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Masahiko Togashi, Don Cherry, Dave Holland, And Steve Lacy

Live At Yubin Chokin Kaikan Hall, Tokyo On May 14, 1986

For this historical concert held at the Yubin Chokin Hall, in Tokyo on May 14, 1986, the legendary Japanese drummer Masahiko Togashi brought together an amazing line-up with such modern jazz luminaries as Steve Lacy (soprano sax), Don Cherry (pocket trumpet), and Dave Holland (bass). This particular album consists of four previously unpublished tracks (on vinyl), including some highly regarded Lacy compositions such as "The Crus" and "Quakes" and Don Cherry's African flavored anthem called "Mopti". The Lacy-Cherry frontline flies over the agile, airy rhythm section of Holland and Togashi and the interplay between the four master musicians sounds loose and relaxed. This is a must-hear for any post free jazz fan.

Catch Twenty Two

Dinosaur Sounds

Catch Twenty Two are back with another heartfelt collection of punk / soul / metal / Mowtown / ska / pop gems, delivered with their customary inspiration and energy. 11 new songs about love, loss and drinking, beautifully crafted around insanely catchy horn and exuberant guitar leads and very, very highly recommended.

Streetlight Manifesto

Everything Goes Numb

Featuring members of Catch 22, "Everything Goes Numb" is a natural progression of Catch 22's "Keasbey Nights", showcasing not only energetic horn parts and fabulous harmonizing vocals, but intelligent lyrics focusing on the angst-ridden lives of young adults. This is a hugely anticipated album in the ska-punk underground – an unparalleled fusion of ska, jazz, reggae, swing and punk. For fans of Catch 22, Sublime, No Doubt and Less Than Jake.


Pray For Death

This is going to be seen as one of THE hardcore albums of 2003. The hardest bonecrunching, head numbing, streetwise hardcore album in the last six years from the label that defined the genre - Victory Records. Cover art by famous New York Hardcore art icon Sean Taggart.

Darkest Hour

Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation

Hailing from Washington, DC, Darkest Hour are ready to grab the metal world by the throat with their debut for Victory Records, "Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation". A brutal mix of aggressive hardcore and conventional power metal, reminiscent of bands such as At the Gates, In Flames, Dismember and Iron Maiden. Extreme hard rock and set to become one of the biggest US metal ablbums of 2003.


As The Last Light Drains

A totally aggressive blast that hits you like a coiled spring as Karl, Erick and Bulldog, formerly of Earth Crisis bring you "As The Last Light Drains" in their new incarnation as Freya. This is pulverizing heavy hardcore that mixes brutal guitar lines with vicious but accessible vocals.


Files You Have On Me

Waterdown's "The Files You Have On Me", provides warm, singy vocals fused with heavy screaming. Heavy bass and drums backed with tight lead guitar lines and harmonic hooks. This record is a must-have for fans of bands like The Used and Finch.



Featuring founding members of classic California hardcore bands Outspoken, Insted and Chorus of Disapproval. A18's message is not new, but their commitment is particularly refreshing. No room for compromise in their musical vocabulary. This is powerful, loud and demanding hardcore at its best.


CD Info: Enhanced CD with video clips.

Various Artists

Xdoanex - Punk Rock Hardcore Filmmaking

    Dozens of brilliant hardcore videos on one DVD with tracks from Poison The Well, Snapcase, Grade, Shadows Fall, Thursday, MXPX, Sick Of It All and loads more.

    Somehow Hollow

    Busted Wings And Rusted Halos

    Somehow Hollow are a Canadian based band who play slightly metallic, melodic punk. If you are looking for aggressively melodic riff-heavy punk rock, this is the album you want to start with.

    River City Rebels

    No Good No Time No Pride

    The third album for Victory records from the River City Rebels is a no holds barred punk rock epistle. This seven piece punk band feature a dual horn section and the rare ability to create infectious punk anthems with powerful, politically aware lyrics. They're young lads but don't let the age fool you, they perform like seasoned punksters.

    The Reunion Show

    Kill Your Television

    Like an updated version of the classic Elvis Costello debut this Long Island band combines a fuzzbox sound and sleek pop-rock sensibility with the edgy style of 2002 emocore. With dual vocals and driving guitars matched against organ and a slinky bassline, their well-crafted songs are infectious and full of zip. New on Victory Records, The Reunion Show and Foo Fighters / Jimmy Eat World producer Nick Raskulinecz have come up with a brilliantly realized album that showcases their pristine melodies and crunchy guitars perfectly.

    Various Artists

    Victory Style 5

    The Victory Style series has been one of the best selling underground rock compilation series of the past ten years, featuring exclusive tracks from Thursday, Ringworm, Snapcase, Minus, Grade and a load more from one of the best labels in this genre.

    The Anniversary - Superdrag

    Split CD

    The coming together of these two emo-pop bands signifies the first release in a Split EP series from Vagrant Records. Three strong songs from each band makes this an easy-to-assimilate treat. Superdrag showcases a handful of songs and The Anniversary contribute three new creations too.


    Jesus Christ Bobby

    Seriously heavy and totally deranged mayhem deserving of the KKKKK review in Kerrang. A total suprise that this demon spawn from Hell should emerge from Iceland and an ex-Sugarcube at that.

    Student Rick

    Soundtrack For A Generation

    If you enjoy acts such as Blink 182, New Found Glory and Saves The Day then chances are you'll enjoy Student Rick. They have the same blend of songs filled with emotion and hooks that draw the listener in deeper and deeper as the album progresses. They could be big this time next year.

    Darkest Hour

    So Sedated, So Secure

    Darkest Hour's third and most destructive album, continuing in their spirit of misery and frustration. The ferocious blend of brutal riffs and exorcising screams has an underlying hint of melodic brutality. A typical Victory label band: extreme yet memorable.


    Headfirst, Straight To Hell

    Wrapped in a vision of a tormented Hell, with dismembered limbs, nightmare dolls and blood sucking demons it's fitting that Grade's music is a fusion of the most intense elements of hardcore, punk, emo and metal. Emotion, passion, brutal honesty and nippy guitar riffs a cut above many in the genre. Grade's trademark combination of aggression and melody continues to develop and really hits home. They have unconsciously taken their sound to the next level of accessibility without compromising their roots.

    River City Rebels

    Playin' To Live, Livin' To Play

    The River City Rebels have blossomed from seven young rebels with a cause into one of the best punk bands today. No nonsense old skool with a touch of added ska and a dash of politics. Charged, urgent anthems and tales of life in New England, lost love and the feelings felt by every teenager in every small town in America.

    Reach The Sky

    So Far From Home

    Back in stock the 1999 album by one of of the best, most tuneful of the new hardcore bands. This is an absolute cracker.


    Time - The Destroyer

    They've toured with Hatebreed and Papa Roach and have been around for a while without a proper record deal now signed to Victory Records and with they're strongest, hardest, heaviest tracks yet things are gonna change for this lot.


    Never Kill The Boy On The First Date

    Waterdown play a fusion of emotional, driving and explosive rock with a hint of hardcore. Strong songs and dynamic live performances, they fill the gap between the Deftones, Boy Sets Fire and Face To Face.


    The Embarrassing Beginning

    Grade blend together elements of emocore, rock, metal, pop and punk and the kitchen sink. This release contains "hard to find" and early tracks, hence the title.

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