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The Last Poets

Tribute To Obabi

Sampled by X Clan. Edited exclusively for Dynamite Cuts, this African rhythm takes you to a time of human percussion, and energy, of another time. The entrancing, hypnotic saxophone and extraordinary vocals fill your ears like liquid gold. Sensational.


1. Tribute To Obabi
2. E Pluribus Unum

This incredible trio of poets, Abiodun Oyewole,Umar Bin Hassan, Baba Donn Babatundewere not only musicians but alsoCivil Rights Activists, rising from the 60's Civil Rights Movement. They formed the group, The Last Poets, whilst in prison; after converting to Islam, they began performing the "spoken word" to rhythm.

"Delights in the Garden" is the super funky drums of Mr Bernard Purdie, one of the best drummers in the World, if I may say so myself. Stunning.

The B side "It's a trip" is a killer track. Percussive vocals; addictive and funky. Acid jazz club classic. Dare you to keep up. Once you start, you can't stop dancing. Such vibes. Environmental and racism-alerts messages chorused as early as 1977. You gotta listen to the words. Zeitgeist extraordinaire. #BLM began here.


1. It's A Trip
2. Blessed Are Those Who Struggle

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