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7 Dollar Taxi

Come And Figure It Out

    Swiss indie-rock band 7 Dollar Taxi give out blasts of 60s beat music clashing with 80s post-punk, all freshly and colourfully wrapped up in a British manner and with a garage attitude that makes established bands look like greenhorns.

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    🔵 BLUE MONDAY 🔵 The debut album from @haaidj ‘Baby, We’re Ascending’ is out now via @MuteUK Pictured here is the…
    Mon 27th - 3:04
    Can’t wait! 🙌 Hit the link for all the info👇
    Sun 26th - 11:32
    Looking great John 👌Thanks for ordering and sharing 🙏 @DeadOceans @whereisMUNA
    Fri 24th - 12:45
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