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Fourth solo album by French spacerock mastermind Richard Pinhas. 'East West' was his first and only album to be released by a major label (CBS). Some say it is his most commercial one, Pinhas doesn't see it that way. East West contained some surprises for those who were used to Heldon’s extended jams or the sparse and moody atmosphere of the previous year’s Iceland.

East West’s average track length is four minutes, indicating greater accessibility. It also has a David Bowie cover, although Pinhas naturally chose one of the thin white duke’s more avant-garde moments: the foreboding 'Sense Of Doubt' from Heroes. East West’s synth-centric tracks, resemble siblings to the groundbreaking work of Kraftwerk. Others evoke Brian Eno or Tangerine Dream but hold their own distinct flavour.


A1. Houston 69: The Crash Landing (part 1)
A2. London: Sense Of Doubt
A3. Kyoto: Kyoto Number 3
A4. XXXXX: La Ville Sans Nom
A5. Home: Ruitor
B1. New York: West Side
B2. Paris: Beautiful May
B3. Keflavik: The Whale Dance
B4. Houston 69: Houston 69 (part 2)

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