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Slightly introverted, melodic and highly textured tech / house track here that should appeal to fans of Compost records and producers such as Ame & Dixon, Sparky, Carl Craig and Auntie Flo.

A deep and varied EP from Art Crime who's extensive discography includes releases on Crème Organization and W.T Records amongst many others.

Powerful, technically proficient drum programming ushers in deep and dreamy melodic sequences with emotive chord progressions and warm atmospheres. Both dually cutting edge and accessible, it's tickle the fancy of a wide spectrum of dance music fans who simply enjoy well produced electronic music played on loud and detailed soundsystems - mint! 


Sil says: Hi quality tech house for discerning listeners. Ranging from warm up da dancefloor type to more melodic, downtempo relaxing vibes. All of the cuts are ace.

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