Stimulator Jones

Round Spiritual Ring

Image of Stimulator Jones - Round Spiritual Ring
Record Label
Stones Throw

About this item

Soulful R&B record from multi-instrumentalist,singer, producer and hip-hop DJ Stimulator Jones.

Follow up to his 2018 debut album ‘Exotic Worldsand Masterful Treasures’.

Draws on a range of styles and periods, from the70s and 80s to the present day.

Stimulator Jones is back with a new record out thissummer on Stones Throw, featuring a variety ofsounds such as hip-hop, lo-fi, jazz, psychedelicrock and R&B.

Stimulator Jones was featured on fellow StonesThrow artist DJ Harrison’s recent album, ‘Tales From the Old Dominion’, which was criticallyacclaimed and received support from severalmajor artists including Tyler, The Creator.


What You Want
Pain Inside
Sherbet Sky
Love Will Light Your Dreams
Peace, Love, Respect & Adoration
Talk To You (feat. Fat Tony)
Keep On Mashing
All I Gotta Do

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