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Reserve Not Met

No. 2

The mysterious, anonymous and altogether irresistible Reserve Not Met returns to the shelves this week with three more WMDs for frontline record bags the world over. Taking a breather after the rambunctious tech house tonk of the first edition, the shadowy crew come to cut up a rug with the A-side here, handing us funky bass, wah guitar and jazzy keys, teased into a feel good house hit through an inventive arrangement. Diva vocals, plenty o' soul and a smattering of sax - what's not to love? Now you're warmed up nicely, things start to speed up, the B1 bringing us a Fingers-esque B-line, whacked out vocoder and Strictly Rhythm sampling, all set to a snapping 4/4 shuffle complete with a percussion fiesta. The journey to the deep concludes on the B2 as our unknown artist(s) smash out a pneumatic techno slammer worthy of a vintage UR release. Restless sequences, clattering noise and a relentless 4/4 do the damage here. Bid your heart out!

Interesting new home grown imprint from our soils.... Reserve Not Met seeks to re-address edit appropriation and over-hyped stock with jugular biting beats and no-nonsense hooks. "What's Good" screams of someone who's grown up on Chicago house, it's Risque III-esque low end groove complimenting perfectly the female diva vox and dark vocodered elements that are strewn across the multitrack. "Xrmnbmmr Mix 1" is a juddering, high energy jacker, sounding something like a mid nineties Junior Vasquez / Sound Factory number crossed with the 'house ballroom' vibe of NYC.... The idea is further expanded on "mix 2" as the arrangement is strung out and flattened somewhat and where other retro percussion is added alongside sweeping atmospheres. Interesting stuff from a new camp, currently faceless and anonymous - just the way we like it!


Sil says: Interesting new flavours by a man who wishes to remain anonymous for now and that's just the way we like it! Half house, half techno, the EP perfectly straddles the now.

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