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Sons & Daughters

This Gift

    "This Gift" is a whirlwind of tarnished sixties glamour and post-millennial celebrity culture, cult-films and literary classics. Executed in contrasting honeyed and caustic tones, with the arresting songwriting and fervent performance that is Sons & Daughters. This is the product of the band's own characteristic intensity and the combative challenge set by the albums famously uncompromising producer Bernard Butler. The album races from the rasping "Gilt Complex", through the souring "Split Lips" (featuring Robbie Stern of Cajun Dance Party on violin), to the Edwyn Collins strut of "The Nest", hitting driving garage rock on "Rebel With The Ghost" via 60s girl-group stomps "Darling" and "Flags", all along hinting at the band's ability to conjure up atmospheres of disturbing unease, most notably on "Iodine" and the desert rock meets Gaelic war cry of the title track. Deluxe heavyweight vinyl in a lovely mirror-board sleeve.

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