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Further Instrumentals

    The instrumentals to Madlib’s acclaimed sophomore album as alter ego Quasimoto. Madlib resurrects his sticky-green obsessed, helium-huffing alter-ego, Quasimoto, for the The Further Adventures of Lord Quas. While Madlib has always been one of the most experimentally savvy beatmakers in the underground, his creation of the electronically altered narrator Quasimoto, has become one of his biggest selling points for alternatively minded fans. Quas made his full-length debut in 2000 on The Unseen, an album which reached over 38,182 fans, and was dubbed one of the “Top 20 albums of 2000” by both SPIN and URB. Meanwhile Madlib’s Quas-filled collaboration with M.F. Doom on Madvillainy has been deemed a cult classic. Madlib does not dissapoint on The Further Adventures of Lord Quas.

    Myron & E

    Do It Disco - Inc. Tom Noble Remix

      12-inch vinyl singles have their roots in Jamaican records, going back as far as the late 1950s, but they came into the mainstream for U.S. audiences with the advent of disco in the 1970s. Major and indie labels issued thousands of disco releases as 12-inch singles, marketed primarily to DJs because of the dynamic sound allowed by wider spacing of the grooves, and the visual spacing of the grooves which helped allow the DJs to locate the “breaks” on the disc’s surface. The fast paced release schedule, and low-cost price point of these singles required a generic sleeve for most of them. Just as the Jamaican record labels had done before them, most U.S. and European labels releasing disco 12s created generic sleeves branding the record label which were used for each new 12-inch release. Myron & E’s new single “Do It, Do It Disco” (designed by Freddy Anzures) is a nod to this era of sleeves. “Do It Disco” 12-inch contains a remix by Tom Noble, a re-edit by J Rocc, and on the flip side, the original extended version of the original track.

      Tuxedo With Zapp


        Tuxedo is back with a new single, “Shy,” the follow up to their critically acclaimed “II” album. In collaboration with the iconic funk band, Zapp. Tuxedo delivers a highly addictive new funk single for the dance floor. 

        Peanut Butter Wolf

        My Vinyl Weighs A Ton

          My Vinyl Weighs a Ton is the first solo album by American hip hop producer and disc jockey Peanut Butter Wolf. It was released in 1999 on his own label, Stones Throw Records, in conjunction with Copasetik Records

          Advancing the unfolding legacy of instrumental hip-hop at Stones Throw is Samiyam’s Pizza Party: 24 minutes of off-kilter mobster music mixed with a warm soul sound that is unmistakably L.A. producer and beatmaker Samiyam. Praised by his collaborators Action Bronson, Earl Sweatshirt, The Alchemist, and Flying Lotus, Sam’s independent beat tape ventures and instrumental albums are revered by rappers, respected by producers.

          Pizza Party is free of samples from the characteristically dusty vinyl grooves and warped tapes of past recordings. Instead, we have originally-played synthesizer and FX in unison with the off-the-grid drum patterns and aesthetic sonic swagger that Samiyam owns. The last track, “What Can I Do,” features co-production with Jonwayne.

          Samiyam grew up Sam Baker in Michigan. He was among a network of post-Donuts producers focusing on instrumental hip-hop beat as the finished work, who found themselves migrating west and huddling in the scene around Low End Theory in east Los Angeles. That's where Flying Lotus met Sam and released Rap Beats Vol. 1 as the debut on Brainfeeder in 2008. Three other albums followed – Sam Baker's Album (Brainfeeder, 2011), Wish You Were Here (Leaving, 2013), and Animals Have Feelings (Stones Throw, 2016) – along with production work for Earl Sweatshirt, Captain Murphy, and Pharoahe Monch

          DJ Harrison

          Rule The World & I’m From Virginia B/w Brown Water Blues

          The son of a radio DJ who introduced him to the world of record collecting, Harris grew up with music, progressing from violin, to high school drumline, to the Jazz Studies program at Virginia Commonwealth University. He also continued working with other instruments and developed an interest in sampling. His development as a producer – at first, without a computer or sampler – came first learning to replay samples on thedrums, piano, bass or guitar. DJ Harrison finds himself inspired by local musicians in the Richmond scene that’s as diverse and nonexclusive as they come. Among rappers, producers, punks and bluegrass bands, he falls within reach of an expansive pool of musicians to collaborate with. He lives and works in Jellowstone, a house turned recording compound occupied by his band mates in Butcher Brown, a “garage punk jazz funk” group. 


          Millie says: Stones Throw record label introduces us to DJ Harrison, his use of experimental samples and muffled hip-hop beats creates a completely new sound. Definitely worth checking out!

          NxWorries (Knxwledge & Anderson .Paak)

          Yes Lawd! Remixes

            Yes Lawd! Remixes, is a new reworking of the critically acclaimed debut album from NxWorries. Knxwledge continues a Stones Throw tradition started by Madlib, by remixing his own album, adding a new interpretation to the tracks featuring Anderson .Paak’s vocals. “Two artists working at the absolute height of their talents” – Pitchfork “One of the best albums of 2016” – Complex “Yes Lawd! is an album that feels alive, a living and breathing object that nods to the past while staying in the present” - The FADER “The inspired combo of Paak’s soulful rasp and Knxwledge’s cratedigging sample...makes this album something special in a year that’s already filled with strong R&B LPs”


            Four Tet Remixes

              Following the release of MF DOOM and Madlib’s Madvillainy in 2004, electronic producer Four Tet remixed several tracks from the album. These were released on limited vinyl run in a plain black sleeve in 2005, but have been out of print for many years. Production note: When MF DOOM was presented with the Four Tet remixes, he sampled an interlude from the set, creating a new beat, and recorded a new rap track of “Rhinestone Cowboy,” effectively remixing the remix. 

              NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge)

              Yes Lawd! Remixes

                Yes Lawd! Remixes is a new reworking of the debut album from NxWorries. Knxwledge continues a Stones Throw tradition started by Madlib by remixing his own album, adding a new interpretation to the tracks featuring Anderson .Paak's vocals. Praise for Yes Lawd! "Two artists working at the absolute height of their talents" - Pitchfork "One of the best albums of 2016" - Complex "Yes Lawd! is an album that feels alive, a living and breathing object that nods to the past while staying in the present" - The FADER "The inspired combo of Paak's soulful rasp and Knxwledge's crate-digging sample...makes this album something special in a year that's already filled with strong R&B LPs" - Noisey

                Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge are NxWorries. •All vocals by Anderson .Paak, whose solo LP Malibu and numerous guest features (Dr. Dre, Mac Miller, Kaytranada, The Game) made him the breakout star of 2017. All tracks by Grammy award-winning producer Knxwledge, the man behind beats for Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt & Action Bronson.

                Originating in a New York apartment and completed in a garage in suburban Sydney, Jonti's new album Tokorats will see release on Stones Throw Records. Following up from 2012 releases Twirligig and Sine & Moon, Tokorats is a psychedelic, harmony-rich dream-hop journey. Originally recorded as a sister record for Jonti's debut album Twirligig in 2011, Jonti scrapped the entire album and started again in 2013. After four years and hundreds of versions for each song, Jonti is finally ready to invite you into his Tokorats universe.
                Jonti explains, "A Tokorat is that supernatural creature in the mirror. A multicolored weirdo mutant composed of all the elements of your story and all the complexities of your character. In every song, I was having a conversation with all the good and unflattering reflections of myself -- AKA my Tokorats. While this album does document a five-year spiritual journey, it was ultimately a fun and luscious experience. I'm lucky I got to know my Tokorats" Jonti's five-year journey included collaborations with, most recently, The Internet's Steve Lacy on "Scrood", Mark Ronson, BADBADNOTGOOD, King Krule, Earl Sweatshirt, and a 40-date world tour with Gotye.
                He also teamed up with fellow Australians The Avalanches as they made their long-awaited return on Wildflower, an album Jonti helped record and performs live with the group. Having grown up in South Africa, lived in Los Angeles and New York, Jonti settled in a beachside suburb in Sydney where Tokorats was completed with the help of Jonti's friends. Helped along the way with various studio contributions from Australian artists Gotye, Kirin J Callinan, Bus vipers, Gauci and Mohi, Jonti called on Odd Future / MellowHype's Hodgy and rising Australian hip-hop star Sampa The Great to contribute vocal features on "Animah" and "Island Rose" respectively. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Millie says: New from Stones Throw is this incredibly diverse album, each track has its own unique ambiance taking you on a journey of what Jonti describes as ‘Tokorats’. Jazzy sections, ambient interludes and synth-pop tendencies make this album an intriguing must-hear!

                Sudan Archives

                Sudan Archives

                  23 year-old violinist and vocalist, Sudan Archives writes, plays, and produces her own music. Drawing inspiration from Sudanese fiddlers, she is self-taught on the violin, and her unique songs also fold in elements of R&B, and experimental electronic music. Sudan Archives grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she "messed around with instruments in the house" and took up violin in the fourth grade, eventually teaching herself how to play the instrument by ear. When she discovered the violin playing style of Northeast Africa, her eyes opened to the possibilities of the instrument. "The way they played it was different from classical music. I resonated with the style, and I was like, 'Maybe I can use this style with electronic music,'" she says.
                  This fusing of folk music and electronic production was the turning point for Sudan. "I started mixing my violin into beats,” she says, “It wasn't complicated — I'd just sing straight into the iPad." She honed her at-home style after moving to Los Angeles aged 19 to study music technology, and after a chance encounter at a Low End Theory party with Stones Throw A&R and Leaving Records owner Matthewdavid, she signed with Stones Throw. At the very start of her musical career, she's already won plaudits from the likes of the New York Times and Pitchfork, and played live at experimental festival Moogfest.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Millie says: Violinist and singer Sudan Archives’ fusion of orchestrated strings and digital production is layered with breathtakingly poetical lyrics. Truly beautiful.

                  Sampled by Drake (“Jungle”) and G-Eazy (“Running”). Instrumental versions of Gabriel’s Stones Throw Records debut Jardín now available on limited edition wax. Gabriel Garzón-Montano’s formidable skills have come to fruition on Jardín in his Stones Throw debut. “This album came out of wanting to make music that reminds people how beautiful life is and how delicate their heart is,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to make music that is healing, comforting, and funky. I named the album Jardín hoping for it to create a space for healing when people put it on. “A garden is full of life, growth and beauty,” Gabriel said of choosing that unifying image as the title for his new album. “It makes me think of green and white and all the colors as they appear in different flowers.” That vivid spectrum bursts forth on Jardín itself and the album contains references to fruit of all sorts, sour mango, juicy tangerines and sweet peaches. From the heartache and aching vocals that float over the dusty drums of “Crawl” to the stutter-step thump of “Bombo Fabrika” to the high falsetto he nails on “Octave,” Garzón-Montano proves himself to already be one of 2017’s biggest breakout talents.

                  Koreatown Oddity

                  Finna Be Past Tense

                    He is Dominique Purdy, born and raised in Koreatown, Los Angeles. His first hip-hop influence was his own mother, who made jewelry and hung tight with Ice T, the Rhyme Syndicate, and Grandmaster Caz. “I remember Caz showing my mom how to freestyle on cassette, just fucking around. He was basically saying have fun with it, say something that comes from right where ever you are.” Purdy moved from corner to corner through Koreatown his whole life, drawing, writing, and developing his own brand of experimental hip-hop, fused with comedy, and impromptu performance. He wrote and starred in the independent feature Driving White Black (2016).

                    As The Koreatown Oddity, rocking a wolf mask he bought back in high school for 70 bucks, he’s been doing shows anywhere and everywhere, whether he’s invited or not: L.A.’s The Laugh Factory, Wendy’s, and Greyhound Stations. Finna Be Past Tense is his first album with Stones Throw, following a long line of independently released cassettes. Finna Be Past Tense was produced entirely by Vex Ruffin, who met the MC after one of his public stunts. The album – also featuring Joyce Wrice, Black Moses, Tron7Seize, DJ Lala, DJ Luman – is based around a loose concept of Koreatown Oddity reckoning with life, death, and the passage of time. Finna Be Past Tense cover art by Oscar Ayala

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                    This is the world of Washed Out's (Ernest Greene) new album Mister Mellow. A fully immersive multimedia experience, the album guides the listener through the highs and lows of this often ridiculous struggle. In classic Millennial fashion, most young adults' perception of their own lives are overblown and over-dramatized to the point of absurdity - as are the many ways they distract themselves from the insecurities faced on a daily basis (see social media, fantasy, drugs, music). Mister Mellow shines a light on the humor found in this paradox - how we can be so bored and unhappy in what is often a very privileged, contented life?

                    Further moving away from the synthesizer-driven sounds of his early work and the more band-driven sound of his work on iconic indie label Sub Pop, it is fitting that Greene has partnered with the rebellious beat-driven label Stones Throw as he continues to carve out a unique sonic identity that stands in direct opposition to most current trends. Instead, Mister Mellow was influenced by classic plunderphonics records of the past as well as the experimental collage techniques of musique concrete. Styles as diverse as free jazz, house, hip-hop and psych are combined together with interludial voiceover samples (often pulled from anonymous Youtube vlogs) to create a busy, chaotic, and caricaturish mix; one that quickly starts to feel like a mirror of the claustrophobic, hyper-stimulated psyche of most young adults. 


                    Thank You B/w Instrumental

                    Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One are Tuxedo. “Thank You” is a bonus track to their second album, "Tuxedo II", which finds them at the forefront of a new wave of gangster boogie - one that owes as much to G-funk as P-funk. This is the territory of pre- and post-hydraulic low riders: a mélange of Cali boom-bap, analogue synth bass and elegant disco that resonates truth and authenticity in an era where so many are faking the funk. B/w instrumental!

                    Tel Aviv geezer Cohenbeats lands on Stones Throw with his debut physical release, "Daily Affirmations", a dope beat tape influenced in equal parts by Israel and LA. While Israeli samples influenced by jazz, progressive rock and Brazilian music are threaded throughout, the undeniable backbone of the album continues to be inspired by LA beatmakers. Working the sampler like a Shaolin monk, the youthful producer chops up a diverse range of dope source material, swing beats like mid-pace bowler and works the bass like an after-hours masseuse, all of which results in a classic set of head nodding heat!

                    Vex Ruffin’s definitive full-length statement featuring a guest appearance from hip-hop legend Fab 5 Freddy. Fab 5 Freddy’s feature is his first musical project since “Change the Beat,” 30 years ago. Fab hopped onto Vex’s track after an intro from his friend Ben Marlowe, the director/animator of Vex’s new video. Fab 5 Freddy says, “I liked the way this idea organically developed and I began to see my involvement as a sort of art performance piece. The track reminded me of cool dance records that downtown NY DJ’s played back then in the 80’s at places like The Mudd Club, The Garage, Area, Danceteria and Nells where I hung out so I put myself in that mindset when working on my lyrics for this song.”

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: Frenetic, frantic and overflowing with ideas, the LP jumps between dubby punk funk, abstract electronica and wonky hip hop, landing at an imaginary collaboration between vintage DFA and Brainfeeder - nuff said!

                    After releasing their self-titled debut in 2015, Tuxedo (the joint project between Jake One and Mayer Hawthorne) have returned with their second full-length, Tuxedo II. II is an 11-song offering that mixes elements of funk, soul, and dance music to deeply infectious effect, with Jake and Mayer demonstrating their prowess as veterans of those styles throughout.

                    Tuxedo is the duo of Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One

                    Tuxedo II is their second album, following the success of their self-titled debut LP

                    Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One have achieved significant profile individually in the respective fields of soul and hip-hop. As Tuxedo, they come together to mix elements of funk, soul and dance music to deeply infectious effect

                    Gabriel Garzón-Montano


                    Gabriel Garzón-Montano’s formidable skills have come to fruition on Jardín in his Stones Throw debut . “This album came out of wanting to make music that reminds people how beautiful life is and how delicate their heart is,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to make music that is healing, comforting, and funky. I named the album Jardín hoping for it to create a space for healing when people put it on. “A garden is full of life, growth and beauty,” Gabriel said of choosing that unifying image as the title for his new album. “It makes me think of green and white and all the colours as they appear in different flowers.” That vivid spectrum bursts forth on Jardín itself and the album contains references to fruit of all sorts, sour mango, juicy tangerines and sweet peaches. From the heartache and aching vocals that float over the dusty drums of “Crawl” to the stutter-step thump of “Bombo Fabrika” to the high falsetto he nails on “Octave,” Garzón-Montano proves himself to already be one of 2017’s biggest breakout talents. 

                    Best known as a jazz drummer and hip-hop producer, Karriem Riggins returns with Headnod Suite. The album is the follow up to 2012’s critically acclaimed debut Alone Together. With 29 instrumental hip-hop tracks, Headnod Suite places Riggins' beatmaking chops front and center. It's a testament to why Riggins is the producer of choice for artists like Kanye West, Common, Erykah Badu, and The Roots.

                    Karriem Riggins' second album for legendary LA label Stones Throw, follow-up to the praised Alone / Together. Riggins has produced tracks for the likes of Common, Kanye West, The Roots, Erykah Badu, and Kaytranada. "Riggins works firmly in the post-metric genre-verse first explored by J Dilla, but he is one of the few beatmakers who can truly hang with the master.” – Pitchfork.

                    NxWorries (Knxwledge & Anderson Paak)

                    Yes Lawd!

                    The men at the heart of this LP — soul styler Anderson .Paak and loop beast Knxwledge — make an exceedingly clean pair, even as they deal almost entirely in the gritty: vocals that sound lived in for a couple of lifetimes; beats that kick up dust as they bump; and an 18-track set that plays like a mixtape merging skits, songs, and snippets into a package of fluid groove and rough-cut rap 'n' soul gems. You may have heard these two out in the world, on their own or sprinkling some of their musical gold dust on someone else's songs, but this is what happens when .Paak and Knx get home, lay back, light up, and let it go. If there's a Blaxploitation vibe to Yes Lawd!, that's just the depth of NxWorries' funk and strut showing. If there's gospel in the grits, that's the history of the cooks.

                    Each grew up with religion. It was Knxwledge's job to tidy up the family church in Jersey as a kid, and when he was done, he got to play on the instruments. Better still, when those instruments went bad, he kept them. Similarly, he'd soon find sounds in his growing vinyl cache, and when he moved to Los Angeles in 2008 as a beat maker, his compositions ensured he'd be home at Stones Throw. His hypnotically dank 2015 LP Hud Dreems was the tip of an iceberg—75 Bandcamp collections, and counting. Paak was neck deep in those songs when Knxwledge reached out. The singer grew up in Oxnard drumming in his own family's church. His folks got locked up when he was a teen, and while he'd eke by on odd jobs (grocer, trimmer, personal assistant), he was homeless for a spell with a newborn son. But .Paak pushed forward, building a career via imaginative albums (2016's Malibu), and collaborations that always seem to make him the star, even when he's just there to sing the hook. 

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                    Mndsgn (born Ringgo Ancheta) grew up in south New Jersey, raised with Gospel music at church, and B-Boy culture at home. Experimenting with beat-making, he befriended fellow producer Knxwledge and the two formed the influential Klipmode collective (along with Devonwho and Suzi Analogue). Mndsgn's music flourished when he moved to Los Angeles, catching the attention of Stones Throw who released Yawn Zen (2014), an LP of introspective and mostly instrumental beat creations, punctuated by vocal cuts.

                    Body Wash is his second album for Stones Throw, a full set of realized songs that were only hinted at on Yawn Zen. Influences here include the likes of early SOLAR records material, Leon Sylvers III, Kashif, and Dave Grusin. These artists, Mndsgn says, "embodied that potent feeling in the early 80s boogie/funk/soul/jazz/fusion wave." He adds, "I was also digging back into some early 90s R&B sounds and started really imagining what it would be like if I had mashed the two eras together." He explains Body Wash as "a soul record that plays with nostalgic elements in a very dynamic & positive way. Think about it as a box of crayons for you to draw emotions with."

                    The album was built around a backstory, a loose narrative thread through which he could filter his unformed ideas. In the narrative, a homeless man encounters a mysterious woman who gives him shelter. She instructs him to bathe with a very peculiar body wash. As he soaks and sinks deeper in a thick lather of this unknown solution, the man finds himself transported to an alternate dimension. Mndsgn describes the story as a vessel "that would allow me to speak on topics that were universally relatable … The story actually became a true outlet for me to address worldly issues with Self." The resulting album also represents a dynamic step forward in songwriting. Without explicitly relating its plot or characters, the album as a whole turns on the story's key theme, the psychedelic, transformative power of love.

                    Following on the mellow buzz generated on their 2015 debut album, Timeline, The Mild High Club returns this summer with their second full-length, Skiptracing. In just over a calendar year, it’s been quite the journey for Alexander Brettin, who is both founder and member of the Club. Brettin admits that for the first Mild High Club album he resorted to vague lyrics so as to highlight the music itself. But for Skiptracing there’s both a heightened thematic aspect as well as more complex musical arrangements encasing it. In Brettin’s estimation, the album’s story arc is that of a “private investigator attempting to trace the steps of the sound and the spirit of American music.” And in investigating the spirit of American music, The Mild High Club re-imagine AM radio hits as blasting in from a parallel universe, the sound of early 70s LA in a smog of sativa. If Todd Rundgren was the primary touchstone for Timeline, Brettin and band now look to the wry, trenchant wit of Steely Dan, gazing deep into the dark underbelly of sun-bright LA and coming away with a catchy song underpinned by slippery jazz phrasings. It’s a cosmic connection that tethers The Mild High Club to fellow sonic brethren like Ariel Pink, Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Connan Mockasin and more. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Andy says: More warped sounds and beautiful melodies from Mr. Brettin.

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                    Tippa Lee

                    Cultural Ambassador

                      Tippa Lee’s new album Cultural Ambassador will be released on Stones Throw, May 20, 2016. Tippa Lee was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. He started performing on his fathers Sound System as a child, standing up on a beer bottle box to reach the mic. He made his first recordings at King Tubby ‘ s studio at the age of 12. Eventually he teamed up with Rappa Robert and as a duo had a number of hits including “No Trouble We”, an anthemic statement against police harassment, which was a number one Jamaican hit in 1988 and is still played often on Jamaican radio. In more recent years he has been based in the US, performing live and releasing his own underground CDs.

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                      Tippa Lee

                      Dub Them With Reality

                        Tippa Lee’s new album Cultural Ambassador will be released on Stones Throw, May 20, 2016. Available now is the dub version of the album, Dub Them with Reality, mixed by producer Tom Chasteen (Dub Club, Natural Numbers), who has reconfigured the tracks live on the mixing board with echo, reverb and various arcane electronics. The LP covers, in two variations, were screen printed in gold and black by Hit & Run, with artwork by Ellen G. Tippa Lee was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. He started performing on his fathers Sound System as a child, standing up on a beer bottle box to reach the mic. He made his first recordings at King Tubby’s studio at the age of 12. Eventually he teamed up with Rappa Robert and as a duo had a number of hits including “No Trouble We”, an anthemic statement against police harassment, which was a number one Jamaican hit in 1988 and is still played often on Jamaican radio. In more recent years he has been based in the US, performing live and releasing his own underground CDs.

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                        Homeboy Sandman

                        Kindness For Weakness

                        Homeboy Sandman is set to release Kindness For Weakness, his third full-length album on Stones Throw Records. The album’s title comes from Sandman’s internal insight saying “mistaking kindness for weakness is a weakness I need to have more kindness for.” One of Sandman’s most poignantly lyrical releases to date, the album centers on the MCs discomfort in his comfort zone and addresses themes such as his personal insecurities, rapper stereotypes and morality. Since signing with Stones Throw Records in 2011, Homeboy Sandman has made himself at home releasing 3 full-lengths – First of a Living Breed, Hallways, and now Kindness for Weakness – along with a series of 5 short records and most recently, releasing a free EP with collaborator Aesop Rock (who has a guest feature on Kindness) named Lice, which includes a remix by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. Sandman has once again establish ed himself as one of the most productive and creative lyricists of this generation.


                        Animals Have Feelings

                        It all started at a Detroit strip club, with a platter of deep-fried beef taquitos and a dancer whose face looked a bit like Burt Reynolds. It was here that Sam Baker first met a self-described fan of his, who told him to take his music work more seriously. Sam had long since graduated from tapping on piano to working on the MPC and 404 under the name Samiyam, circulating beat tapes among local crew in Michigan. He was among a network of post-Donuts hip-hop producers focusing on instrumentals as the work.

                        Flying Lotus met Sam and picked him for the debut release on his Brainfeeder label, 2008’s Rap Beats Vol. 1. Sam Baker’s Album followed in 2011. His Wish You Were Here showed up on Leaving Records in 2013, along with production work for Earl Sweatshirt, Captain Murphy and PharoaheMonch along the way.

                        Samiyam, extended Stones Throw family for a while now, debuts with 'Animals Have Feelings', an album which he considers the creative sequel to 'Rap Beats Vol. 1'. “'Animals' has roots in beats made around the time of 'Vol. 1', and the new stuff on the record has some of the same sound. ”The record is classic instrumental hip-hop, mixed with a handful of rap tracks he did with the few MC collaborators he chooses to work with: Earl Sweatshirt (Mirror), Action Bronson (Mr.Wonderful), Jeremiah Jae and Oliver the 2nd (Lord of the Rings).

                        Nuovo soul conquistadors Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One find their sensual stems in the hands of a whole host of international remix talent for this killer remix 12", which comes housed in a classy tuxedo shaped sleeve. We start the party in raw funk fashion thanks to a beat heavy rework from Warp signings Kaytranada, who mic up a kit, rock out some snappy breaks and transform Hawthorne and Jake One's smooth soul into a floor ready stomper worthy of Thundercat or DJ Shadow in its instrumental form. Next up, legendary West Coast DJ Battlecat gets properly wonky with his squelching boogie refix of "Watch The Dance", complete with rapid paced bells, thick bass and off kilter keys. Last but not least, France's Jean Tonique takes a leaf out of the Cerrone playbook and transforms "The Right Time" into the greatest Gallic disco love song since Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"! If all that wasn't enough, the flipside plays host to the instrumental remixes, making sure you'll be shaking your stuff from start to finish.

                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                        12" Info: Clear vinyl EP in special edition die cut sleeve (it looks like a tuxedo right?

                        Damon "Dam-Funk" Riddick is the epitome of funk. Ever since debuting on Stones Throw in 2008, the California producer has become one of the genre's most passionate proselytisers.

                        In 2013, he released a celebrated album in partnership with hip-hop's Snoop Dogg, '7 Days of Funk'. Fresh for '15, Dam returns with a solo project nearly six years in the making: 'Invite the Light'. 'Invite the Light' isn’t just Dam’s first solo full-length since ’09, he thinks of it as his first fully-realized effort - a “concise, beginning-to-end vision - that’s resulted in a loosely autobiographical concept album inspired by the trials and tribulations of his personal and professional life of the last six years.

                        As always, Dam flexes his multi-instrumentalist talents by handling all the production but still makes time for guests including rapper Q-Tip, the father-son duo of Leon Sylvers III & IV, Jody Watley, Q-Tip, Ariel Pink, Nite Jewel and funk giant Junie Morrison of the Ohio Players, who opens and closes the album with dire warnings of what could happen in a world without funk. Rest assured, Dam is here to make sure that never comes to pass. As he puts it, "funk is the underdog, the black sheep of black music," and if that's true, Dam-Funk is its shepherd.

                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                        3xLtd LP Info: Triple vinyl in triptych gatefold sleeve in reflective silver.

                        Silk Rhodes

                        Pains / Face 2 Face

                        Silk Rhodes is vocalist Sasha Desree and producer Michael Collins. Pains is their first record, a 45. The cover is a made from an acid tab style blotter sheet.

                        'Yawn Zen' is LA-based hip-hop producer Ringgo Ancheta’s debut album for Stones Throw. Mndsgn’s psychedelic beats have already won him fans such as Danny Brown, who snapped him up to produce a track the lead track for his Classic Drug Referencesrelease and BBC Radio 1’s Benji B. Dazed & Confused described him as “one of the west coast’s finest beat-smiths… each track is a patchwork of lush electronic samples blended together to create warm, sun-drenched little charmers.”

                        On 'Yawn Zen', his debut for Stones Throw, Mndsgn has carved himself an unusually calm-sounding place in the Los Angeles beat scene. The influence of labelmates Madlib and J Dilla on this on this collection of laid-back beats is never far off, but Yawn Zen has a psychedelic, jazzy flavour that equally recalls the likes of Flying Lotus, Gonjasufi and Samiyam.

                        Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf

                        Circa 1990-1993 - 4xLP Box Set

                          Curated by Peanut Butter Wolf, Stones Throw is releasing a 4LP boxset to commemorate the late MC, Charizma and the collection of works he and Peanut Butter Wolf created between 1990-1993. The anthology includes rare, classic and unreleased tracks that makes up eight sides of vinyl, along with never before seen photos and ephemera. A lifetime has passed since the murder of Bay Area emcee Charles “Charizma” Hicks who, in December of 1993 at the age of 20, was shot and killed at random while sitting in his car. Despite his short life, Charizma made an impression on everyone he encountered. Charizma’s death deeply impacted his close friend and hip hop production partner Chris “Peanut Butter Wolf” Manak, who at the time stopped making music (and everything else) for several months after receiving the news. Ultimately, however, it was Charizma’s murder that gave PB Wolf the impetus to carry on and get their music heard by the world – setting up his own record label to do so. In 1996, Wolf founded Stones Throw Records and put out the first release, a Charizma/PB Wolf 12” single called “My World Premiere.” Fast forward to 2014 and over 400 releases later, including the 2003 Charizma album Big Shots, Peanut Butter Wolf now presents a comprehensive tribute to his friend and musical partner, properly showcasing the full body of work left behind by Charizma over 20 years ago.With this posthumous release of an artist who was only 20-years-old when his life was cut short, hip hop fans can only speculate as to what heights might have been reached if Charizma was still here today.

                          7 Days Of Funk (Snoopzilla & Dam-Funk)

                          7 Days Of Funk - 7" Box Set

                            Snoop Dogg & Dam-Funk's album 7 Days of Funk is being released as a 45 box set, with a total of 16 tracks: each song on the album released on 7-inch single, backed with it's instrumental version. The box set includes a bonus record with "Wingz" (not available on any other format) b/w "Systamatic".

                            Stones Throw are pleased to announce the release of the self-titled long player by 7 Days of Funk, aka Dam-Funk and Snoopzilla aka the legendary Snoop Dogg. “We're the babies of the Mothership,” says Snoop. “I’ve had funk influences in my music my whole career. Dam-Funk is cold. He’s keeping the funk alive and I knew I had to get down with him.” The King of Modern Funk meets the Smoked-out Scion of G-Funk on the 7 Days of Funk album, where Snoop performs under the name Snoopzilla, the homage to the legendary funk master, Bootsy Collins, who often went by the moniker Bootzilla. After an initial chance meeting two years ago, Dam and Snoop began to collaborate when Snoop invited Dam to perform with him at a 2011 SXSW show - the musical connection was inherent. “Snoop knew what I was thinking without me having to articulate it. That’s how you know when you gel artistically with someone,” Dam-Funk says. “These beats were made for him and he laid down some of the smoothest harmonies and melodies I’ve ever heard. It’s hip-hop, but you can also hear what we grew up on, from Zapp to Evelyn 'Champagne' King and Patrice Rushen.”

                            The Stepkids

                            The Lottery / The Art Of Forgetting

                            The Stepkids are three singer/songwriters. “A lot of what excites us about this band is this band itself,” says bassist and keyboardist Dan Edinberg. “It’s not either of us; it’s about creating an entity where the entity itself is what’s important.” As a result, every song on the Stepkids self-titled debut album is written with equal input from each member. “All three of us write and all three of us sing,” says Jeff Gitelman, who resigned from touring as Alicia Keys’ guitarist to concentrate full-time on recording the Stepkids self-titled debut album. Drummer Tim Walsh continues, “There’s an equal split in the creative process. Any lyric, any melody, any idea could have been done by any of us.” This approach comes from more than a decade of musical experimentation and experience. Raised on the East Coast jazz and R&B circuit, individual band members went on to share stages with 50 Cent and Lauryn Hill, tour internationally with indie punk band Zox, score movies and commercials and produce solo albums. The Stepkids groove is a fusion of punk and jazz, West African and 1960s folk, neo and classic soul, classic funk and 20th century classical. The band produce, engineer and record themselves on a reel-to-reel. There’s no singular icon, no singular sound, and no singular way of making it happen for the Stepkids. It’s psychedelia for the 21st century, where the focus is on the whole.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Philippa says: Have Steely Dan reformed? Blue-eyed soul meets yacht rock with just a touch of jazz-funk on this two tracker.

                            San Francisco duo Myron & E create modern soul music with a classic throwback feel, set to release their debut on Stones Throw Records, 'Broadway'.

                            Myron & E are backed by Timmion Records house band The Soul Investigators, who worked with them on a string of 45s released on Timmion in recent years, as well as with Nicole Willis. 'Broadway' is produced entirely by Didier Selin of the Soul Investigators.

                            "We maintain a relationship with classic soul," Myron says. "To me, that was the greatest music that ever existed. There were hundreds of groups back then that were never discovered, but are phenomenal. We're trying to keep the spirit of that alive." Songs like ‘Broadway’ and ‘Give You All My Love’ may boast classic soul instrumental and vocals, but modern production and unforgettable hooks bring the sound up to date.

                            With their release of 'Broadway' on Stones Throw, Myron & E affirm the cult US indie label’s standing as a hub for modern soul music that appeals to a range of audiences, following in the footsteps of recent successes Aloe Blacc and Mayer Hawthorne.

                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                            LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                            Every now and then, Madlib raps over his own beats as his alter ego Quasimoto. It's been eight years since he came out with 'The Further Adventures of Lord Quas', and now, Quasimoto is getting his own compilation. 'Yessir Whatever' collects material spanning the full history of the project. The LP comes with a bonus 45 featuring "Hittin Hooks" and "Microphone Mathematics Remix". The comp features 12 tracks of rare, out-of-print, and previously unreleased material.

                            FROM STONES THROW: We thought we’d make the best Quasimoto record cover of all time, a peel-off Lord Quas that shows lil’ homie’s insides when peeled. We tested it. It worked. We tested it again. It Worked. And in the end, the sticker turned out to be pretty tough to peel, and near impossible to peel without taking some of the cover with it.

                            The Quasimoto records, which were originally advertised as having peel off stickers, unfortunately do not. The vinyl comes with a marketing sticker noting that the sticker should not be peeled off. Please note this to any and all of your customers who have pre-ordered this item, we apologize for the issue.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            David says: Just what is going on with hip hop? It's 2013 and America's rap superstars look to Europe and EDM for their inspiration, stumbling from cliché to cliché like zombies in a George Romero B movie, squabbling over bit parts in bad films and faking the funk, rhyming about glocks, rocks and getting drunk. Meanwhile, deep underground, in downtown LA, artists like Madlib and his alter ego Quasimoto, are out to prove that the folk music of the Bronx hasn't sold its soul to the man, yet. Containing rare and unreleased material spanning Quas’ 12 year career, 'Yessir Whatever' leaps buildings like a Marvel superhero, his helium induced, stoner rap dragging hip hop from the underground to a, cough, higher level. So yessir, if you've still got a love for hip hop this is the album for you and if not? Whatever.

                            Drawing together a number of moods, styles and genres under her own inimitable style, Anika’s latest EP contains cover versions of some of her favourite artists, both classic and modern, and two original tracks.

                            Anika brings the heritage of Bristol’s thriving music scene to her new base in Berlin, where she works with her producer, Geoff Barrow and BEAK>, who are also her touring band. Barrow was initially on the search for a vocalist for his experimental band but it soon became clear that Anika was a collaborative project in its own right.

                            Inspired by classic garage rock, hazy electronica, pop and dub, the EP was recorded in Bristol at State of Art Studios.

                            The Anika EP is Anika’s debut on Stones Throw. Produced by Geoff Barrow and BEAK>. Includes video for ‘I Go To Sleep’ directed by Uli M. Schueppel, and contains covers of The Kinks’ ‘I Go To Sleep’, The Crystals’ ‘He Hit Me’, ‘In The City’ by Chromatics and Shocking Blue’s ‘Love Buzz’, as well as illuminating dub versions of previous singles ‘Yang Yang’ and ‘No One’s There’ by Bristol producer Ratman.

                            The Lions

                            This Generation - 7" Box Set

                              Inspired by reggae, sound system culture and the myriad of musical styles influenced by Jamaican music old and new, The Lions’ sound is firmly placed in soul music. All the guys in The Lions grew up on classic Jamaican records so since they began they have wanted to give their records that same edge and roughness that they grew up hearing on LPs by The Upsetters, Soul Syndicate, The Rockers Band and Roots Radics. The rhythm section was all recorded to tape, the Hammond buzzed a little, fuses blew and good mistakes were left in. They basically made the dusty reggae soul LP THEY have been wanting to hear for years. The band draws together a dozen or so of LA’s elite reggae and soul forerunners who loosely coalesced as The Lions in 2007. The band features Deston Berry and Alex Désert, members of the legendary ska band Hepcat, who form half of the vocal team. The other half is the sweet falsetto of Malik Moore and DJ stylings of Black Shakespeare, the charismatic cousin of Robbie Shakespeare (of Sly & Robbie fame). Production is by Connie Price. This special vinyl version of the album is packaged in a limited edition 45 box set, comprised of seven 45s, plus a Stones Throw bonus fan club 45.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              7" Box Set Info: 8x7" box set.

                              Chrome Canyon is the solo project of New York artist Morgan Z, Chrome Canyon creates analog synth-powered epics that move between eras past and ages imagined to create the perfect score for an alternate now.

                              Somewhere between the avant-garde compositions he wrote while studying jazz at NYC’s New School, a college job selling keyboards at Sam Ash in Times Square, and the satirical sex-funk band he founded on the side, his destiny was taking shape. For three years, Morgan played in the glammy electro outfit Apes & Androids, but when that ended, he retreated to his private Brooklyn studio where he began to amass analog synthesizers at an obsessive rate.

                              Then the remixes began pouring forth. Phoenix, Passion Pit, and a commissioned remix for Foster the People - their hits reemerging with a healthy dusting of metallic sheen, glowing neon pink and alarm clock green. Then came deranged disco edits of soul-jazz master George Benson and synth-pop pioneers Yellow Magic Orchestra, Chrome Canyon’s profile growing as Morgan further blurred past, present and future.

                              Now, Stones Throw release Chrome Canyon’s debut album, 'Elemental Themes'. The inaugural set is blessed with solid circuitry and an organic core: not only those analog synths, but live drums, bass, guitar and Theremin run through hand-built compressors, composed and arranged into a living, breathing whole. 'Elemental Themes' was one of the last works mastered by Nilesh Patel, the engineer behind classic albums by the likes of Air, Bjork and Daft Punk.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Philippa says: Yellow Magic Orchestra, Daft Punk, Phoenix, Vangelis, Air... You can hear them all in the soundscape influences of Chrome Canyon.

                              James Pants

                              Crystal Lite / Technopop - Feat. Baron Zen & DJ Bunny / Ka$h - Trizzy & XXXChange Remix

                              Stones Throw pull another killer track from James Pants "Welcome" LP. "Crystal Lite" is a wicked bit of 80s inspired slo-mo electro-funk that's peppered with vintage electronic percussion and features some tasty synth hooks and a nice lazy vocal (there's an instrumental too). The flipside of the twelve has an exclusive remix of the cult classic "Ka$h" by Trizzy & XXXChange, aka Spankrock. This one's definitely more for the electro heads out there. Lastly there's bonus hip hop shorty, "Technopop", featuring Baron Zen and DJ Bunny.

                              Guilty got his start rhyming 12 years ago as a member of Tha Almighty Dreadnaughtz. The lyrical bully rolled in the same circles as Eminem, D12 and Slum Village. After paying his dues on the local scene, Guilty gained the attention of two pillars of the D's underground hip hop community, D12's Denaun Porter and late great producer / MC J Dilla, whose subsequent death in early 06 left Simpson's solo debut "The Verdict" at the demo stage. But all was not lost, as Jay Dee had already featured the up-and-coming Guilty on his 2003 collaboration with Madlib, "Champion Sound", and his posthumously released album "The Shining". Now Guilty is at last ready to deliver his official first LP, "Ode To The Ghetto". Featuring guests Sean Price and MED, plus production from Madlib, Denaun Porter, Oh No, Black Milk and, of course, J Dilla, the album should impact the game the same way that the nose bone would your brain, according to Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones Pt II".

                              Another Wolf mixtape, this time giving props to some of the best old school female MCs to touch the mic. From hip hop-disco, via electro and stripped-down beat-box jams and on to hip-house, this is 80s hip hop with ladies first. The set features 30 cuts including Roxanne Shante, Monie Love, Heather B, and a whole load more ultra-obscure lady, girl and women rhymers from way back in the day.

                              Stones Throw inaugurates a relationship with 2K Sports in teaming up with the video game trendsetter to present the soundtrack to their wildly successful NBA 2K series. Label head honcho Peanut Butter Wolf has created a twenty song companion piece to the video game that introduces new Stones Throw faces (Karriem Riggins and Supreme Team), welcomes back old ones (MF DOOM returns to to fold), and creates some new tracks sure to appeal to you Stones Throw peeps out there.

                              This is Stones Throw's first ever full label compilation, covering everything from the very first single (Charizma & PB Wolf's "My World Premiere") to jewels from 2006. The compilation mixes classics from the likes of Madvillain, Jaylib and Lootpack with incredibly rare and desirable previously promo-vinyl only tracks such as Cut Chemist & MED's "Blind Man". "Stones Throw: Ten Years" is the perfect introduction to the label for the curious, the best next step for those who've only bought Madvillain, Jaylib or Quasimoto albums, and essential for any fans of the label or quality leftfield music.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              2xCD Info: Includes bonus J Rocc mix CD.

                              Not a conventional album by any means, Dilla's "Donuts" is a collection of numerous short productions that he kept to himself rather than use on his work with Madlib, Q-Tip, Common and Slum Village. Like a private DJ mixtape, they clock in on average at around nintey seconds, yet this is not merely a beats compilation, but mini sample-manipulations glommed from other funk, soul, disco, rap and rock sources. With awfully coincidental timing, Dilla passed away the week that the album was released, having been suffering from an incurable blood disorder. A fitting epitaph to a unique talent.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              2xLP Info: US Stones Throw pressing with cartoon artwork by Quasimoto album artist Jank. Back in stock.

                              After two inspirational EPs co-released thru LA's Stones Throw label and London's Goya collective, the stupidly good debut LP from DJ Rels drops. Superficially ID-ed as D. Relmond, it's more likey just another pseudonym for Madlib himself and occasional sounds that appear in this dense concotion of jazz, broken beat and house hint at the truth. The album is a series of sure footed jazz-fusion and broken beat tracks (including the exceptional "Diggin' In Brownswood" and "Broken Soul" off the EPs) picking up some of YNQ's psyche-jazz leanings along the way and even Detroit house on "The Doo (Do It)". Madlib's been working extra hard during 2004, but even his Madvillain and Monk Hughes productions are going to have to take a back seat to the unconventionality and ingenuity of this. One glance at the 'respect to' list gives you a hint at where the Rels sound is coming from, with names like Daz-I-Que, 4Hero, Seiji, Bugz, Kaidi Tatham, IG Culture, Domu, Jazzanova, Gilles Peterson, Theo Parrish, Carl Craig, Afronaught and Kenny Dope replacing the usual 'God, Mother, Grandmaster Flash etc.'...



                                MF DOOM and Madlib's leftfield hip hop opus finally drops, featuring the singles "Money Folder", "Curls" and "All Caps" plus more out-there raps and breaks. Medaphoar, Quasimoto, Wildchild, Viktor Vaughn and Stacy Epps all come along to join Doom on the mic, as Madlib drops some of the most disturbed backing sounds of his career (he even samples Daedelus at one point!), milking his B-movie samples and impenetrable rhythms. With short hits and a quickfire tracklist, "Madvillainy" is an explosive and schizophrenic experience, the most complete Madlib hip hop production since Quasimoto's "The Unseen".

                                Long-awaited meeting of the minds between production gurus Jay Dee and Madlib from 2003, rapping on each other's beats in alternation throughout the entire LP. They came up with the album's title by each choosing their favourite Northern English positive adjective - with J Dilla going for the Geordie classic and Madlib going for the Mancunian favourite.

                                When it came time to repress Madlib and J Dilla's 'Champion Sound' in 2007, Madlib quietly handed Stones Throw a disc of remixes he'd done for his half of this album - it was too good to pass up, so this deluxe reissue was born.

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                2xCD Info: 2xCD reissue contains the original album, 11 previously unheard bonus tracks and remixes alongside 15 instrumental tracks never before available on CD.

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