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"Give It Up" is the opening salvo from the forthcoming new Datarock album, "Red". It's typical Datarock - a brilliant slice of 80s-inspired disco-not-disco / punk-funk pop (complete with typically witty and surreal lyrics) that hooks you in on first listen. It's a short sharp shock that is reminiscent of the post-punk musicality of acts such as The Associates and achieves the fine balancing act of sounding both current and retro. Remixes on this 12" come from Kissy Sell Out (funky discoid electro), Fan Death (speedy indie-electrodisco collision) and Chateau Marmont (electrohouse). I copy found!


... For The Whole World To See

    "… For The Whole World To See", a fresh and inspired early entry in the category of punk rock, is the first full-length release ever for Death. The band only released one 7" single, "Politicians In My Eyes"/"Keep On Knocking", which now sells for $1000 a copy. Inspired by some of classic rock's heroes, Death riff-rocked with minimal leads at maximum heat, a la Fred 'Sonic' Smith or MC5. Following their 1974 demo Death were given an audition with Don Davis, whose chart-topping work with Stax acts Johnnie Taylor and The Dramatics had made him a local celebrity. Davis booked the band into his United Sound Recording Studio, one of Detroit's main destinations for aspiring blues, R&B and soul musicians, and they recorded the tracks that make up this album with engineer Jim Vitti, whose work with Parliament / Funkadelic seemed to inform his decision to record Death in raw fashion with little polish, showcasing the organic power relationships within the trio.

    Death Cab For Cutie

    Something About Airplanes

      Death Cab For Cutie's first 'proper' album was originally released in 1998. It features five re-recorded versions of tracks from their "You Can Play These Songs With Chords" demo along with five new tracks.


      Broken Hymns, Limbs And Skin

      New York quintet O'Death's third album, "Broken Hymns, Limbs And Skin", feels like a giddy junkyard hoedown, from the panicked fiddle screeches of opener "Lowtide" to the celebratory gallop of closer "Lean-To". At times it sounds morose or contemplative, but underneath the melancholy is a gospel fervour — bashed from paint buckets, banjos, guitars and anything else in kicking distance — that defines their sound. Since 2007's "Head Home", the band have evolved the possessed Americana-meets-gypsy-punk of recent years into a more urgent, unrelenting celebration of life, death and everything in between. They've grown up a little, but haven't lost the underlying longing or the unruly jubilation in their songs.

      Death Cab For Cutie

      Narrow Stairs

        "Narrow Stairs" follows 2005's Grammy Award-nominated Platinum album "Plans". It is produced by the band's own Chris Walla, who has produced Death Cab's past five albums.


        Sex Death Cassette

          Inspired by influences as diverse as Guided By Voices, R Stevie Moore, Fela Kuti, Lightning Bolt, Fushitsusha, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, and Cody Chestnutt, "Sex Death Cassette" is an album full of hope, determination and chaos. It'll leave you with sweat dripping down your face onto your swelled lip; fresh, liquid salt, the quintessential flavour of late night post-disco parties and booty slinging good times. After dancing to this album, you're heavy with it, like too much cough syrup on a stomach full of hi-quality sushi. Rafter executes the helter-skelter boogie-down production so gracefully that it is no mystery why those in-the-know recruit him, including the likes of Fiery Furnaces, The Rapture, Arab on Radar, The Album Leaf, Rocket from the Crypt, Danielson, Black Heart Procession, The Peppermints, Hot Snakes, his own band Bunky, and fellow Asthmatic Kitty artists (Castanets, Liz Janes, and Sufjan Stevens).

          Death Of London / Dobermann

          Split 7"

            Death of London – So you want to know about the sceptic's phenomenon know as Death of London eh? Well, they still are mighty young in band terms. Initially conceived at a Methodist Centre gig in September 2006, the tangible form transpired in February 2007 to unleash the dreamt about potential and here it now is. Wow! Aren't figures and facts great? Five or six practices later they only went and recorded "a pound. a bite." at dub:rek studios in derby. Not only did it sound good, field records wanted to put it out on the streets. Dobermann – A fissiped mammal with non-retractable claws squeezed into a 3 piece rock beat combo, have pinned firmly to the mast their riff based wizardry. No spell to difficult cast, no voyage too treacherous to undertake, these men are hell bent on delivering the finest quality riffage this fair and pleasant land can offer. With an unlikely background in Martial arts and Military service, Dobermann create what can be described as 'rock' music, the way it should be, without a can of hairspray, or sniff of spandex in sight. Beware you have been warned.


            Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above / Alala - Bonde Do Role Remix

              Unadulterated disco-not-disco brilliance, undisputed dancefloor juggernaut and surely, SURELY, a summer anthem in the making (OK, so it's an anthem already, but just wait 'til festival season!), "Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above" gets another outing after originally being quietly released on Sub Pop back in August 2006. This CD single also includes the baile funk remix from fellow Sao Paulo residents Bonde Do Role (originally on the Sub Pop 12" import).

              Pony Pants

              Till Death Do Us Party

                "Till Death Do Us Party" explodes out of the package with eight tight, fresh tracks sure to shake up dance parties, boom boxes, car stereos and basement shows across the land. Full of hope, heat, and a sense of urgency, the songs offer a vision of the world where pleasure and politics are one in the same. In the universe of Pony Pants, radical bedroom romps, volatile social disobedience, and courageous utopian dreams occupy the same plane of resistance and deviance. Pony Pants has shared he stage with such acts as Parts & Labor, Veronica Lipgloss & the Evil Eyes, Hott Beat, nO things, Fur Cups For Teeth, Genghis Tron, Shellshag, and Rah Brahs. RIYL Le Tigre, Erase Errata and Numbers.

                Billy Ruffian

                Death Of A Band

                  Debut EP from this Manchester based five piece who've been peddling their own brand of dandy-rock across the city since the start of 2006. The EP features four tracks: the title track is an insight into the chaos of a band hurtling towards destruction, "Preensters" rails against the shallowness and desperation of figures that writhe in the darkness around them, "Leaving Soon" is a heartfelt plea from a character who is trapped in the daily grind of 9 to 5, and the EP finishes with the leftfield pop of "(My Girlfriend Is Like A) Trojan Horse".

                  Hazel Winter

                  Death Row Bride

                    She's been described by Q magazine as 'West Country's first lady of noirsh guitar blues', and who are we to argue with that!!!


                    Anarchy In Canada

                      Fifteen tracks of never before released studio material from 1981 to 1984, arguably the band's finest, most productive years. Bonuses include the previously lost track "They Saved Hitler's Brain" from '81 and "Kill Kill This Is Pop" from 1979's super rare "Vancouver Compilation" LP.

                      Various Artists

                      Death Before Disco

                        Great compilation to help kick start new San Francisco label Prince House, a real genre-defining punk funk comp of sorts, combining both dance and electronics with punk rock. From San Francisco's minimal techno funk artists Broker/Dealer to the trashy rock and roll of the Pattern. 15 tracks, including soon to be classics by Paradise Boys, Adult, Numbers, Gogogoairheart, A Tension, Hint Hint, Ghost Orchids, the Vanishing, the Pleased (like a West Coast Interpol), the Lovemakers, Dance Disaster Movement,and I Am Spoonbender.


                        Pray For Death

                          This is going to be seen as one of THE hardcore albums of 2003. The hardest bonecrunching, head numbing, streetwise hardcore album in the last six years from the label that defined the genre - Victory Records. Cover art by famous New York Hardcore art icon Sean Taggart.

                          Death Threat / Over My Dead Body


                            This CDEP features two great hardcore bands from their own respective sides of the US. Death Threat are a hardcore band from Connecticut who have toured with Agnostic Front, Hatebreed and others. Over My Dead Body are a straight edge hardcore band from San Diego California. A cover version and two new originals of totally in yer face hardcore.


                            Stealing From Death

                              Vocals that drip acid, guitar and drums that bludgeon the listener into submission - Engrave are back with a new album that creates an aural Hell on Earth! A hybrid of hectic breaks, mania beats and noise attacks exploding from each song combined with innovation and technical skill like that found in bands like Converge, Cave In, Botch or Grade.


                              Sudden Death Overtime

                                Slapshot are one of the best bands to emerge from the hardcore scene around Boston, and "Sudden Death Overtime" is one of the albums that affirmed their position. These guys know how to play (listen to their heavy version of the Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" for proof) and are suprisingly melodic at times. Features two extra live tracks.

                                Larry Wallis

                                Death In The Guitarfternoon

                                  Larry Wallis ex of the classic period Pink Fairies returns with a guitar driven album with tracks dwelling on sci-fi, The Fairies, hippies and tribal gatherings, with Mick Farren supplying some of the lyrics. Larry Wallis was once described as 'like Hank Marvin on acid' and this album amply supports this theory. Also included is a rerecording of his classic "I'm A Police Car" where he really lets loose for nearly eight minutes.

                                  Death Threat

                                  For God & Government

                                    Death Threat are well pissed off with 'the System' and they're pretty angry with everyone else too. This is brutal hardcore that has that new American Nightmare, Buried Alive heaviness. Formed by former members of Hatebreed and His Hero Is Gone.


                                    Death Is Infinite

                                      "Death Is Infinite" shows Himsa have progressed into an original metal-hybrid band that has it's roots firmly planted in the hardcore scene. The combination of speed and technical precision in their music leads to mind-numbing changes and hints of harmonic thrash metal not seen before from a band in this genre.

                                      Death On Wednesday

                                      Buying The Lie

                                        Typical pop-punk from the West Coast, Death On Wednesday cite influences as diverse as The Beatles and Elvis to The Cult. They couple pulverizing guitar riffs with a solid rhythmic backbone and add a Morrissey soundalike on vocals.

                                        Cadillac Blindside

                                        The Allegory Of Death And Fame

                                          Cadillac Blindside, on a first listen may resemble an early Get Up Kids when they were rocking and less heart broken and this new six song EP is full of good songs delivered with an energy and assurance that leaves you a-raving!

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