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Soweto's Thandi Zulu started her musical career in 1984 with the South African music dream team of Peter Moticoe, Phil Hollis and Attie Van Wyk. "Sugar My Love" and "Are You Ready for Love" were produced and arranged by Attie Van Wyk.
Taking to the Delphon studios, T.Z. Junior rocked the mic right, laying her smooth, soulful and occasionally wild vocals over the a classic bubblegum groove for "Sugar My Love". Not only does this winner work the room with all round grooviness and a killer arrangement, the electrofunk flourishes and mega synth bassline take this one straight to the T O P. Over on the flipside, "Are You Ready For Love" is an uplifting major key masterpiece of SA boogie / proto house, once again featuring slick synth work and Thandi's irresistible vocals. 


Sil says: Boogie goodies via Soweto! Bubblegum grooves for your most intimate dancefloor moments. B Side goes a slightly more disco with a real good bassline taking the main stage. More please!

Dillinger, Trinity, Wayne Wade, Al Campbell, Junior Tamlin

Five Man Army / Send Another Moses / Five Man Dubb

Reissue of the classic 12” single “Five Man Army”, written and produced by Lester Bullock aka. Dillinger and featuring Dillinger, Trinity, Wayne Wade, Al Campbell & Junior Tamlin. Copies of the original 1982 Oak Sound release are much sought after and change hands for considerable sums. This is a BIG record in the reggae community! It’s also more widely known as it was sampled by Massive Attack on their 1991 debut album “Blue Lines” with the eponymous "Five Man Army". Highly recommended!

Junior Fairplay

Faxes From The Future (Feat. Roy Of The Ravers Remix)

    After a deceptively quite 2017, Especial picks up the pace pace by welcoming back the peroxide, youth filled Fairplay (re)version and a 2nd EP of old-skool-meets-the-new-school flavoured House and Breaks to lock, jock and spin.

    After the criminally overlooked 'How Do You Like Me Now?' EP - how is Classic Version not a...classic...version? - Junior gets back on the (lino) floor. The EP starts with a look north to the 'other city of 7 hills' that birthed a Warp'd British retake on House in his bleep-dub ode, End Of Love. The autobiographical title belies a forward approach with his trademark echobox kick'n'hats underpinning uplifting keys and nodding bleep finger solo.

    Who to join the party then, than another man of mystery, Roy Of The Ravers. After his debut EP on sister label Emotional Response became a most played from Aphex et al, it is only right bring him to E'Special. His brooding, hoover rush Remix 1 heightens the vibes with a heads down bleeping half-steppa. Righteous!

    The flip is given over to Junior's roots, bringing the hip-hopper back with the anthemic The Shazsquatch Goes Back Into The Woods. No shoc(k) horror here, just more upwardly mobile breakbeat meets UK techno licks. You can hear Fairplay at one with man and machine, pushing a sound that looks back but most definitely goes forward with 'Sunrise' on the mind.

    To close is the swagger of EP title cut, Faxes From The Future. Hair of the (black) dog fuses a swinging break with proto-dub-meets-Giallo stylings to rework the senses and say, now is (still) the time!

    A return to making the noise while keeping tongue planted firmly in cheek. What are u like? Top. Buzz. 


    12" Info: One copy in stock

    Luiz Mendes Jr or "Junior Mendes" was a ubiquitous figure in the
    Brazilian Soul / Funk scene of the 70s and early 80s, contributing to
    compositions for bands such as Banda Black Rio , Tim Maia, Sandra de
    Sá and many more. This, his only solo album has remained off the map
    (unless your a collector of rare Brazilian vinyl) for ages.
    An original will set you back an eyewatering £250, now, I like a laid back latin groove as much as the next homem but you have to draw the line in the sand somewhere. At that price you could get a cheap flight to Rio and dig out a copy yourself PLUS you'd also be able to spend your evening sipping on a Caipirinha as the sun sets on Impanema beach. Essentially what I'm saying is under no circumstance should you but this beautiful AOTN reissue, get yourself on Skyscanner and put some work in for a change...

    2016 will probably go down as the most prolific year in history for Junior Boys, the Canadian electronic duo. "Big Black Coat“, their first record in 5 years and first for label City Slang (Caribou, Gold Panda, Tindersticks, The Notwist) released in February 2016, was universally heralded as one of the best records of their career and of the of the best electronic releases of the year. In May Jessy Lanza's Album "Oh No", co-produced by Junior Boys Jeremy Greenspan, hit the shelves and garnered further praise.

    Now, just in time for an extended US tour in September and October as well as additional European dates, Junior Boys return with an brand new EP titled ‘Kiss Me All Night". It starts with two extraordinary retro-futuristic club bangers "Yes“ and "Babyfat“ only to be outmaneuvered by the John Martyn Cover "Some People Are Crazy“ and rounded up by the Paisley Park infused title track "Kiss Me All Night”.

    Junia Walker / King Tubby & The Barrett Bros

    Still Waters / Depth Charge

    Keith Hudson's great friend Junia (Junior?) Walker, for whom the legendary 'Pick A Dub' album was mixed, adds a vocal to one of the killer dubs lifted from said album; 'Depth Charge', which itself was a version of the classic Four Tops Tamla Motown track 'Still Waters'. 'Depth Charge' itself is featured on the reverse in all its King Tubby mixed glory!

    Junior Boys

    Big Black Coat

    Electro-pop pioneers Junior Boys return with ‘Big Black Coat’ their first album in 5 years. The Canadian dancefloor innovators return with their boldest record to date. 'Big Black Coat’ is a slick, soulful, synth-pop record fusing their illustrious trademark production with their love for R&B, soul and pop music.

    Junior Wells

    Lawdy! Lawdy! / 'Bout The Break Of Day

    This classic slice of Chicago blues should come with a government health warning - this one is more infectious than swine flu. "'Bout The Break Of Day" heads down low for a blues head-nodder.


    7" Info: Limited dinked reissue with replica US label artwork. 500 copies only.

    With a line-up of members from New Brunswick, Canada and Manchester, UK, it should be no surprise that the songs of Faker Junior have the feel of both wide open spaces and urban grit, distilled and blended into brief ringing-guitar symphonies. Strong vocals (singer Ryan Lamey has been compared to both Buckleys, Tim and Jeff), layered guitars and driving rhythms are combined to form cliche-free melodic songs with enough of the sweet and the bitter, the dark and the light, to satisfy in full, but without excess or wasted effort, and with the occasional unexpected turn. Previously a solo singer-songwriter seeking musicians, and a group of musician-writers seeking a frontman, they connected online and first met in Manchester on an appropriately snowy night in December 2008. The chemistry was immediate and within weeks they had pooled resources and their disparate influences to write their first new songs. By February 2009 they were in the studio to record demos of 4 tracks with producer Yves Altana, but the initial results were so good that recording was extended and the finished tracks have become the band's self-funded debut EP, "Need To Know".


    Ltd CDS Info: Four track EP.

    Get Physical invite Canadian electronic pop sophisticates Matt Didemus and Jeremy Greenspan, aka Junior Boys, to contribute the latest instalment of the "Body Language" series. There's a touch of Balearica, exemplified by Prins Thomas's chiming remix of Sorcerer, and Todd Terje's version of Studio's "Life's A Beach!". Stereo Image (Junior Boy Johnny Dark and San Serac), bring us dark synth-pop cut "Dark Chapter", and there's original electro-pop from Visage; Kelley Polar (Environ) is represented here by an instrumental of "Rosenband"; "BL3W R0D30 D3M0" by Junior Boys techno-loving drummer F0st3r is exclusive to this mix, as is the band's own "No Kinda Man". Matthew Dear's "You Know What I Do" recalls Talking Heads at their rhythmic avant-pop peak, while Chloe pops up with "Be Kind To Me" and dubbed-out remix of Rework's recent Playhouse hit "Love Love Yeah Yeah" for fans of tech-house and minimalism.


    2xLP Info: Unmixed vinyl includes Sorcerer "Surfing At Midnight" (Prins Thomas Miks), Stereo Image "Dark Chapter", Studio "Life's A Beach!" (Todd Terje mix), F0st3r "BL3W R0D30 D3M0", Junior Boys "No Kinda Man", Chloe "Be Kind To Me", Gui.tar "Love Started To Shine", Visage "I'm Still Searching" and Matthew Dear "You Know What I Would Do".

    Skill 7 Stamina 12

    Robotics With Strings

    This is the debut album from underground post-punk group Skill 7 Stamina 12. It fuses punk, disco, krautrock and jazz influences and will appeal to fans of A Certain Ratio, Can, Gang Of Four, Massacre, Stereolab and Arthur Russell. Skill 7 Stamina 12 have strong ties with the London art scene and feature a Dutch chanteuse who sings in a range of languages, underpinned by fearsomely tight rhythmic arrangements.

    Junior Blanks

    Slobs And Gods

    Ex Collapsed Lung members, Junior Blanks holed up in North London to record the second of four limited 7" only releases, "Slobs Are Gods". Junior Blanks is comprised of Ant Chapman who has recorded under the name Scissorkicks (Fused & Bruised) Johnny Dawe - one half of experimental duo Oskar (Leaf Records) and Jim Burke aka Sgt Rock (also remixed for Delakota and Simple Kid). There'll be a 'pizza-style-box' produced to house all four 7"s with the final release.

    Junior Blanks

    Tramps, Fuzz And Publishers

    Having given up the quest to find the link between hip-hop, soft drinks & football (yes, Junior Blanks is ex- "Eat My Goal" Collapsed Lung) Junior Blanks holed up in North London to record the first of four limited 7" only releases. "Tramps, Fuzz and Publishers" is a punk-funk fable of crack and knitting. The flip, "Cheated" is a country-hip-hop-folk song of bitterness.

    St. Thomas

    Mysterious Walks

    Thomas Hansen (aka St. Thomas) delivers 13 songs of unpretentious and melodic Psycho Cowboy tunes with beautiful heavenly harmonium underscored by acoustic guitar, organ and acid banjo.

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