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Picture the scene if you can. It’s Sunday evening at the Meakusma Festival, 2019. A small audience (in varying states of inebriation and recovery) sit patiently on the floor, drenched in soft sunlight. Fizzy Veins is set up to play - his guitar resting on his knees while he stares into his laptop with an expression displaying amusement and fear in equal measure. He tentatively speaks into the microphone. There’s a lot of reverb. I don’t think anybody has the slightest idea what he’s saying. I assume he’s delivering a joke, but it’s very hard to tell. People laugh. After yet more tweaks to his gear he starts to play some loose, bendy phrases on the guitar, and we are all gently vaporised up Mount Effervescent. Our benevolent guru sits at the peak, speaking in tongues to the freshly formed congregation. The beats start to roll out and the sun begins to set in the evening sky. Fizzy transitions and he continues his long distance narration from deep inside his own reverb. It sounds like he’s in another room. On another planet, more like.
Witnessing the show, as I did, left me wondering how he even manages to boot-up his computer.. let alone produce an album as brilliantly formed and coherent as this!
Yours sincerely,
A. Fizzyfan

Certain to appeal to fans of Squarepusher, Lemonjelly, Moritz Von Oswald Trio, Vladislav Delay etc. There’s a beautiful mix of organic and electronic at play here. captivating and adventurous; without relying on fast tempos or over complicated arrangements to take our minds on a journey there’s a delicate musical precision combined with a advanced grasp of electronic production. Comes in a bloody fabulous sleeve too! Completely recommended! 


Drop The Hood
Silver Medal
Pool Loop
Favourite Winter Jacket
Darts Champ
Moonlight Tascam
Hey Where Did You Go

Sung in the language of the in-between-worlds, diasporic human snacks are vibrating their sonic manipulations in tribute to the lonely & oblivious Mr. Naster. Pulses interpreted and expressed by Nushin Naini on fried farsi-like vocals & bass. Nicolini on drums, sax and miscellaneous objects.

Recommended if you like: Food Of The Gods, Map of Africa, Indifferent Dance Center, Strangers In Love, M-O-F, Justine And The Victorian Punks... Not ring any bells? Don't beat yourself up about it - you've just discovered your favourite new sound. Ethno-punk-no-wave-disco... Get in the sound! 


Matt says: I was playing this ethno-punk curio in YES t'other week and one Andy Votel quickly scurried over and enquired as to its ID. Hate to name drop but it's surely worth a mention when you out-dig the digger's digger - with a brand new record! :P 1-0....


Side 1
Side 2
1.Human Snax
2.Tambal (Melloo Mix)

Welcome to Nicolini’s wonderful world of surprise - Penni’s Palace. Here you will find zebra-chairs and matchbox countachs, colourful tv-screens and Penni the cat presiding over proceedings. You will also find Nicolini, hunched over his MPC or Casio keyboards, sweeping the EQs to make the sounds move, jamming out his songs in heavy microdoses. They are the sounds of machines and the city - Amsterdam centre to be precise - brought to life with volts of electricity.

These songs started out as a live show on the terrace of Garage Noord nightclub, and over the following months Nicolini tweaked and re-recorded them into the collection of tracks you have before you. Bristling with energy, these live jams have a loose, almost mystical feeling - you never know quite what’s around the corner. Sounds jump out of the speakers at you, from car engines to reverb crashes. Opposites face off against each other - the mechanical meets the organic, and the cold emptiness of the city contrasts with the warm timbres of tropical climes.

Nicolini is quite used to combining disparate elements, particularly as a member of the re-configured Zamrock band WITCH. As pioneers of some of the heaviest space fuzz back in the ‘70s, WITCH combined garage-psych guitars with Zambian dialects and culture to create a wildly unique sound. Nicolini joined the band during their resurgence over the last few years, as they toured far-flung corners of the world. It’s an experience that undoubtedly helped Nicolini hone one skill set in particular - combining unexpected sounds together in unusual ways - and it’s on full display across these nine tracks.


Master Teacher
Snake Head Wire
Bank Needs Your Money Dub
Penni Funk
Crash Flange
Penni Chasing
Woospang Man
Intro + Life Shana

In its original form 'Bij Annie Op Bezoek' was a pretty avant affair involving dubby desk experiments spilling into snippets of folk and spoken word. Here South Of North enlist a trio of full time experimentalists to turn everyone's brains upside down. First up, Robert Bergman, whose released on LIES and BAKK were previous Piccadilly faves recasts TV Orangje as a twisted industrial chugger - slow, low and dripping with high grade narcotics. Next up, Planet Rescue alum Peter Graf York goes IN on his "Voor etc" remix, turning out a leftfield techno wonk machine, which he reprises on the B2 in utterly spangled techno fashion. The B1 belongs to Monty DJ who hooks us up with a rattling, polyrhythmic excursion into woodland house - it's up there with the best early Sueds!


A1. TV Oranje (Robert Bergman Mix)
A2. Voor Een Flat In De Merenwijk (Peter Graf York Mix)
B1. Trappenhuis (Monty DJ Mix)
B2. Voor Een Flat In De Merenwijk (Peter Graf York Pakje Sap Mix)

German multi-instrumentalist and production whizz CV Vision drops a third release in quick succession, once again furnishing South Of North with some superior psychedelic sounds. Where 'Tropical' pushed a futuristic psych exotic style, this one's as classic as they come, vocals fuzzed to fuck and slathered in tape delay, americana guitars and fat drum breaks. If you dig on the old Tame Impala sound or the likes of the Allah Lahs, you'll find plenty to love about this one.


A1. Should I Tame My Endless Mind
A2. I Will Be Gone
A3. A Sparrow
A4. My Autumn Has Come
B1. 123
B2. Emit Ni
B3. In Time

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