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Whispering Sons

The Great Calm

    Following the dark, expansive power of 2018’s ‘Image’ and 2021’s minimal ‘Several Others’, Whispering Sons’ third album, ‘The Great Calm’, represents a reimagining and rethinking, though this growth has produced a series of songs that are still defiantly and uniquely true to the group.

    With bass player and producer Bert Vliegen’s credentials to call on, rather than give the band musical sketches to be fleshed out later as he did previously, guitarist Kobe Lijnen was able to provide more fully formed pictures of his potential new songs.

    Recorded in four weeks - two in the Audioworkx studio near Eindhoven, Holland, before being finished at the start of 2023 using a homemade set up on Vlieland, a small Dutch island just off the North Sea coast - the power, energy and beauty behind ‘The Great Calm’’s making is etched through the heart of each of its 12 songs.


    Walking, Flying
    Cold City
    Something Good
    Still, Disappearing
    The Talker
    Balm (After Violence)
    Poor Girl
    Loose Ends
    Try Me Again

    Following on from the warm reception to Hell Yeah and Music Conception reissuing Calm's cult Before album, the labels have come together once more to offer up a reissue of the Japanese master's highly sought-after long player Moonage Electric Ensemble. The hard-to-find original has been given an all-new mixdown from original stem files and then re-mastered by Calm himself, and the double LP will also come with a bonus 12" featuring his very own Daydream Dubs plus an obi-strip and original artwork by FJD.

    The blissful yet soul-stirring Moonage Electric Ensemble, which landed first in 1999, was Kiyotaka Fukagawa's stunning sophomore album and the one that kept the bar high following his debut Shadow of the Earth. It investigated all new worlds of future jazz, ambient and downtempo and has since become a cult classic that often fetches three figures on secondhand markets. He has released over 18 albums since including Before which was reissued in 2022, though Moonage Electric Ensemble remains a favourite with those who enjoy the most accomplished and innovative sounds from the first wave of chillout.

    This escapist charmer opens with the suspensory synths and piano keys of 'Unseen Small Steps' featuring spoken words from Dan Gamble, then 'Light Year' has gently tumbling rhythms and shimming synth moving about the soothing mix. 'Noon At The Moon' brings gorgeously fizzing future jazz drums and mellifluous piano playing full of subtle joy, and 'The Other Side Of The Moon' then layers up melancholic chords and chunkier rhythms that are detailed with gorgeous persuasive details and mystic flutes. 'Tsukiyo' is a new age charmer with paddy hand drums and romantic interplay between sax and trumpet, 'Between Worlds' is an ambient interlude with distant winds blowing and intimate whispers from Gamble before closer 'Authentic Love Song' rides on dusty trip hop breaks as lazy piano chords melt the heart and Gamble serves up another aloof monologue.

    This is another welcome reissue of a sublime album that is not only one of Calm's finest but also a true gem in the wider world of downtempo music.


    A1. Unseen Small Steps
    A2. Light Years
    A3. Noon At The Moon
    A4. The Other Side Of The Moon
    B1. Tsukiyo
    B2. Between Worlds
    B3. Authentic Love Song
    B4. OasisC1Light Years
    C2. Noon At The Moon
    C3. The Other Side Of The Moon
    D1. Tsukiyo
    D2. Authentic Love Song
    D3. Oasis


    Quiet Music Under The Moon Sampler

    Limited edition sampler from Japanese producer CALM. These two tracks have been taken from the Japan only Music Conception release 'Quiet Music Under The Moon' that came out early 2023 . Featuring his signature ambient musical meditations. Mukatsuku has worked with Calm several times over the years releasing music on Exceptional Records plus compilations on Fuego (Moshi Moshi) & Kriztal (Sakura Aural Bliss) but this is the first time to release his output on Mukatsuku. Limited to 400 only hand-numbered copies.


    1. Moon Shower
    2. Oyasumi, Ohayo

    The Murlocs

    Calm Ya Farm

      The Murlocs had visions of creating a quintessential country-rock record when they begin recording their 7th LP - a collection of sublimely mellowed-out songs inspired by iconic albums like "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" and "Exile on Main St" - but the record soon took on its own unruly character. Spiked with The Murlocs’ signature breed of sharply crafted garage-punk "Calm Ya Farm" twists country-rock convention into a free-flowing album fully in touch with the frenetic energy of modern life. 


      1. Initiative
      2. Common Sense Civilian
      3. Russian Roulette
      4. Superstitious Insights
      5. Centennial Perspective
      6. Queen Pinky
      7. Undone And Unashamed
      8. Captain Cotton Mouth
      9. Catfish
      10. Smithereens
      11. Forbidden Toad
      12. Aletophyte

      Musical legends from opposite sides of the world come together on Hell Yeah's next EP as Japan's Calm and Finnish musician Jimi Tenor collaborate on big city takes. It features two new singles as well as remixes from the celebrated tapes and Belfast's best-kept secret, The Vendetta Suite.

      This most satisfying of eps came together when the psychedelic space-jazz-funk king and noted musician, composer and producer Jimi Tenor was in tour in Japan. Label head Marco arranged for him to head into Calm's studio in Kawasaki, Tokyo, and real magic happened.

      'Big city takes' is gloriously lush, with serene chords, delicate flutes and organic percussion. Tenor's airy vocal brings the soul as an intimate and late-night groove emerges to melt your heart.

      Then come two remixes from tapes. The first is powered by dusty old-school drum breaks. They're doused in subtle euphoria with a nimble bassline down low, while the second one is stripped right back to a pulsing rhythm and killer phased bass. Spread chords bring sunrise feelings to this most colourful of grooves.

      On the flip side, Calm offers a version of 'Time & Space' that is nearly eight minutes of exquisitely blissed-out downtempo. Chords ripple like waves, flutes flutter like birds and the whole thing is filled with the joys of a new spring day. The remix comes from The Vendetta Suite, a label regular and under-the-radar talent who is defining his native Northern Irish scene with his fresh fusion sounds. His version brings a new age ambiance to post-rave Balearic comedown. It's one that douses you in life-affirming synths as drums gently persuade you to sway along.


      A1.  Big City Takes (Original Mix)
      A2.  Big City Takes (Tapes Remix 1)
      A3.  Big City Takes (Tapes Remix 5)
      B1.  Time & Space (Calm's Version)
      B2.  Time & Space (Vendetta Suite Remix)

      Blanck Mass

      Calm With Horses

        Invada Records are proud to release Blanck Mass’ score to ‘Calm With Horses’ on vinyl and CD! Black Mass’ first feature length, synth-heavy score was previously released on digital platforms on 13th March.  Blanck Mass is the solo project of Benjamin John Power. The musician, also one half of Fuck Buttons, has been making music under the moniker since 2010 and has released three albums on Sacred Bones, 2015's Dumb Flesh, 2017's World Eater and 2019’s Animated Violence Mild. Calm With Horses, Nick Rowland’s feature film debut, is a raw and beautiful tale of one man’s struggle to navigate both crime and family life in rural Ireland.


        Violent Child
        The Devers
        Jack's Theme
        Different Breed
        The Cliff
        Loyal Skins
        Heck Speaks
        That Plank In Your Eye
        Prove Yourself
        Nothing That Cannot Be Turned Back

        Ari Roar

        Calm Down

          Ari Roar - moniker of Texan singer songwriter Caleb Campbell - releases his debut album ‘Calm Down’ via Bella Union

          With intuitive powers of clarity and concision to the fore, ‘Calm Down’ is an album that draws on 1960s pop and modern DIY heroes for a set of lovingly languid, lo-fi miniatures. Depths of detail and lived experience bustle beneath effortlessly melodic surfaces - sure signs of a writer in confident command of his pitch.

          With a tight run time of 28 minutes and few of its 15 songs breaching the two-minute mark, ‘Calm Down’ is not an album that overstates its case. ‘Called In’ merges the influences of garage pop and Grandaddy in its plaintive plea to “stay alert,” while the brightly summery ‘Windowsill’ and literal shaggy-dog tale ‘Lost And Found’ show an easy lightness of narrative touch and mood control.

          Elsewhere, Ari makes weightless work of variously playful, psychedelic material, navigating his songs with expressive ease even when he’s documenting difficulties navigating high school hallways on ‘Don’t Have A Fit’. ‘Off And On’ is luminous, ‘Implode’ sweetly chugging. ‘Sock Drawer’ recounts an inner voyage with a gently psychedelic touch before the playful strut of ‘Choke’ and buoyant release of ‘Lucky One’ offer precision-judged notes of climactic uplift.

          For Ari, ‘Calm Down’ is a milestone in a journey that began in Dallas, Texas, where he started songwriting on his family’s “super-old, outof- tune piano” as a child. Early inspirations included Grandaddy’s ‘Under The Western Freeway’ and Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’; his first concert experience was The Doobie Brothers, with his parents. But it was a gorgeous solo performance by Jason Schwartzman in the teen comedy ‘Slackers’ that inspired Ari to start writing songs with lyrics at 14: “I remember being mesmerized by it… and I went into my room and started trying to write something similar. After that I just never stopped.”


          Calm Down
          Called In
          Lost And Found
          Picked The Lock
          Hidden Playground
          Don't Have It
          Off And On
          Feeding Out The Slack
          Blow Dry
          In My Day
          Sock Drawer
          Lucky One


          Big Calm - 180g Vinyl Edition

          Realising that trip-hop was a dead end, at least as far as hipness goes, Morcheeba expanded their sonic palette on their second album, 'Big Calm'. Trip-hop and dance rhythms remain, but the trio has spent more time writing songs, crafting an album where pop, lounge, film soundtracks, reggae, jazz, and electronica all peacefully coexist. Consequently, 'Big Calm' is a stylistic tour de force, evidence that Morcheeba have turned into a mature, sophisticated group with impeccable taste. Occasionally, the album can sound a little distant, as if the fusions and productions were more important than the actual songs, but the trio is so musically adept, and Skye Edwards' voice is so enchanting, that 'Big Calm' become irresistible in its own way.


          Side One
          1. The Sea
          2. Shoulder Holster
          3. Part Of The Process
          4. Blindfold
          5. Let Me See
          Side Two
          1. Bullet Proof
          2. Over And Over
          3. Friction
          4. Diggin’ A Watery Grave
          5. Fear And Love
          6. Big Calm

          Exit Calm

          The Future Isn't What It Used To Be

            Following on from the blown out psychedelic infused 'Rapture' released earlier this year, Exit Calm return with 'The Future Isn't What It Used To Be' out on Club AC30. The Barnsley based quartet return bringing with them an evolution of their sound that reaffirms their position at the forefront of British guitar bands. Immersing the listener straight into the tripped out mesmerising world of Exit Calm, 'Rapture' opens the proceedings with pulsating bass and blissed-out drums that set the tone for the rest of the album. From the cavalcade of musicianship throughout and on the breakbeat-tinged fury of 'Albion' to the Bunnymen guitars and groove of 'Fiction' the songs illustrate their passion for emotive song writing that invokes the spirit of their influences. 'The Promise' arrives with a swirl of 60s meets shoegaze that sits immaculately alongside stadium rock amidst post-rock and psychedelic tendencies. The cacophonous guitar and bass lines are set perfectly against the pounding percussion of 'When They Rise', 'Rapture' and 'Holy War'.

            The Honeymoon Suite

            Calm Your Little Passions

            Sophomore EP from Manchester's premier pop-punk quintet. Bouncy, catchy, full of hooks, and perfect for summer! For fans of Spitalfield, Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy.

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