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Beastie Boys

Licensed To Ill - 2023 Reissue

    The joke of Licensed to Ill's cover - that the Beasties could crash their jet into the side of a mountain and keep on tickin' - serves as a good metaphor for a career that even some of their 1986 admirers thought might be over after the one-time-only shock of this full-length debut. That thousands of funk-junkie wannabes have since failed at re-creating its groove, breaking-the-law vibe, and ear-splitting mix of rock and rap is an even better joke. And funniest of all is the record itself, which packs dexterous boasts, aural puns, and lots and lots of yelling into a disc that can still be listened to with as much pleasure as it gave in '86.


    A1. Rhymin’ & Stealin'
    A2. The New Style
    A3. She’s Crafty
    A4. Posse In Effect
    A5. Slow Ride
    A6. Girls
    A7. Fight For Your Right
    B1. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
    B2. Paul Revere
    B3. Hold It Now, Hit It
    B4. Brass Monkey
    B5. Slow And Low
    B6. Time To Get Ill

    Public Enemy

    Yo! Bum Rush The Show - 2023 Reissue

      With 1987's 'Yo! Bum Rush the Show', Public Enemy introduced a new kind of bravado that wasn't just directed at other players and sucker MCs but was an out-and-out middle-finger challenge to the whole world. PE, helped by Def Jam head Rick Rubin, crowd these tracks with disparate sounds that move your hips while they buzz from every channel. Despite Chuck and Flavor's serious posturing, you'll be grateful for the sloppy bass line in "Timebomb" and Terminator X's brilliant tone experiment (doffing its hat to Fred Wesley's 'Blow Your Head'), "Public Enemy No. 1."

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