Diamond Life - 2024 Reissue

Image of Sade - Diamond Life - 2024 Reissue
Record Label
Sony Music

About this item

This modern soul classic debut was recorded and released in 1984, two years after the English group was formed. Diamond Life was an instant hit in the UK, peaking at #2 and staying in Top Ten for more than six months. At the same time they conquered the rest of Europe reaching #1 positions in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In the USA it reached #5 in the charts and the album reached a four time Platinum status, just like in the UK. Due to the hit singles "Your Love Is King", "When Am I Going To Make A Living", "Smooth Operator" and "Hang On To Your Love" Sade's debut album sold more than 7 million copies worldwide! 


Side A
1. Smooth Operator
2. Your Love Is King
3. Hang On To Your Love
4. Frankie’s First Affair
5. When Am I Going To Make A Living

Side B
1. Cherry Pie
2. Sally
3. I Will Be Your Friend
4. Why Can’t We Live Together

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