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Blair French returns to Rocksteady Disco after last year’s brilliant "Standing Still Is An Illusion" for another 12” of mind, body, and soul music. “Public Park” starts off the release, with flutes, guitars, and African marimbas abound, presenting itself as the song of the summer. “Spirit Guides” follows, taking listeners and dancers on a spiritual Afro-jazz odyssey. The flip features two versions of “Public Beach”, a communal ritualistic dance track cum Detroit jit / footwork cut (!!!) with a massive bassline, pulsing percussion, and harmonized chanting, bringing to mind Shangaan Electro's hi-nrg tribal offerings with an added element of urban edge. Mega!

Igor B

Aguas De Septembro

Rocksteady Disco's second cut this week comes from Igor B who drops "Águas de Setembro" which apparently marks the transition from Summer to Autumn.

The source material for these tracks comes from two classics of Música popular brasileirac - which Igor transforms into modern dancefloor bombs!

"Ponteio" should be vaguely familiar with anyone with an interest in vibrant soundtracks and classic earworms; that fluttery, Summery flute melody capturing the soul of anyone lucky enough to hear it. Add rich strings, upright bass and a bustling percussion section and you've got yourself a slice of post-Tropicalia dancefloor fun that everyman and his dog can get down too. Surely coming to a Mr. Scruff / So Flute! / Banana Hill DJ set near you!!

"Cisco Dois" is a more electronically powered upgrade; digital kicks and glassy arpeggios supplementing the organic material contained within. There's still a hefty dose of human perc and primal rhythms, but the overall feel is much more geared towards late night house music action.

Repress of this essential Rocksteady compilation 12" featuring a heap of heavily sampled originals from more well¬ known editors. Pontchartrain leads the release off with a summer ¬inspired aural Prozac number which most Piccadilly customers worth their salt'll be able to ID. Next up is notorious Detroit editor Lafleur, busting out this original milky ¬smooth Detroit boogie house production. A slight little rearrangement from Rocksteady Disco label boss Peter Croce makes this one a bit more cohesive for the DJs. Lyon, France's G2S (In Any Case) kicks off the flip with a big¬ bottomed stomper reminiscent of some MCDE "Raw Cuts". Pontchartrain book¬ends this release with a track that keeps on burning till the lights come on. "Gone Home" instantly recalling that moment around 4.02AM when the bouncers'd switch the lights on at Red Light and swamp the floor as you were literally mid-E dancing manically next the stacks ordering you to vacate the premises. 

Physician by day, musician by night, Moonlighter makes his production debut after steadily holding down Rocksteady Disco labelmate duties. “Give Us Rain (Ah Mila)” begins the 12” beautifully, blending ethereal African samples with Moonlighter’s own melodic and percussive performance. “Kinematic” kicks off the flip on a more cosmic and tech¬y tip, with bubbly synth stabs and drums. “A Certain Average Kind Of Normal Experience” closes out this opus with a massive peak hour bassline, emotive synthesis, and a vocal sample from everybody’s favorite UK philosopher. The "Moonlighter EP" is a culmination of his diverse production and digging ethos by blending the percussive with the melodic, the peak hour with the subdued, and the head with the heart. Top stuff indeed.

Brand new Detroit duo Man Vs. Indian. Comprised of Ian Finkelstein (of Scott Grooves’s Overdubs fame) and Even Haywood. Complementing each other's strengths, the pair make the perfect match as they pour out thick viscously barbed future soul in thick gooey doses; both "Ice Accountant" and "Cloud Nine" are wrapped in foggy layers of sleepy textures as the falsetto vocals and lean instrumentation cut through with dreamy delight. Remixes from the legendary Egyptian Lover, fellow Detroitian Pontchartrain and Brazilian Table Daddy mean there's plenty of get your teeth stuck into, whether its electro, filter house or nu-tropical house biznis... Top stuff!

Peter Croce takes the reins of his own horse here, guiding Rocksteady Disco's 9th release steadily into house music's stables for some barn dancing, hay swinging fun.

Al Hudson's "Spread Love" seems as good a place to start any all nite discotheque, so Peter's handily kicked things off with a tasteful cut n splice of this celebratory disco staple.

"Maracatu Detroit" steers things in a more tropical house direction, a bustling number with plenty of live instruments contained within it's both playful and musically accomplished in equal measure, displaying jazzy inflections alongside a rambunctious house rhythm section.

Me and Barry thought "Bufe Bufe" might a tribute to everyone's psychedelic toad, but maybe that's just us... Anyway it's a highly spiritual, really quite enchanted afro-house number with rolling congas sections, evocative vocal chorus and a highly poised aesthetic. It's the kinda track Joe Claussell or Osunlade might well change your life with when your practicing in house music's church, Body & Soul on a Sunday afternoon (... or indeed, if you're using more chemical means to achieve spiritual enlightenment at any of the UK's house music, ahem, 'churches' - ed). 

Detroit native Mr. PC kicks off his stamped white label re-edit series with two unexpected jazz fusion numbers to elevate your being. "Stanley Dancer" covers the A-side, covering bass player extraordinaire Stanley Clarke and delivering a proper beatdown flavoured, daytime disco odyssey that's quite in keeping to the original. On the flip "Jaco Disco" delivers an extended rework of a Pastorius, fretless cult classic, resulting in an unexpected hit for the jazz-dance massive!

Limited edition out of 450 hand¬stamped and numbered white labels.

Support from: Waajeed (Dirt Tech Reck), Soul Clap, Osmose (Smokecloud) and Cordell Johnson (Excursions). 

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