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The music of Hubur is full of details and small elements that trigger the big picture profoundly. You can call his music electronic. You can say he writes tracks. But then there are some song-ish moments in them – even if there is no singing at all. Not at least because his melodies are tempting. You can also find traces of hip hop. Traces of leftfield electronics. Traces of jazz without jazz. A gentle ride with a story arc that absorbs profoundly and that does not require a commercial value to exist and be meaningful.

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More copies of this Patch-endorsed nu-Age cybalearic classichave landed.... New World Science 'Osmos (Movements)'…
Wed 22nd - 3:19
Omar S 'Pull Ovaa' - few more just arrived... HEAT from FXHE...
Wed 22nd - 3:11
Back in folks! Down to the last remainers now... Ruf Dug 'Ruf Dug Presents The Committee'
Wed 22nd - 3:10
Pre-order the album in any format for 1 free wristband here >
Tue 21st - 5:04
Brand new banners are up and looking 👌🏻 this week they come from @TheNational and @Death_Vanilla both albums are ou…
Mon 20th - 11:07
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