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Youth Of America

Navigator / Night Of The Comet

    Next single up on the Great Pop Supplement, following super quick sell outs already this year of previous releases from the likes of The Hanging Stars and Dean & Britta, is the debut 45 from Youth of America.

    Youth Of America is the new songwriting project of Simon Shaw from Trembling Bells. Featuring all of the Bells, plus singers Lucy Sweet (Lucky Luke) and Sophie Sexon (Big Hogg). It was born out of his love of US West Coast power pop (The Go-Gos, Bangles, Redd Kross etc), and an ongoing obsession with US counterculture films from the same period.

    Navigator has been described as "Big Star with gurls" while the flip side Night Of The Comet is a tribute to the 80s zombie cult classic of the same title.

    A killer 45 limited to a pressing of 400 with (proudly) no links whatsoever to Record Store Day. Destined to sell out real quick. Get on it!

    Saddar Bazaar

    Seventh Valley

      After years of radio silence, 2016 finally sees the re-emergence of Bristol’s mighty, cult instrumental sitar/psych combo Saddar Bazaar; as they release their long-awaited third studio album "Seventh Valley", on the esteemed Great Pop Supplement label.

      “Seventh Valley” showcases the band’s dynamically evolving, heavy sound orbiting around the sitar/guitar fusion of the Hyder brothers and driven by new drummer Thomas Elgie (Gonga). Recorded in Stokes Croft, Bristol by Latch Manghat (producer of Taint and The Heads) the album incorporates repetitive drones and riffs, dreamy blues-ragas and head-spinning psych-outs.

      First emerging during the 1990s Saddar Bazaar secured their reputation as Britain’s foremost purveyors of psychedelic sitar blues-rock with the release of two acclaimed albums (on the legendary Delerium label) “The Conference of the Birds” – (described by Mojo as; ‘a haunting hybrid of transcendental ragas and psyched-out slide guitar’) - followed by “Path of the Rose“.

      Further exclusive recordings with post-rock underground labels Enraptured and Earworm (including a split album with Detroit’s revered drone/space maestros Windy & Carl) reflected the band’s inexorable drive for sonic experimentation.

      Saddar Bazaar’s immersive live performances have been developed by performing alongside artists such as Bevis Frond, Porcupine Tree, Gong, Silver Apples, Damo Suzuki and Dylan Carson. The band’s ongoing sound experiments have generated stunning studio collaborations with the likes of Solitude Aeturnus, Bark Psychosis and Cathedral.

      With the completion of their third studio album “Seventh Valley“, Saddar Bazaar have once again emerged, sitar in hand to transform the contemporary tapestry of psychedelic rock.


      Ltd LP Info: Pressing of 300 on numbered sky blue wax.

      Matt Valentine

      Before It’s Gone

        Next up on The Great Pop Supplement is the ace new 45 from Matt Valentine- temporarily dropping the MV+EE tag for a solo 45 where he’s joined by the likes of J Mascis, Woods’ Jeremy Earl, Magik Markers’ Pete Nolan and the always great Mick Flower.

        “Before It’s Gone” began in earnest back when the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud of 2010 prevented Mick returning to the UK after a stint as part of Matt’s THE GOLDEN ROAD backing band. An intense period of jamming produced the embryo to the track here from which MV then recruited first Pete Nolan (featuring his previously unheralded backing vox savvy) then on visits to Vermont, Jeremy and J to fill it out and slow cook those edges. (The full story is expertly told by MV on the record’s insert…)

        Beautiful, killer, stoned out soft psych released in perfect time for tail end of summer as a ltd one time pressing of 500 only. Cool sleeve as ever from the GPS and on tasty white wax….


        Ltd 7" Info: White vinyl pressing of 500 copies only.

        Lesa & Ross

        Lesa & Ross

          Of historical interest in all manner of ways; Lesa Aldridge was the longterm partner and muse of Alex Chilton and a key collaborator -perhaps only hinted at until now- for the legendary sessions for Big Star’s Third / Sister Lovers LP. Whilst fellow Memphis music head Ross Johnson cut his teeth as drummer for the legendary Tav Falco’s Panther Burns. When you throw in the production skills of the equally legendary, late great Jim Dickinson (the raw / skeletal tracks here recorded by him at Zebra Ranch in Mississippi) that makes for a heady brew -the latterday “glue” production wise, for which was provided by mutual friend Kip Uhlhorn of Cloudland Canyon….

          Eight fabulous songs including covers by The Velvets and The Shadows of Knight which is apt as there are general nods to 60s garage inspired spikey pop throughout, via the psych and drone leanings of Spacemen 3 and some of Kip’s work with Cloudland Canyon.

          A wonderful album representing Lesa’s first released recordings since a 7” in the late 70s / early 80s and is released as a limited coloured vinyl only pressing of 500, with a beautiful previously unseen, cover photograph of Lesa with Alex Chilton and insert featuring insightful sleeve notes from Ross Johnson. Sure to go quick….

          Mike & Cara Gangloff

          Durang‘s Hornpipe / Rake And Rambling Boy

            Having released records on The GPS previously as part of the late great Jack Rose’s backing band and The Black Twig Pickers- (as well as cutting their cloth as part of the mighty Pelt), Mike and Cara release a great double ‘A’ side for March here in an edition of 500.

            “Durang’s Hornpipe” is spectacularly underpinned by the majestic drone of Cara’s Shruti box, with Mike on banjo and fiddle and is backed by the peak and fall and drone pulse of the Shruti once again on an incredible reworking of the standard “Rake and Ramblin’ Boy”.

            A beautiful 45, worth it alone for those moments where both voices collide on the flip- it won’t hang around long and is dressed in ace printed inside and out sleeve and on dark cherry wax. Pressing of 500 only.

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