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Will Sergeant

Bunnyman : A Memoir

    Growing up in Liverpool in the 1960s and '70s, when skinheads, football violence and fear of just about everything was the natural order of things, a young Will Sergeant found the emerging punk scene provided a shimmer of hope amongst a crumbling city still reeling from the destruction of the Second World War. From school-day horrors and mud flinging fun to nights at Liverpool's punk club, Eric's, Sergeant was fuelled by and thrived on music.

    It was this devotion that led to the birth of the Bunnymen, to the days when he and Ian McCulloch would muck around with reel-to-reel recordings of song ideas in the back parlour of his parents' council estate house, and to finding a community - friends, enemies and many in between - with those who would become post-punk royalty from the likes of Dead or Alive, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the Teardrop Explodes to name a few.

    It was an uphill struggle to carve their name in the history of Liverpool music, but Echo and the Bunnymen became iconic, with songs like 'Lips Like Sugar,' 'The Cutter' and 'The Killing Moon'. By turns wry, explicit and profound, Bunnyman reveals what it was really like to be part of one of the most important British bands of the 1980s.

    Will Sergeant

    Themes For Grind

      Despite wonderful records from many luminaries within the synth | minimal | electronica world over the last few years (Cavern of Anti-Matter, Pye Corner Audio, Colin Potter etc etc), Polytechnic Youth’s next full length is especially close to PY head, Dom’s heart and firmly in the “honour to do” camp.

      As a Bunnymen fan since the early 80s, this curiously out there and completely stand alone, solo LP from Will Sergeant came as a real curveball at the time. Released in 1982 between “Heaven Up Here” and “Porcupine”, the LP honed in on Will’s home 4 track recordings of darkly ambient, exploratory electronica and was self released on his own “92 Happy Customers” label. Worlds away from his work with the Bunnymen, the album has gone onto attain cult status as something of a deeply hidden cornerstone to the UK’s early ‘80s underground DIY / electronic scene.

      From it’s almost bleak, very industrial sleeve art with no track titles (instead it’s ‘imaginary film soundtrack’ feel is maintained with the tracks listed as numbered scenes) the record is at times otherworldly -even now- while certain scenes recall the work of Cluster, early Cabs and nods to Eno and perhaps Throbbing Gristle, This Heat or certain Popol Vuh. There was precious little treading a similar path in 1982 and that it was the low key, solo creation of a -by now- huge band’s guitarist, made it all the more baffling.

      An utter joy, at times unsettling, at others beautifully atmospheric- the record still flows majestically well, and although a CD was reissued some time ago, this is its first official LP reissue. Released as a duo- coloured wax pressing of 500 in original sleeve art. It is hoped that “Electronic Sound” will run a corresponding piece to co-run with the album’s reissue, and by chance, it also coincides with Will’s first book on life within the Bunnymen for over 40 years.

      A beautiful duo coloured splatter wax edition of 500 in reversed board sleeve and expected to sell out sharply….

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