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PMG reissue this lesser known reggae / disco / boogie album from Nigeria in 1978. Manford Best only released two albums; this, and "I've Been Loving You". Recorded at Godiac Studio and featuring a host of local muscians, backing singers and percussionists, it's a celebratory affair throughout couple with a riotous, empowering vibe - a theme that runs rife through Nigerian music around this time. Originals go for big bucks.


A1. Come Go With Me
A2. Far Far Far-Away
A3. Nobody Cares
B1. There's A Woman On My Mind (Mother)
B2. Trace Of Love
B3. Good Morning
B4. Christ Was Born To Be Loved



    This was more a project than an actual band formed by German jazz drum legend Klaus Weiss. He formerly worked with another jazz legend from his mother country, Klaus Doldinger and gained fame in the German jazz circuit of the 60s and 70s. His 1971 output with Niagara was the result of the vision to create an orchestra made entirely of drummers and percussionists. Despite the fact that there are no regular melody instruments to be heard on this album, the two lengthy compositions are arranged in such an enthralling way that they have a rather catchy and memorable feel. Among the cult drummers featured on this album are Udo Lindenberg (yes, this icon of German rock and pop started as a drummer!) and session hero Keith Forsey. Both compositions offer an ever pulsating rhythm inferno, a maelstrom of different grooves and sounds which enchant and hypnotize in equal measure. Open your mind for the ultimate rhythm experience and join in if you dare.

    Get on down! PMG reissue a true African masterpiece here, taking us all the way back to 1976 with BLO's "Phase IV". Originally released on Afrodisia in the height of their all conquering mid seventies period, "Phase IV" saw Berkley Jones team up with Laolu Akins, Lemmy Jackson, Mike Odumosu once again for some proper dancefloor badness. There you are just minding your own business, lost in the groove of opening cut "Trace Of Suicide", when the hottest analogue synth solo EVER enters the scene and rocks you into next week. The slower, steadier "Scandi Boogie" showcases the full scale brilliance of Berkley Jones' guitar work, while the extensive and expansive "Music Makes You Happy" is the kind of spiritual jazz-funk masterpiece you'd hear Harvey play as the sun comes up. If you're into heavyweight militant funk, then head straight for "Move Up", a proper head nodding, fist clenching number you'd expect to hear Theo play for about 9 days. All in, it's all killer, no filler Afro grooves from Berkley and the boys!


    Patrick says: Originally released on the mighty Afrodisia in the mid seventies, "Phase IV" is a masterpiece of infectious African grooves. Militant funk, expansive disco and soothing jazz funk are all infused with the sweet sounds of the mother continent - dope!


    A1. Trace Of Suicide
    A2. Scandi Boogie
    A3. You're So Kind
    A4. Music Makes You Happy
    B1. Number One
    B2. Save Me
    B3. Move Up
    B4. I Miss Your Lovin'

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