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The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus

The Dream We Carry

    Formed in Liverpool in 1985, the Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus is a unique experimental ensemble whose work goes beyond music. For over thirty-five years the band’s cult following has grown. Their mesmerising recorded material is influenced by diverse cultural perspectives and stimulates a deeply personal and subjective awakening. Ethereal vocals, ambient compositions, chants, acoustic instrumentation and field recordings generate beautiful and emotionally intense soundscapes.

    ‘The Dream We Carry’ is the band’s fifth album and perhaps their most coherent body of work to date. It captures echoes and fragile remnants of the lived experience. The emotional traces that affect us. The joys and sorrows we hold. The dreams that we carry.

    Founder member Leslie Hampson said:

    “The RAIJ is a project in pursuit of beauty; we have tried to jettison anything that doesn’t address that. We’ve been active for a long time and this album represents another phase in our work. We’re not trying to reinvent ourselves or be something we’re not. We’ve never done that. We only ever try to be more of ourselves.”


    1) A Song For Lost Souls
    2) Les Fils Des Etoiles
    3) Among The Lost
    4) Goodbye To Berlin
    5) Remnants
    6) Object Of Desire
    7) The Road Home
    8) Tales From Nowhere
    9) Portrait Of A Child
    10) Solace
    11) Equinox
    12) Disparu
    13) Voices
    14) The Song Of Wandering Aengus

    Section 25

    Move On - 2024 Reissue

      Section 25 release their 10th studio album ‘Move On’ via Nine X Nine records. Originally formed in Lancashire in 1977 they are best known for their work with iconic Manchester label Factory Records. Fusing elements of post-punk, electro and synth-pop their sound is unmistakable and influential.

      ‘Move On’ has optimism at its core. It is a reflection of the past and a meditation on the present. Emotionally engaging with the here and now by understanding what has passed.

      Section 25 have built a lasting legacy as one of Britain’s most important bands in electronic music. Younger audiences may be familiar with their work through it being extensively sampled, including by Kanye West. The band were also namechecked in LCD Soundsystem’s breakout single ‘Losing My Edge’.


      1. Move On
      2. Human Puppets
      3. Gun For Hire
      4. Form Is Void
      5. CV1
      6. Graduate From Boredom
      7. The Boy From The A Shed
      8. We Are On Our Own
      9. Pubs, Clubs And Drugs
      10. Back In The Day

      The DSM IV

      New Age Paranoia

        Debut album from former 'Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster' front man Guy McKnight's new band.

        The DSM IV’s debut album, “NEW AGE PARANOIA,” is an impressive collection of stories, beats, guitars, and noise. The album seamlessly weaves together sobering but dream-filled songs that explore the ways in which our collective minds are influenced by mass media, entertainment industries, and social media. Formed by Guy McKnight of critically acclaimed and cult favourite The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. The DSM IV has a dark sound that blends noise-rock, synth-pop and industrial, that delivers a unique musical experience. Their music is cacophonous and epic, featuring rich textures and melodic hooks that keep listeners captivated. The band’s powerful soundscapes, combined with their thought-provoking lyrics, create a mesmerizing atmosphere that both entertains and encourages introspection. The album prompts important questions about our society, such as what’s driving the normalization of a narcissistic culture that prioritizes personal desires over altruism. It delves into the ways in which technology, social media, and mass media shape our collective psyche and affect our relationships with ourselves and each other.

        The DSM IV’s music offers a timely and compelling commentary on these issues. The DSM IV is a band that creates music with a powerful message that resonates with people who feel that a kinder world is possible. Their songs are both nasty and nice, reflective and entertaining. With “NEW AGE PARANOIA,” The DSM IV has crafted an album that will captivate and inspire listeners, while also prompting deeper reflection on our society’s values and priorities.

        San Lorenz

        A Death At Sea

          Liverpool art-rockers San Lorenz release their highly anticipated debut album ‘A Death At Sea’ following the success of previous EP releases; ‘The House That Doubt Built’ and ‘No Brain, No Pain’. A sonic rollercoaster that explores themes of grief, hopelessness and separation from oneself, ‘A Death At Sea’ is certainly the band’s most ambitious offering to date. Within this body of work, the band proves the thing that has kept them moving for so long; the desire to push themselves and their songwriting to the highest reaches of what they can be.

          San Lorenz put their heart and soul into these 11 songs and their efforts should become more apparent on each subsequent listen. A true labour of love and a triumphant debut record that showcases the band’s deftness in crafting deep, multi-layered soundscapes beneath earnest and nuanced lyrics. Known for their explosive live performances and on their way to great things, the Covid pandemic dealt a catastrophic blow to the band’s momentum. But never ones to rest on their laurels, they began remote writing sessions and were eventually able to commence recording, albeit under less-than-ideal circumstances.

          Self-producing and working out of their own Yellowbird Studio, they enlisted the help of Grammy award winning producer Mark Rankin (QOTSA, Adele, Bloc Party) to mix the record. Throughout their career, the band have consistently demonstrated their ability to wilfully dismantle themselves in the pursuit of pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved both sonically and emotionally with their music.


          Side One
          1. Intro
          2. Tightrope
          3. Accessory
          4. Adjust The Angle
          5. Dijiste Adios
          6. Where's The Shock?
          Side Two
          1. Wickerman
          2. The Disappearing
          3. (Don't Be A) Martyr
          4. A Death At Sea
          5. First To Know

          Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies

          What’s On The Inside Has To Come Out

            The Liverpool ‘Kitchencore’ band follow up their critically received album England’s Up For Sale in 2020 with their most commercial and musically ambitious album to date. Full of razor-sharp lyrics and musical twist and turns, What’s On The Inside Has To Come Out is briming with energy and ideas.

            Whereas the previous album was an observational, sparse, post-punk style snap-shot of a Brexit Britain, the new record has a more personal style with witty tales of northern, working class life in songs like I’m Shy, Mum & Dad, Money & Art and the title track What’s On The Inside Has To Come Out, that you can easily relate to.

            Through the bands constant gigging and riotous theatrical live shows, they have gained a big reputation as a great live act with including them in their list of the top festival bands in the UK. However, behind the fun and theatrics, the band have always had something serious to say.

            The album has their usual garage punk and artrock sound fused with post-punk, folk and even gospel elements for a more eclectic record that should please their hardcore fans and those new to their lo-fi but accessible sound. This is a joyous, life-affirming record for the post-Covid era, by the ultimate people’s band... This is Kitchencore!

            TRACK LISTING

            1. What's On The Inside Has To Come Out
            2. Mum & Dad
            3. I'm Shy
            4. Money & Art
            5. In Toxteth
            6. Elvis In My Dreams
            7. Life Is Beautiful
            8. Kind
            9. Happy Birthday Syd
            10. Jarg Bizzie
            11. Badges
            12. Everybody Has A Song


            In The Mean Meantime

              Songwriter and singer Jamie Whelligan is a pop troubadour in the classic late 1960s mode. A busker on the London Underground, an actor in arthouse film. One of those ever present characters who seems weirdly displaced in the modern world. 

              Whelligan’s songs mine that vein of melodic, psychedelic guitar pop that a certain type of English band are famous for. With songs spinning effortlessly from one genre to another, fans of XTC, Syd Barrett, and even The Rutles won’t be disappointed. 

              Recent years have seen Whelligan focus on a project called ‘Annexe The Moon’. A modern-psyche collaboration with award winning BBC Sound Designer/Producer Phil Channell (#1 podcast Death In Ice Valley). Their single ‘Full Stop’ was a firm favourite on BBC6 Music, with notable plays from Guy Garvey, Radcliffe and Maconie, Vic Galloway, Marc Riley and Steve Lamaqc. 

              2021 saw the first of a new crop of Whelligan tunes, and his forthcoming album ‘In The Mean Meantime’ is lined up for release in April ‘22. Co-produced by long term collaborator Nick Frater (Big Stir Records/Great Sheiks) whose trademark sonic fairy-dust brings the magic of Whelligan’s tunes to your ears. 

              Sweet vocals harmonise over warm and wiry guitars, while inventive lyrics are matched with floating melodies. The album promises an enjoyable trip down a psyche-pop rabbit hole

              The High Rip

              Rule Of Four

                Named after the most notorious street gang of Victorian Liverpool, 'The High Rip' formed in 2017. Early gigs and rehearsal rooms were located in that gang's old stomping ground and the synchronicity was unavoidable. United by their shared love of post-punk and new wave artists, their songs combine the high drama of Joy Division and the pop sensibility of XTC.

                “This is Rock & Roll revitalised. It's easy to see this is no throw away pop crusade. Things that are made into song are cared for, not just sang about. Their music is bigger than the band.” Scene and Heard.

                "This is a record that sits perfectly between The Damned and Echo & The Bunnymen, The Adverts and Gang of Four. This is a record everyone needs to listen to, so please go and check out Rule of Four." The Last Stop Sounds.

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