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San Lorenz

A Death At Sea

    Liverpool art-rockers San Lorenz release their highly anticipated debut album ‘A Death At Sea’ following the success of previous EP releases; ‘The House That Doubt Built’ and ‘No Brain, No Pain’. A sonic rollercoaster that explores themes of grief, hopelessness and separation from oneself, ‘A Death At Sea’ is certainly the band’s most ambitious offering to date. Within this body of work, the band proves the thing that has kept them moving for so long; the desire to push themselves and their songwriting to the highest reaches of what they can be.

    San Lorenz put their heart and soul into these 11 songs and their efforts should become more apparent on each subsequent listen. A true labour of love and a triumphant debut record that showcases the band’s deftness in crafting deep, multi-layered soundscapes beneath earnest and nuanced lyrics. Known for their explosive live performances and on their way to great things, the Covid pandemic dealt a catastrophic blow to the band’s momentum. But never ones to rest on their laurels, they began remote writing sessions and were eventually able to commence recording, albeit under less-than-ideal circumstances.

    Self-producing and working out of their own Yellowbird Studio, they enlisted the help of Grammy award winning producer Mark Rankin (QOTSA, Adele, Bloc Party) to mix the record. Throughout their career, the band have consistently demonstrated their ability to wilfully dismantle themselves in the pursuit of pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved both sonically and emotionally with their music.


    Side One
    1. Intro
    2. Tightrope
    3. Accessory
    4. Adjust The Angle
    5. Dijiste Adios
    6. Where's The Shock?
    Side Two
    1. Wickerman
    2. The Disappearing
    3. (Don't Be A) Martyr
    4. A Death At Sea
    5. First To Know

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