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Super experimental project from our favourite maverick geniuses at Wah Wah Wino. Coming in hand-stamped, 'foot stomped' sleeve, "KWALK" is a 50+ minute collage of stitched together tape loops, library electronica, DIY experiments and smudged, after-hours narcotica. Landing somewhere between Dean Blunt, Tom Boogizm, Light Sounds Dark, Delia Derbyshire and Raymond Scott. Completely singular & immersive; there's an organic beauty lying in all its imperfections whilst the inspired vision by its curator takes the mind on a decidedly visionary journey through sounds and moods you didn’t quite know existed. 100% recommended.


Barry says: Pretty weird this, but reminds me a lot of some of the early odd-folk electronic sounds that came from Alien8 / Kranky / CST in the early 00's. Lots of field recording adjacent saturation and staggered loop business. Really texturally interesting but undeniably rhythmic and hypnotic. Lovely.


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Davy Kehoe

The Pilot

Wino go full Zeppelin! Inspired by a recent trip to New Orleans and the deep South, Davy & Co. wrangle sliding basses and pumping organs into 20 minute rock n’ roll-on odyssey. Chugging locomotives fall into an infinite groove on the A side, while the B takes the underneath perspecitve- rattling out subdued sub bass frequencies. Full sleeve artwork by (the legend) The Germ . Mastered by the Bastard.


Patrick says: After that Wino-D release made us freak last year, the Irish outfit return with a new style for the new era. The modular bleeps and buzzing circuitry remain, pluming acrid smoke from the fresh solder, but now they play ensemble with motorik percussion, blazing guitars and wailing vocals, raging away until the bassline brings the groove. Flip it and journey further into the freakzone. This is neo-PZYK magik for the next generation - don't get left behind.


A1. The Pilot (part 1)
B1. The Pilot (part 2)

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