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Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies

What’s On The Inside Has To Come Out

    The Liverpool ‘Kitchencore’ band follow up their critically received album England’s Up For Sale in 2020 with their most commercial and musically ambitious album to date. Full of razor-sharp lyrics and musical twist and turns, What’s On The Inside Has To Come Out is briming with energy and ideas.

    Whereas the previous album was an observational, sparse, post-punk style snap-shot of a Brexit Britain, the new record has a more personal style with witty tales of northern, working class life in songs like I’m Shy, Mum & Dad, Money & Art and the title track What’s On The Inside Has To Come Out, that you can easily relate to.

    Through the bands constant gigging and riotous theatrical live shows, they have gained a big reputation as a great live act with including them in their list of the top festival bands in the UK. However, behind the fun and theatrics, the band have always had something serious to say.

    The album has their usual garage punk and artrock sound fused with post-punk, folk and even gospel elements for a more eclectic record that should please their hardcore fans and those new to their lo-fi but accessible sound. This is a joyous, life-affirming record for the post-Covid era, by the ultimate people’s band... This is Kitchencore!


    1. What's On The Inside Has To Come Out
    2. Mum & Dad
    3. I'm Shy
    4. Money & Art
    5. In Toxteth
    6. Elvis In My Dreams
    7. Life Is Beautiful
    8. Kind
    9. Happy Birthday Syd
    10. Jarg Bizzie
    11. Badges
    12. Everybody Has A Song

    The High Rip

    Rule Of Four

      Named after the most notorious street gang of Victorian Liverpool, 'The High Rip' formed in 2017. Early gigs and rehearsal rooms were located in that gang's old stomping ground and the synchronicity was unavoidable. United by their shared love of post-punk and new wave artists, their songs combine the high drama of Joy Division and the pop sensibility of XTC.

      “This is Rock & Roll revitalised. It's easy to see this is no throw away pop crusade. Things that are made into song are cared for, not just sang about. Their music is bigger than the band.” Scene and Heard.

      "This is a record that sits perfectly between The Damned and Echo & The Bunnymen, The Adverts and Gang of Four. This is a record everyone needs to listen to, so please go and check out Rule of Four." The Last Stop Sounds.

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