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The Paper Kites


    Notably the release includes standout single "Bloom" which has been certified platinum in the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Italy & the Netherlands.

    It melds earthy instrumentals to create a perfect backdrop for the band's trademark harmonies that have garnered them a dedicated audience and over 1 billion streams across their catalog.


    1. Bloom
    2. Woodland
    3. Featherstone
    4. Halcyon
    5. Willow Tree March
    6. The Mortal Boy King
    7. A Maker Of My Time
    8. Leopold Street
    9. When Our Legs Grew Tall
    10. Paint
    11. Kiss The Grass

    "Give It Up" is the opening salvo from the forthcoming new Datarock album, "Red". It's typical Datarock - a brilliant slice of 80s-inspired disco-not-disco / punk-funk pop (complete with typically witty and surreal lyrics) that hooks you in on first listen. It's a short sharp shock that is reminiscent of the post-punk musicality of acts such as The Associates and achieves the fine balancing act of sounding both current and retro. Remixes on this 12" come from Kissy Sell Out (funky discoid electro), Fan Death (speedy indie-electrodisco collision) and Chateau Marmont (electrohouse). I copy found!

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