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Doc Severinsen

I Wanna Be With You - Inc. DJ Harvey Edit

Renowned jazz horseman Doc Severinsen hooves into view, dropping some superfly TNT funk on our asses here via the monstrous mid-tempo disco groovings of the AWB style "I Wanna Be With You". Slick bass work, subtle keys and hot horns vibe away, breaking into audacious guitar licks or the big chorus. The original 1976 promo 12" had the same track on both sides as promos often did back then but here we get a special version on the flip, a lovingly tweaked re-edit from the cult leader himself - DJ Harvey. Switching up the arrangement without getting lost in the loops, Harv takes us back to the hypnotic funk of Black Cock classic "Shine On'. Harv's edit has been around for a minute, but this version backing the OG 76 Disco mix makes this 12" a bonafide 'must grab' for all disco enthusiasts! Do not snooze. This one's a winner!


Patrick says: If the totally unstoppable groove of jazz-meets-funk banger "I Wanna Be With You" wasn't enough, Harvey's extended and recut version on the flip seals the deal here. Low slung jazz-funk with a big helping of disco attitude? Yes please!


A. I Wanna Be With You
B. I Wanna Be With You (DJ Harvey's Pacific Beach Edit)

A Tribe Called Quest

We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service

Just when it looked like The Avalanches had the 'unlikely comeback of the year' award sewn up, legendary hip hop ensemble A Tribe Called Quest return with their first album in eighteen years, months after the death of group member Phife Dawg. Recorded at Q-Tip's home studio after the group's reunion on Jimmy Fallon, the set sees Q-Tip, Phife and Jarobi swapping the mic at will, exchanging couplets and finishing each other's lines like they'd never been apart. Musically, "We Got It From Here..." finds the group flipping their well loved jazz samples into contemporary arrangements alive with collaborative performances from a whole host of A-list guests, while the free flowing lyrics meditate on culture, sociology and the total shit show which is US politics. As a longtime fan of ATCQ, I'd have been happy with a decent rehash of their early nineties stylings, but "We Got It From Here" excels with modern production and pointed subject matter, serving up a stinging critique of society's ills over the most infectious grooves. Simply put, it's a masterpiece.


1. The Space Program
2. We The People...
3. Whateva Will Be
4. Solid Wall Of Sound
5. Dis Generation
6. Kids... 
7. Melatonin
8. Enough!!
9. Mobius
10. Black Spasmodic
11. The Killing Season
12. Lost Somebody
13. Movin Backwards
14. Conrad Tokyo
15. Ego
16. The Donald

The Clash

The Clash - Vinyl Edition

    Classic debut LP from '77. Every track is a punk anthem – sub 3 minute, 3-chord blasts of adrenalin fuelled fury. The foot is down hard on the accelerator from the opening "She's in love with rock'n'roll woah...." But where the Sex Pistols “Never Mind The Bollocks” was all about the punk rock ethos of snarling attitude and not being able to play their instruments, The Clash had songs and melody, to go with the attitude. The songs are anthemic, but not in a ‘lighter’s in the air’ way, they’re charged with a nervy, vital energy that’s helped them stand the test of time. They sound as relevant today as they did (almost) 40 years ago!


    Side 1
    1. Janie Jones
    2. Remote Control
    3. I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.
    4. White Riot
    5. Hate & War
    6. What's My Name
    7. Deny
    8. London's Burning

    Side 2
    1. Career Opportunities
    2. Cheat
    3. Protex Blue
    4. Police & Thieves
    5. 48 Hours
    6. Garageland

    Sly And The Family Stone

    Dance To The Music

      After Sly And The Family Stone's groundbreaking 1967 debut album, the funk avatar and his skilled cohorts came up with a universally relatable premise and a gigantic hook for their next effort. the seminal single "Dance To The Music" entered the top 10 during the first week of 1968. The following album, given the same title, served as a showcase for the bi-racial, co-ed sextet, revealing the players' ultra-tight interaction, improvisational skills and pile-driving grooves.

      Modest Mouse

      We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank

        Follow up to 2004's Grammy nominated "Good News...", and the band now include Johnny Marr as a permanent member.

        Modest Mouse

        Good News For People Who Love Bad News

          A fantastic album from Modest Mouse, who have sculptured an amazing epic sound that will be loved by fans of cool indie guitar bands such as Mercury Rev and Yo La Tengo; this could well see them break through to the big time.

          Screaming Trees

          Uncle Anesthesia

            Their major debut was produced by Soundgarden's Chris Cornell and released during the grunge explosion but "Uncle Anesthsia" dowplays the Tree's hard rock tendencies in favour of a mellow psychedelic sound more reminiscent of the Byrds and REM. Powerful and soulful tracks sit alongside more out there pieces and produced the band's best album to that date.

            Screaming Trees


              On their swansong 1996 album, grunge legends the Screaming Trees unleashed one of the greatest rock albums of recent years. Led by Mark Lanegan (now with Queens of the Stone Age) and the Conner brothers, "Dust" is a stunning blend of punk, classic rock and raw, bluesey vocals that recalls Hendrix, The Byrds, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Howlin' Wolf but at the same time, as with all great music, totally transcends crude comparisons. The songs veer from blasting rock'n'roll workouts, bruised ballads and mellotron-led drone workouts. Along with Nirvana and Mudhoney, the Trees deserve to be remembered as leaders of the grunge scene, regardless of matters such as record sales and gimmicky music videos.

              Good Charlotte

              Girls And Boys

                One of the best tracks from their excellent "The Young And The Hopeless" album. Contains "Girls And Boys", an acoustic version of "Riot Girl" and the video of "Girls And Boys" for PC.

                Boy Sets Fire

                Tomorrow Came Today

                  Nathan Gray leads the line on the best Boy Sets Fire album to date, "Tomorrow Came Today". Guitarists Josh Latshaw and Chad Istvan are on top form too and the rock solid bass and drums of Rob Avery and Matt Krupanski never let up. They've remained one of the most musical, but still intense, hardcore bands on the scene. This, their debut album for a major label, has all the light and shade, subtle touches and strong political content that their fans know and love. "After The Eulogy" was harder and brasher but this has the potential to really make a wider impact.


                  The Very Best Of Poco

                    Poco featured Richie Furay and Jim Messina, one time members of Buffalo Springfield. They were pioneers of the country rock style characterised on their albums by the steel guitar sound of Rusty Young. From their early recordings (their debut was released in Summer 1969) the group was hampered by frequent line-up changes and never really achieved the success they felt they deserved. This collection is a fine way to pick up some of their best songs at a cheap price.

                    The Juliana Theory


                      After releasing two full-length albums independently and gaining a solid fanbase through touring with the likes of At The Drive In and New Found Glory, the band now make their major label debut. The 14 tracks mix searing guitars and tidal rhythms with unexpected blasts of melody and cracked emotion, sounding like a sound-clash between the Foo Fighters and Faith No More.

                      Howie Day


                        21-year old Howie Day is a new singer-songwriter from the US who supported Tori Amos on her 2003 tour. Those who saw him in Manchester saw a talented musician armed only with an acoustic guitar, who uses an array of delay pedals to create and control an invisible band. He slaps his guitar for a backbeat, picks the melody out on a couple of strings and sings his own backing vocals. The sounds bounce around until Day pulls them all together with his guitar and soaring voice like a latter day John Martyn. Inspired by the emotionally raw songs of Jeff Buckley or Richard Ashcroft, they are full of broken hearts, regrets and loss and this debut does have a dark tone, but Day is one of those artists that will just get better and this is a good beginning.



                          Audioslave are lead singer / guitarist of Soundgarden, Chris Cornell and Rage Against The Machine's Tim Commerford (bass), Tom Morello (guitar), and Brad Wilk (drums). They have all the hallmarks of Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine - the heavy almost stoner presence of "Superunknown" and the fierce and uncompromising meld of punk-inspired hard rock of RATM's debut. Fourteen tracks of supremely heavy and passionate hard rock - a total RIFFERAMA.


                          Wonder What's Next

                            Yeah... they sound like Tool, but that's OK, Chevelle explode on all 11 tracks of this emotional-hard rock disc. Three brothers who usually start out a song with a quiet guitar intro while Pete sings in an almost meek, trembling voice. Then they will break into one of the most heavy powerful vocals and rip-tear guitar playing that you will ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

                            The The

                            Mind Bomb

                              Digitally remastered version of this 1989 album. Nicely packaged in a limited edition slip case.


                              Morning View

                                Incubus have developed into one of the most exciting acts on the whole nu-metal / stoner / punk scene and this superb rifferama exudes quality on every track. Hot, heavy and raw but slick, complex, emotional and assured they don't come better in this type of music.

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