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It seems like everyone's getting on the 'ardcore revival at the moment: Red Laser's Il Bosco, Pelvis Records down-under, local lads Natural Sciences, and now UK south coast hardware maniac Chris Moss Acid turns his attention towards ’92 style hardcore oldskool breaks and rave. Getting serious props from the likes of Truss, Anja Schneider, Colin Dale, De Sluwe Vos, Lauren Flax, Chrissy, Photonz, Boxia, Justin Robertson, Volvox, Alienata, Skream, and loads more.

Four tracks that blissfully and recklessly take you thru an authentic nite on the tiles at Bowlers or under some motorway bridge off the M1, I like the way it focuses on different vibes that you'd encounter as the long sessions developed. "Myrmidon" sounds like the big wobbly one you'd hear early doors, once everyone had got to the rave and their first garies had kicked it. Good vibes! "Strontium" definitely explores the peak and plateau, traversing from dreamy breaks to slamming 4/4 with ease. "Machine Heavy" deploys the hoovers and hyper breaks for the feisty, 'bad drugs' period of every rave where the DJ would vanquish demons from the floor via the power of maniacal music! Finally "Querida" completes with some sunrise jungle - we've made it through till the next day without OD'ing, or getting jacked by those ruff lookin' lads in the carpark and now we're sat enjoying a massive doobie with our best mate as the sun comes up over a grey industrial estate. Time's don't get much better than this mate. Fuckin' love you man.

Vinyl is limited to 303 copies, hand numbered edition.


Matt says: Whistle cru! There's been few pretenders that have even come close to DJ Absolutely Shit's new hardcore-breaks revival classic "Stop It Your Killing Me", but long serving UK synth stalwart, Chris Moss Acid, may have given it come competiion! A hardcore opus!

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