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NEW UR !! Wavejumpers spotted off the coast of Scotland. Can you decode the sound that lurks in the fog?

Complimenting the hi-tech jazz flavoured Manu De Fuego (UR-095), also released this week, we have a Drexciyan flavoured release from Wavejumper, another new UR jam to blast away all other competition!

Underwater, squiggly, scuba diving techno and electro that's deliciously textured. You can almost feel the propeller's drag through the aqua-tunnel! Don't need to tell you how quickly these are gonna get snapped up.


Matt says: Hard to pick a favourite out of the TWO, NEW (!) Underground Resistance records this week. Mana De Fuego sorts out the much needed main room money shot but here Wavejumpers (who?) go on a Drexciyan scuba dive, exploring the sub layers with a street-wise and fierce attitude. It's killer!


A1. The Sound
A2. Aquatic Justice
B1. Cetacaen Nation
B2. Decoding The Maps
B3. Sunken Treasure

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