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If you organise your collection by location (and frankly, who doesn't), then you're gonna have to allocate some extra room for Italy, as Naples stable Periodica swing through with their second essential release in as many weeks. This time round it's Modula doing the damage, keeping it bubbling for the cosmic crowd with a couple of rippers! On the A-side, "Argonauta (I've Been So Lonely)" sees the producer fire up the squelching synth, electronic flute and simple drum machine to turn out a masterpiece in slow and sleazy drug-funk, topped off by a deadpan vocal in classic Saada / Pat / Rexy style. Flip it and things go totally cosmic via "Descending The Abyss", a cinematic fusion of drum box snap, sequencer slap, guitar thrash and synthetic smash which should have you dancing forward, backwards and inside out. Could this be the best Periodica to date?


Patrick says: By this stage I'm pretty sure the guys at Periodica are tapped into my subconscious - this latest winner combines all the sounds and delicacies bouncing round my skull into two flawless jams. E-funk and cosmic wobble - Forza Napoli!

Naples in da house! Tying Dusseldorf, Glasgow and MCR for coolest place on the planet right now, the other Bay Area lays claim to Nu Guinea, Pascal, Whodmanny, Mystic Jungle, Space Garage and Pellegrino. Unless you've been living under a particularly unfunky rock of late, you'll have thrown shapes and feelings to at least a couple of the above - but if you're still in the dark, allow me to drop some science...
(ahem) The hardware heroes, synth wielders, production experts and funky bassmen of the Naples scene have been responsible for some of the freshest sounds around over the past few years. Hotter than a Vesuvian eruption, but as cool and coastal as a cocktail on Capri, the releases on Early Sounds, NG, Periodica and Futurible, revive the boogie, funk and disco of 80s Naples, chuck in a little Library style cosmic, a smattering of dub and the odd bit of house, then reframe it with some of the finest live musicianship around. It's a fucking trip in other words.
Here Pascal powers up from 7" to 12" for two new disco dub joints by Pascal inspired by the fresh breeze of an oceanic archipelago, plus an obscure cosmic-boogie reinterpretation of the previously released "Nero di Seppia" by label honcho Mystic Jungle and the Casio wizard Manny Whodamanny. "Arcipelago" hits us with slick bass work, space age synth sounds and G-Funk strings, all filtered through a sticky, humid soundscape - Sakamoto downing a Red Stripe in Tubby's yard. "Shamizen" drops the pace for some zero gravity groove, wrapping us in wild laser fire, off-kilter synth idents, nuanced percussion and elastic bass - Lee Perry drunk off Schochu in Miyakojima. Over on the B-side, Pascal hands the baton (and the stems) to Mystic Jungle & Whodamanny, who transform Library-bomb "Nero di Seppia" into an intoxicating, interdimensional boogie bounce. Outrageous synth solos, irresistible rhythms and optimistic progressions abound as we take the funicular into deep space.


Patrick says: ANOTHER must have release on Periodica - Naples is unstoppable right now. Pascal's trademark take on dub-disco is fluid and freaky, like a liquid in space, while Mystic Jungle and Whodamanny split atoms, refract light and head for the stargate on remix duties.

There's no shortage of heat emanating from the Neapolitan scene right now, and Periodica's latest must have masterpiece comes from the expanded mind of E. Fierro, otherwise known as Space Garage and Mystic Jungle Tribe member Milord. Switching up the format for spectacular 7" to luxurious LP, the Italian keeps the palate reassuringly spacey, tripping us out with library-style synthesis, twisted space echo and killer funk arte facts. Ambient opener "Mnemonic Induction" chimes wonderfully with the retro-futurist sleeve art, bringing to mind Superman's Fortress of Solitude or that trippy crystalline bit in Bill & Ted. "Onironauta" introduces rhythm in the most syrupy cosmic style, serving up spaced out slow mo complete with churning sequencers and tasty FX. We take another plunge into the symphonic and synthetic with the soundscaping of "Sub-aquatic level" before "Virus Of Time" takes us on a subtle glide through sparkling circuitry and dub delay. Flipping the disc, we're instantly unhinged by the library-styled techno of "The Glass Maze", scattershot electro of "Third Layer" and deliriously disorienting synth squelch of "Static Rain". All that remains is for "False Awake" to fling us through an interdimensional portal of sleek sequencing, proggy tones and tripped out FX and we're entirely enlightened by another amazing Periodica release.


Patrick says: Naples in the house! The Italian city is totally killing it at the moment, dominating our staff picks with releases from Nu Guinea, Mystic Jungle Tribe, Space Garage and Whodamanny. Now Milord goes solo on Periodica with a killer LP of spaced out sounds, proggy electro funk and A-grade cosmic. As usual, it's buy on sight tackle.

Neapolitan groove experts Periodica proffer another absolute peach here, this time from the dexterous fingers and electronic arsenal of Whodamanny. Where previous Periodica 7"s have pursued the lethargic and stoned side of the library funk universe, Whodamanny's jam jaunts along with mid tempo energy, snapping snares and plenty of disco sizzle. Obviously the library stylings remain, found here in spaced out synth riffs, electronic approximations of violin and the kind of vibe that would suit a softcore nightclub scene, but the higher tempo offers a nice bit of dance floor thrust. As is often with these discs, the "Dub" steals the show for me, extended groove outs and added tape echo / spring reverb making for a proper hypno jam.


Patrick says: Oof! This month's edition of Periodica provides mid-tempo dance floor thrust and noodley library disco action, with the obligatory and excellent dub mix on the flip.

After the loose and languid dub funk of Space Garage started our year off with a bang, Periodica return with more riches here, this time courtesy of Mystic Jungle. After an obligatory Italian library synth intro, the LP kicks into cruising tempo with the space-age synth funk of "Night Of Cheetah". Rich with synth noodles, space echo and linn drums, this up tempo stomper soon gives way to the mid tempo stake-out sleaze of "Mumbo Jumbo" and the slow jamming vibraphone of "Blue Marlin Club". "El Sueño De La Culebra" brings the batshit with its strange industrial rhythms and minimalist melody, setting the scene perfectly for the Sexual Harassment electro stylings of "Creepy Movements". Another interlude and we're back in business, strutting our stuff to the uptempo disco squelch of "Psychic Voodoo" before spacing out completely with dream-dance winner "That Black Magic". We're up again for the sci-fi snap of "Glitter Games" before the gorgeous melodies and dubby fx of "Endless Road" see us home in Paradise Garage stylee.


Patrick says: Everything I hear from Periodica / Early Sounds / Mystic Jungle is absolutely slaying it at the moment, and this is every bit as good as the rest of it. Pulling in bits from boogie, electro-funk and space disco and wigging them well-out there, this is gonna spin any dance floor out.

Dim the lights, take the phone off the hook and prepare to get seriously wavy as Periodica provide another fringe funk treat. A joint effort between label boss Mystic Jungle and frequent collaborator Rico Milford, this trippy treat sees the duo capture the sticky heat of the Neapolitan summertime and slather it liberally over a 7″ disc. Making extensive use of a space echo, these two tracks form a study in stoned funk from behind the Black Ark console. Mangled electronics, live bass and lo-fi hiss sit beneath the occasional squeal of fuzzy guitar as we feel the frazzled force of a true cosmic cooler.


Patrick says: Sounding something like Peaking Lights and Lee Perry dubbing a lost Will Powers cover of "Macho City", this limited 7" from Space Garage is another prime example of Mystic Jungle's unique take on stoned sonics.

The presumably Italian Riccardo Schiro delivers a scintillating debut here for Early Sounds offshoot Periodica, with the digital dreamscape of "Aqua". Patching into an array of naive electronics, Riccardo offers a seven track exploration of submarine worlds, catching sounds from the seabed and experiencing life as an aquatic creature. Less Drexyican deepness, more James Pond Megadrive meltdown, "Aqua" gives us the kind of Casiotone Balearic we're used to hearing from Andras Fox, Ruf Dug and A Vision Of Panorama enhanced with extra ocean floor funk. "Thru High Tides" opens proceedings with a hint of subaquatic synth-noir (think Sharky & George) before the clav heavy, foot stomping funk of "Sulfuric Seaweed" bubbles up around our ears. Next up "Neptunian Population 59.654" pays respects to Sun Ra via jazzy hi hats and off kilter melodies, offering a moment's respite before the whirlpool funk of "Aquatic Logic" has us shaking our tailfins in a frenzy. B-side opener "Abyssian" moves out the speakers like a futuristic cephalopod, squelching and burping loose clav notes with an indifferent flatulence, seamlessly segueing into the 12/8 swing of the wobbling "Yoondi". Leaving the deep "Thru Low Tides" we emerge into the beachfront shallows beneath a pinpricked blanket of starlit sky.


Patrick says: Ocean floor funk with maximum Mega Drive vibes. LIYL James Pond or the idea of Drexciya taking turns on Echo The Dolphin.

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