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Voices Travel

    Gracer fuses a forward-moving rock edge with the melancholy overtones of mid-90s emo - somewhere between Sunny Day Real Estate and Elliott. With former members of Long Island's On the Might of Princes (Revelation Records) and Lux Courageous (Triple Crown Records), Gracer's ambition is driven by elements of both of these projects. Spacey guitars, a driving but muted bass line, and hard-edged, precise drumming bring it all together.

    Shai Hulud

    A Comprehensive Retrospective

      Exactly what it says on the tin. Includes their earlist demo with original singer Damien Moyal (As Friends Rust etc), scratch guitar tracks, warehouse recordings,a live radio show for WNYU Crucial Chaos, a four track demo featuring Chad Gilbert, extensive liner notes, photos, flyers. A completist wet dream in other words, and essential for Shai Hulud fans.


      Stylish Nihilists

        Christiansen hail from Louisville Kentucky, but if you're forming any preconceptions from that you can forget them. If you need references, think the dexterity of At The Drive In meeting the coherence and passion of Fugazi and the concise energy of Thursday, with a loose, incendiary production. And it really is that good. Break open your piggy banks kiddies, you need this.


        Song In The Air

          "Song in the Air" is a reflective, emotionally intense release for Elliot's 'difficult' third album. A collection of songs that adds a mature insight into their lives and the breadth and depth of the album is evidence of the band taking chances, getting messed up, really sad, worked up, pissed off but essentially... alive. Recorded in July 2001 "Song In The Air" deserves to be the one that gets Elliot to the wider audience this music merits. Awesome.

          Since By Man

          We Sing The Body Electric

            Since By Man have the intensity of Converge and Poison The Well plus the melodic sensibility of emocore. From Milwaukee USA, Sam Macon (vocals), Justin Kay (guitar), Kevin Herwig (guitar), Jon Kraft (drums) and Bryan Jerabek (bass) have created a storm of an album. Together this five-piece form a cohesive, powerful unit "We Sing The Body Electric" has a maturity unusual in a debut full-length with a genuine power and desperate passion.

            Dag Nasty

            Minority Of One

              Dag Nasty, the legendary Dischord band are back and as good as ever with their first release in a decade. Once again it features band members Dave Smalley, Brian Baker plus bassist Roger Marbury and drummer Colin Sears. Credited with helping to originate the 'emo' sound and influencing many of today's top selling punk bands, they remain very influential to many with their blend of aggressive hardcore and melodic punk.

              Pitch Black

              Pitch Black

                'Gothic punk', a new genre for Pitch Black, a band that features ex-members of Screw 32, The Nerve Agents, Big Rat and Stressboy. Their brand of hardcore-horror-punk compares to The Misfits and the Nerve Agents work with Edgar Allen Poe and HP Lovecraft high on their list of lyric influences.

                Fall Silent

                Drunken Violence

                  Triple beat breakdowns, speed riffs from Hell, from the opening note to the killer artwork, Fall Silent have produced one of the best hardcore / metal albums of the year. The follow up to "Six Years In The Desert", on "Drunken Violence" they approach their sound with more speed and anger than any other album the band has released. With the speed collapsing into powerful breakdowns, they have been described as Pantera meeting Black Flag in a dark alley with flicknives. Cool!


                  Death Is Infinite

                    "Death Is Infinite" shows Himsa have progressed into an original metal-hybrid band that has it's roots firmly planted in the hardcore scene. The combination of speed and technical precision in their music leads to mind-numbing changes and hints of harmonic thrash metal not seen before from a band in this genre.

                    Fall Silent

                    Six Years In The Desert

                      Taking the DIY ethic and mixing hardcore, punk rock and death metal they use primal vocals and a precise monsterous guitar attack that will hit you like a punch in the gut. This CD collects the band's previously out of print releases and features 17 hard and nasty tracks.

                      Right Brigade

                      Right Brigade

                        They don't come more hardcore than this lot a power chord barrage of "take no shit" hardcore that is sure to induce pit action across the globe. Taking their moniker from the Bad Brains track of the same name, Right Brigade have no gimmicks, no hype and no manners and no sense of propriety in their use of language.


                        U.S. Songs

                          Back in stock, the debut album from one of the best emo-core outfits around. Their second release £False Cathedrals" is rapidly gaining them a huge following and this first set is another cracker.

                          One Line Drawing

                          Sketchy #2

                            Second One Line Drawing release from Jonah Matranga (ex FAR frontman) plangeant chords, yearning voiced. An intimate emocore outing from a new talent.


                            Always On

                              Very few bands have been able to combine the best elements of punk,hardcore, emo and pop to make something simpler, something all of their own. Gameface are one of the few. Ten tracks of their trademark emocore. "Always On" shows undoubted maturity. A band that improves with each release. Produced by Jim Monroe, some of the tunes on the album show the band branching out in slightly new directions. This is definitely the most well-rounded Gameface record yet. Some things do get better with age!

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