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    Playhouse follow up Isolee's brilliant "We Are Monster" album with this Jorn Elling Wuttke (Alter Ego) compiled singles collection. Some tracks, like the beautiful New Order-esque "Initiate II", Freeform Five mix of the classic "Beau Mot Plage" or Burial Mix / Basic Channel style "Monitor", are from Rajko's early days, while tracks like the electroid disco of "Lost" bring his sound right up to date. Managing to create a sound that is at once clinical, warm, electronic and funky is no mean feat, yet Muller carries this off with aplomb.


    Enter The Spektrum

      Arriving fully formed and perfect with their ultra-limited debut single "Breaker" (included here) back in 2001, the East End quartet caught the wave of the punk-funk / disco-not-disco revival. Claiming never to have heard of US groups like ESG, Liquid Liquid etc, they've carved their own loose limbed, sleazy, sexy future-retro sound out and pulled the rug from under the pastiche and slavish copy crowd. This LP also includes the singles "Freakbox", "Freefall" and "Kinda New" (the original mix, that was only previously on a free 7" with early copies of the twelve). Since we got sent a CDR back in late February (2004), "Enter The Spektrum" has taken up residence on our shop CD player, and is one of my fave LPs of the year so far. ESSENTIAL!!

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