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New York Underground

New York Underground #7

Those naughty buggers down at NYU usher through and flurry of illicit edits and cuts from the annals of dance music's underbelly.

"Track 1" is a groovy proto-house / boogie jam that's got Tony Humphries and Ron Hardy written all over it. Fizzy synths, solid drums, wigged out leads... all that's escaping me is the original artist and title! "Track 2" goes back further to a late 70s disco-rock / soul cut with searing guitar lines and ace vocals. This one's so pleasurable I can't believe I've never heard it out! Finally, NYU make it a white wash on their behalf,, bowling me out with THREE UNKNOWNS this week (the first time this has happened I might add...) as "Track 3" concludes with an Loft-friendly, orchestral disco number somewhere between Billy Frazer and Salsoul Orchestral. Gotta grab these while they're hot as once they're gone they are gone! 


Matt says: Love em or hate em, these bootleg joints keep rollin' thru under cover of darkness. I like the idea of arming the peasantry, so they get my vote!

New York Underground

NY Underground #6

More undisclosed, totally un-legit musica from the no-fucks-given New York Underground cartel. I can't blame em... I think we've gotten too obsessed with all this high-gloss, fully licensed, over-priced re-issue game. Don't get me wrong, it definitely serves a purpose, but cheap, well made, cleverly sourced and edited 'promos' (or bootlegs as they now seem to be binned off as) serve a purpose for your hard working, low-income DJs; young people on a budget but eager to hear the classic sounds of the dancefloor but are often overpriced or un-exposed to such music.

So yeah, let's celebrate in the joy of the promo again, or the bootleg for the more cynical. Who cares if you can't sell it on discogs - let the physical second hand market thrive once more!

The music is always killer from these guys - AND THAT'S WHAT MATTERS. Ok, I'll give you the argument about 'artists and labels getting paid for their work' etc etc, but let's face it - how much actually money is in vinyl releases these days - when it's simply used as a platform to elevate an artist's / DJ's touring platform. I say get off your high horse and get involved in the dance - stop fretting about authenticity - it's 2018 baby - everything's a fuckin rip-off!! - Matt (Matt's views do not necessarily reflect the views of Piccadilly Records Ltd - ed).

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