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Singers & Players

Staggering Heights

    Rated by many to be the pinnacle in their catalogue, this third album from 1983 saw the reggae collective Singers & Players really hitting their stride.

    On microphone duties, Prince Far I and Bim Sherman are joined by Mikey Dread (fresh from his work with The Clash) and Ashanti Roy (The Congos) for a truly heavyweight line-up.

    Voicing killer rhythms laid down by members of the Dub Syndicate and Roots Radics, this is a landmark recording in the mutated UK version of dub.

    Contains the classic On-U tracks ‘Bedward The Flying Preacher’ and ‘Snipers In The Streets’.

    Re-cut at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin. Includes a fold-out 24” x 12” poster insert and digital download card.


    Laura says: One of many fantastic albums produced by On-U Sound. Worth buying for "Bedward The flying Preacher" alone!


    African Blood
    Bedward The Flying
    Snipers In The Street
    A Matter Of Time
    School Days
    This Assembly

    Singers & Players

    Revenge Of The Underdog

      The second album by the loose On-U Sound collective, originally released in 1982. Featuring Prince Far I, Bim Sherman, Jah Woosh, plus members of The Roots Radics, The Slits and Glaxo Babies.

      Heavy dread vibes, earthquaking dub and classic deejay chatter, recorded in the flash, heat and studio experimentation of post-punk London.

      “There really is not a single weak track here. Sherwood spins his glistening web of intrusive, hyperactive magic, a production approach that would never work for anyone else but almost always does for him. No reggae collection should be without this one.” - All Music

      Re-cut at dubplates & mastering in Berlin for maximum bass pressure. Includes a 24” x 12” fold-out poster insert and digital download card.


      A) Dungeon B) Merchant Ship C) Jah Army Band
      Too Much Workload
      Prodigal Son
      Water The Garden
      Resolution (Pt.2 / Version 2)
      Thing Called Love (Don’t Fight)

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