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Saddar Bazaar

Seventh Valley

    After years of radio silence, 2016 finally sees the re-emergence of Bristol’s mighty, cult instrumental sitar/psych combo Saddar Bazaar; as they release their long-awaited third studio album "Seventh Valley", on the esteemed Great Pop Supplement label.

    “Seventh Valley” showcases the band’s dynamically evolving, heavy sound orbiting around the sitar/guitar fusion of the Hyder brothers and driven by new drummer Thomas Elgie (Gonga). Recorded in Stokes Croft, Bristol by Latch Manghat (producer of Taint and The Heads) the album incorporates repetitive drones and riffs, dreamy blues-ragas and head-spinning psych-outs.

    First emerging during the 1990s Saddar Bazaar secured their reputation as Britain’s foremost purveyors of psychedelic sitar blues-rock with the release of two acclaimed albums (on the legendary Delerium label) “The Conference of the Birds” – (described by Mojo as; ‘a haunting hybrid of transcendental ragas and psyched-out slide guitar’) - followed by “Path of the Rose“.

    Further exclusive recordings with post-rock underground labels Enraptured and Earworm (including a split album with Detroit’s revered drone/space maestros Windy & Carl) reflected the band’s inexorable drive for sonic experimentation.

    Saddar Bazaar’s immersive live performances have been developed by performing alongside artists such as Bevis Frond, Porcupine Tree, Gong, Silver Apples, Damo Suzuki and Dylan Carson. The band’s ongoing sound experiments have generated stunning studio collaborations with the likes of Solitude Aeturnus, Bark Psychosis and Cathedral.

    With the completion of their third studio album “Seventh Valley“, Saddar Bazaar have once again emerged, sitar in hand to transform the contemporary tapestry of psychedelic rock.


    Ltd LP Info: Pressing of 300 on numbered sky blue wax.

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