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Charlotte Day Wilson

Cyan Blue

    'Cyan Blue' finds Wilson crafting a smoothly woven cyan tapestry of her eternal influences; thumping gospel piano, warm soul basslines, atmospheric electronics, and penetrating R&B melodies. Yet, it possesses a sense of vastness that rings in a new era for Wilson, one in which she’s embracing collaboration and newfound creative openness tinged with wistfulness and yearning and a reflection on youthful innocence. “I want to look through the unjaded eyes of my younger self again,” Wilson explains of making 'Cyan Blue'. “Before there wasn’t as much baggage, before so much life was lived. But I also wish that my younger self could see where I am now. It would be nice to be able to impart some of the wisdom and clarity that I have now onto her.”

    Working with producers like Leon Thomas (SZA, Ariana Grande, Post Malone), and Jack Rochon (H.E.R, Daniel Caesar), 'Cyan Blue' demonstrates Wilson’s sonic expertise while also showcasing the next evolution of her time-bending songwriting. Through 13 hypnotizing tracks, she continues to use music as a vessel for unpacking relationships, which in turn allows her to meet and understand herself in life-spanning, panoramic focus. But, on 'Cyan Blue', she challenged herself to kick her perfectionist tendencies. “Before, I was extremely intentional about creating music with a strong foundation, a bed of artistic integrity,” Wilson reflects. “But that was a bit stifling, like, ‘Let me just make a great piece of art that will stand the test of time, no pressure.’ Now, I think I'm getting out of this frozen state of needing everything to be perfect. I'm more interested in capturing feelings in the moment as they happen and leaving them in that moment.”

    While this is only her second album, Wilson’s influence in music has made a major mainstream impact. Wilson broke out in 2016 with her critically acclaimed EP, 'CDW', followed by 2018’s 'Stone Woman' and made her debut studio album an official coming out moment in 2021 with the critically acclaimed, self-released 'Alpha'. Over the past decade, she’s been sampled by Drake, John Mayer, and James Blake, while Patti Smith has recently praised and covered Wilson’s 2016 breakout single “Work.” Additionally, she’s collaborated with artists like Kaytranada, BADBADNOTGOOD, and SG Lewis, demonstrating that there’s no sound Wilson can’t adapt to and sprinkle her cyan-colored magic over.


    Barry says: There's a strong thread of soul through Charlotte Day Wilson's brilliant 'Cyan Blue', but it smoothly moves between jazzy chord progressions and blazing synthpop lead lines, forging a path entirely of her own. Brilliantly inventive, full of groove and brilliantly produced.


    1. My Way
    2. Money
    3. Dovetail
    4. Forever (ft. Snoh Aalegra)
    5. Do U Still
    6. New Day
    7. Last Call
    8. Canopy
    9. Over The Rainbow
    10. Kiss & Tell
    11. I Don't Love You
    12. Cyan Blue
    13. Walk With Me

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