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Hard Love Edits

Repress of this infamous 7" from 2015, originally released for RSD and becoming a highly desired nugget for the slo-mo disco scene. Detroit's own Pontchartrain turning out two incredibly well constructed edits that give Late Niite Tuff Guy more than a run for his money! Both edits glide in on a serene wave, emphasizing their coastal flair across a sub 115bpm groove that's tailor made for sun-kissed days lounging and loving across the beach terraces.

Sounding better than ever on super high quality 45 RPM 7" with a normal 12" hole hand-stamped in Detroit by Peter Croce and friends. 

After a couple years behind the scenes label boss Peter Croce (aka Mr. PC) is back in the production seat to release 3 of his most prized edits with a message. First up is “Life Is A Circle”, a peak hour Philadelphia Disco classic, remastered and extended in all the right places for maximum ecstatic dance floor use. Rounding out the A side is “What Can I Do For You?”, a Gallery-era R&B proto-disco cut with a massive drum break that never got the 12” treatment that it deserved until now. On the flip Peter delivers some dance floor meditation, complete with tons of drums and dub poetry for the heads that dream of a better day. These 3 have been tried and tested on dance floors from Detroit to Chicago and London to Paris, and Rocksteady Disco is excited for you to have them in your mitts. Vinyl only, and hand-stamped by Mr. PC himself.

Pontchartrain / Blair French

Afterlife / Pool

It was Memorial Day Weekend 2016, and the sun shined bright over the Detroit River. Pontchartrain stepped up to the decks at the Red Bull stage at Movement Electronic Music Festival donning his infamous 'Detroit vs. Itself' T-shirt. His first song through the Rane rotary mixer was a dubplate made specifically for his set: “Afterlife”. It’s a brilliantly executed Balearic-flavoured daytime disco rework that warrants the praise of summer anthem that it’s earning.

On the flip is “Pool”, an equally sunny slomo beatdown rework from Blair French. It's a delightful blend of cerebral and soulful, and is finally getting a release after being originally championed by Peter Croce on his Le Mellotron Paris set back in early 2018.

This 7" is pressed heavy and cut loud at 33.3 RPM with a normal non-dinked hole. I have to say it's also very nice and refreshing to see the new school of Detroit roll out something so.... UN-Detroit sounding. Much like Manchester gets stuck in 'Madchester' mode, where every Tom Dick and Harry thinks the Stone Roses were the last important band to come out of our city, Detroit too can easily be pigeonholed when mixing up what's come before it, and it's forward looking, future focussed outlook. Innovation and originality is the key across both cities, not genre confines or stylistic endevours. Big ups the D! 

Brooklyn-based disco-house machine JKriv graces Rocksteady Disco with some of his classy cuts. First up is "Aguaxire" - a deep Afro-Brazilian house cut in praise of the Yoruban orisha Oya. Full of moody Detroit-style pads, driving percussion, acid basslines, live trumpet (performed by Escort mainstay Nathan Warner), and an expertly plucked sample; this 9 minute odyssey should get the floor simmering nicely thru the start of a long session. Moving to the B side, we hear J rework the música popular brasileira classic “Ive Brussel” into a pool-side day party anthem, complete with a full overdub of the bassline by J with his Fender Jazz bass* (* - yes mate!). Following that is a traditional deejay edit of “Deep Cove View”, a breezy and chilled out Brazilian jazz fusion cut with plenty of piano, slap bass, and vocal scatting. J flexes his production, performance, and arrangement prowess here, delivering 3 tracks ready for the party, the after hours, or the after-after hours, rollin' thru till Monday with no fux to give. J - we salute you!

Peter Croce’s Rocksteady Disco and Blair French’s Fat Finger Cosmic join forces to bring you "…For Todd". Topher Horn opens the release with the deep, jazzy and conga-driven “Photo For Todd”, a musical mid-tempo cut for patient, attentive dancefloors. He follows with “Chopped Rhodes”, a downtempo beatdown cut, with Topher’s own live Rhodes and Moog Sub 37 performance driving this track. On the flip BLKSHRK (aka Blair French + Eddie Logix) follow a similar formula with very different results. “Swimming For Todd” is for the cosmic Balearic heads, and “Ticket Stub” is for the most blunted of after hours and drinks outta Newworldaquarium's murky soup.

WAREHOUSE FIND, extremely limited numbers. Housed in a fully color jacket.

Peter Croce takes the reins of his own horse here, guiding Rocksteady Disco's 9th release steadily into house music's stables for some barn dancing, hay swinging fun.

Al Hudson's "Spread Love" seems as good a place to start any all nite discotheque, so Peter's handily kicked things off with a tasteful cut n splice of this celebratory disco staple.

"Maracatu Detroit" steers things in a more tropical house direction, a bustling number with plenty of live instruments contained within it's both playful and musically accomplished in equal measure, displaying jazzy inflections alongside a rambunctious house rhythm section.

Me and Barry thought "Bufe Bufe" might a tribute to everyone's psychedelic toad, but maybe that's just us... Anyway it's a highly spiritual, really quite enchanted afro-house number with rolling congas sections, evocative vocal chorus and a highly poised aesthetic. It's the kinda track Joe Claussell or Osunlade might well change your life with when your practicing in house music's church, Body & Soul on a Sunday afternoon (... or indeed, if you're using more chemical means to achieve spiritual enlightenment at any of the UK's house music, ahem, 'churches' - ed). 

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