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DJ Nobu & NHK yx Koyxen become MTv for a true Trilogy Tapes themed excursion. "Snow Ball" and "Smart Ball", on the A-side, are two sides of the same coin; the former bleeps placidly to an eerie groove of molecular hypnotics, subtle rhythms hidden amogst the static; while the latter enters the rave with a slow yet brutalist assortment of bass bumps. Intricate little grooves and jarring swaure waves. "Smooth Motion" is a fuzzy, imperceptible techno experiment in the same style as Thomas Brinkmann's oddities, and "Look Back Motion" rattles an itchy, acid-driven stomper over a bare-bones groove that has TTT stamped all over it. Dramatic and tension fuelled throughout, MTv providing a strong addition to TTT's impeccable catalogue...

Ekman bringing the rukus for Trilogy Tapes across four tracks that scrape up the crumbling detritus of gabba and reconstruct it as pummeling electro rhythms. 808 / 909 kicks distorted to oblivion before being further attack by sharp claps, biting snares and grating hats. If you've a penchant for the fried n frazzled then this is for you. Tape saturated tekno for the late night club dwellers and disenfranchised rave gremlins. Top stuff. 

Will Bankhead's Trilogy Tapes label keeps up the full spectrum techno assault on this, the second of two releases to drop this week. Eomac delivers a mindboggling jungle-breakcore-noise hybrid on "Hither, Pappy", recalling elements of Atari Teenage Riot, Autechre and Scam records then mashing them through an post-industrial meat grinder. "Husk" quickly slams its foot on the brakes, easing us back into a blurred 125BPM groove, buzzing with electrostatic discharge. This one hits the veins usually mainlined by techno users Blawan, Analogue Cops, Midland etc. "Tunnel" on the flip gets very corrosive, very quickly! Before long harsh white noise shards and gurgling distorted acid are flatlined right against our eardrums. Brutal, punishing, tech; and just when you think this one's done with you, it spits you back out and punishes you some more - there is no escape!! "I Love You, I Miss You" finally lets us rest, or rather recover, after the unrelenting attack of blast beats. Spiralling off into a dreamy but malevolent cloud of ghostly vocals and plinky-plonky beats.

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Fri 23rd - 10:53
RT @Sinkyateeth: DEBUT ALBUM out 1st June!! Pre-order VINYL or CD here:
Thu 22nd - 12:00
F L O K Bar Manchester sees our Kickin Pigeon grace the platters 2nite from 8pm if anyone's looking for some shelter from this blizzard!
Sat 17th - 5:53
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