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Daz-I-Kue & Tempo

Crash Boat Party

    After last year’s acclaimed BB Boogie album “Standing On The Wall”, Darren Benjamin aka Daz-I-Kue returns with this incredible slice of Latin Jazz Futurism.

    Between 2012 and 2016 Daz travelled to Puerto Rico to record with an array of talented musicians, laying down the framework percussion, bass and horns to be worked on when he returned to his studio in Atlanta.

    “Crash Boat Party” is his collaboration with ex Fania All Stars percussionist Hector “Tempo” Alomar and features Atlanta-based trumpeter Dashill Smith, (who’s worked with Roy Ayers, Janell Monet, and Miguel Atwood-Fergurson to name but three), and accomplished bassist Mamaniji Azanyah.

    Already licensed to feature in Bobbito’s forthcoming documentary “RockRubber 45s”, this is timeless Latin-Jazz fire.

    The single is backed with “Esto Es Candela Con Ritmo Nene”, also from those sessions, taking things firmly into Bruk-Jazz territory.


    Thee Album

    R2 Records are happy to present the first full-length project from Karizma’s alter ego Kaytronik. From his earliest days as part of Baltimore’s premier crew - The Basement Boys - Kris Klayton was never one to stay in a musical box, always probing beyond the constraints of the soulful house domain. His Kaytronik persona (previously reserved for remixes of other artists and a single on Atjazz Recordings) has allowed him greater freedom to explore beat syncopation, mood and impassioned expression further with an album that showcases his ability to work at any tempo, with a variety of styles, but always with the emotional content intact.

    “Thee Album” contains electronic explorations of down-tempo beats, club bangers and funky house grooves, not to mention thought provoking messages about where we stand in the current global climate.

    Karizma returns with a heavy remix package featuring versions by Osunlade, Atjazz, Deep Order and Karizma himself. Yoruba Soul legend Osunlade has transformed “Good Morning” (featuring my favourite vocal diva Monique Bingham on the mic) into a deliciously jazzy soul extravaganza. Oooh, it's sending shivers down my spine... Next up, Karizma takes his own track and gives it his distinctive four-to-the-floor house treatment turning this soulful song into a dancefloor beast as only he know how. Then flip to the B-side for a truly astonishing tech-house remix of “Groove A ‘K’ Ordingly” from the one and only Atjazz, causing absolute dancefloor mayhem. Just wait for the bass to kick in on this one - Phwoar! Add to that a broken beat / techy UKF dub from the mysterious Deep Order, (from the Atjazz label) and I think we have a hit.

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