this is one such occasion! Let's hope that Saint James has got his licensing game down, cos there's some pure $$$ and fire contained within here. The first track alone will set you back a cool fiddy bucks and it's uphill from there! If you liked the recent Full Beam! comp on Red Laser, or have a penchant for all things boogie, then this is an essential purchase right here. 


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