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Fucked Up Donald

    D.O.A., Canada’s punk pioneers know when to take a stand against bullshit. So that’s why they have come up with their new instant single Fucked Up Donald. Joey Shithead, the godfather of hardcore recently said "It did not take too long to realize that Donald Trump, with his anti-Mexican, anti-women, antipeople message was just too much. You can dress a pig up, but in the end you realize it’s really just Donald Trump".

    So D.O.A. arranged a quick recording session. It’s a vitriolic take off of a big part of D.O.A’s history from the 80’s. The now released video has 3 million hits and counting.


    Anarchy In Canada

      Fifteen tracks of never before released studio material from 1981 to 1984, arguably the band's finest, most productive years. Bonuses include the previously lost track "They Saved Hitler's Brain" from '81 and "Kill Kill This Is Pop" from 1979's super rare "Vancouver Compilation" LP.

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