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Boy Sets Fire

Tomorrow Came Today

    Nathan Gray leads the line on the best Boy Sets Fire album to date, "Tomorrow Came Today". Guitarists Josh Latshaw and Chad Istvan are on top form too and the rock solid bass and drums of Rob Avery and Matt Krupanski never let up. They've remained one of the most musical, but still intense, hardcore bands on the scene. This, their debut album for a major label, has all the light and shade, subtle touches and strong political content that their fans know and love. "After The Eulogy" was harder and brasher but this has the potential to really make a wider impact.

    Boy Sets Fire

    Suckerpunch Training

      "Suckerpunch Training" is a passionate three track CD single which includes a cover of "Rocket Man" and a powerful spoken word track which showcases the band's unique and compelling personality as well as their powerful songwriting capabilities. A true exercise in devout social awareness, ripping political anger and breathtaking art and emotion from one of the best bands around.

      Boy Sets Fire

      The Day The Sun Went Oot

        The debut full-length from hardcore's most passionate and explosive band. Emotionally charged, heartfelt and honest, Boy Sets Fire mix aggression and thought provoking ideas into a positive blend of melody and abrasive music. There are plenty of bands out there that never tell us why they're so pissed off. Boy Sets Fire lets us know exactly what they're angry about, point by point. Find out where the hardcore band of the moment all started. Raging stuff from the definitive hardcore band.

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